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  1. definedeath2

    You Know You're Addicted To Rs If...

    You know your addicted to runescape if you see fireworks in real life and ask who leveled up.
  2. definedeath2

    Personal Islands

    It's a pretty good idea. I stilll think it would make runescape to easy though. And people would only go on islands making the mainland of runescape which jagex worked so hard on unpopulated and wayyyy underused.
  3. definedeath2

    Fist Of Guthix Discussion Topic

    Dont clutter yourself with to much armor/weapons. And if you have an explorer's ring bring it. For members just bring items that make you weigh less so you'll be able to bring more armor/weapons and still be able to run without running out of energy to fast.
  4. Congratulations! You must've worked hard. I don't have the dedication, time, or attention span to get even one 99 skill level!
  5. definedeath2

    Becoming A Member

    Do like chores or something to get the money to pay for it yourself. If your parents still don't want to, like go to target and buy a prepaid credit card and use that.
  6. definedeath2

    Fruit Or Veggie

    It's a fruit. When I went to the grocery store, it was in the fruit section.
  7. definedeath2

    Can You Be Truly Evil?

    You can't be truly evil or truly good. We are always tempted to do the opposite of what we are like. Atleast one point in our life we give into temtation to be a better person or to do something bad.
  8. definedeath2

    The Chronicles Of Lost (chapt. 1)

    Some said he was an alcoholic, others said he was an assassin. To him everyone was right in different ways and at different times. His mind was cluttered with confusion and anger. This mans name is unknown so lets just call him Lost. Lost spent most of his days at the bar near Port Sarim. People who saw his considered him an alcoholic. He truly wasn’t. Only having a a few drinks a day then leaving at dusk. He wore high cut brown boots, black pants, a torn black shirt topped off with a gray over-coat that went down to his ankles. He carried with him a small knife concealed within a pouch in his boot, a sword, arrows and a bow. He took a last sip and through some coins onto the table, pulling his hood over his head he set off. He was traveling to Edgeville were he was to consult a man about how he ran his bank. By consult I mean kill. Lost did his work with not a thought of the person. A payday was a payday either way. No matter who hired him. He wouldn’t risk his small home, food and beer on thinking about his paychecks. Soon, someday Lost would kill the last man on his list. Jon Ethmark, a cruel, evil man who had so viciously killed his parents, his family everyone he knew and some people who he didn't know. A tear escaped from Lost’s eye as he walked away from the soon to be found dead bank owner. He made a turn at a small house only to be confronted by three men aiming bows at his head.
  9. definedeath2

    Find The Fakes!

    I'm not giving hints of telling how many there are! :)
  10. definedeath2

    Find The Fakes!

    The anvil isntr on the wrong side i didn't mess around with that and your number 9 is wrong. It's just because i forgot to save it in .png
  11. definedeath2


    Here we go -2 its not a fake -2 all you did was invert colors -6 because its horrible 0-10
  12. definedeath2

    Second Fake

    OK here we go =) -1 what does it have to do with a chicken? -1 it has nothing to do with noob killing -1 you could of been creative and called it 'the master of chicken' cape. 7/10
  13. definedeath2

    How Did You Get Up There?!

    Sick! 10/10 I could never do anything half as good as that lol.
  14. definedeath2

    Bank Sale

    I'll buy the 9 cakes for the regular price.
  15. definedeath2

    Should The Above User Change His/her Username

    Change it. It is a odd name. I don't see meaning in it either
  16. definedeath2


    Hi people. I'm new here, even though i've viewed sal's realm for well over a year. My runescape name is definedeath2 and i'm an active runescape player.

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