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  1. I don't have to show her this so if I forget accent marks or misspell it's not important. (Unless the misspelling changes pronunciations) I need to record my voice and email the recording to my teacher. The assignment was to look at a picture of students in a classroom and another of students entering school and describe them. Please make any necessary grammatical corrections. (EX. If I wrote a word as masculine when it should be feminine.)


    Los alumnos van a la escuela en bus, ir pie o en carro. La escuela es mixtas. Los alumnos llevan un unforme a la escuela. Los muchachos llevan un pantalon y una camisa. Los muchachas llevan una falda y una blusa. En la clase los alumnos prestan atencion. Un alumno navega la red en la parte de atras la clase. Otra alumno habla en un movil. Los alumnos reciben notas buenas porque la profesora ensena muy buena.

  2. Most of the people who predicted the playoffs didn't have the Bruins passed the second round. Where are they now? Where are your teams? Still, none of you think they're gonna win this. By June 15th the Bruins will have the Stanley Cup.


    Hmm, what's today? Oh yeah, June 15th. Who has the Stanley Cup? Oh yeah, the Bruins!


    I. Am. Nostradamus.

  3. To the guy above me, I dunno if beating the kid up (I like that he's just become "the kid" in our tellings) would be a good option .. but certainly confronting the parents about their apparent blindness would be something I'd have to try really hard not to do.


    I'm a sensible girl, and seeing people act so .. unsensibly makes a part of my body sort of shiver. I'd certainly go home and complain to my parents about it -- and, you know. Drop hints about how I turned out to be such a great person.


    ^ But on a more serious note, yeah. I wouldn't have let it go so easily especially if there's a smoking gun lying around, so-to-speak. Did you know the parents in the slightest? Did you (OP!) have a reputation as someone who would or wouldn't lie?


    I never said it was. I just don't have the self-control to deal with ignorant idiot parents or a**es

  4. Most of the people who predicted the playoffs didn't have the Bruins passed the second round. Where are they now? Where are your teams? Still, none of you think they're gonna win this. By June 15th the Bruins will have the Stanley Cup.

    Highly doubtful (as a Lightning fan). The Bruins are playing a team that uses a similar style of play but executes it to perfection, and for every weakness of Boston the Nucks have the precise means of taking advantage of it (like Boston's horrific PK percentage).


    The Bruins PK percentage is just that, a pecentage. Although they due usually sum up a teams ability at a certain skill, ect. they aren't always completely accurate. In Game 1 the Bruins did a exception job at penalty killing.

  5. If everyone just ignored these moronic extremists they'd disappear. Due to the publicity the PUBLIC gave that whacko 89 year old who said the world was going to end last months he's made MILLIONS of dollars.


    Sh** if I was more persuasive I could just pull some random date out of my a** preach to the world how life as we know it was going to end that day and make insane amounts of cash off the scam.

  6. It's their choice; if they want to do drugs, they'll experience the consequences.


    It's not a bad decision per se, just a high possibility of some negative side effects and it spiraling out of control.


    -snip- They'll experience the consequences? Are you sure the innocent citizen isn't going to be the one experiencing the consequences when he gets run over by the neighborhood stoner who's high?

  7. Hm. I think it depends on the topic. Personally, I think with topics such as homosexual marriage, abortion, ect. it's absolutely pointless if not completely annoying to read those threads. Everyone has their opinion on those types of issues and even if you have more facts/data to support your opinion then a person with the opposite opinion chances are you're not going to make them change their opinion on the topic and if anything will end up face-palming on every one of those threads. I used to post on threads like that and until about a year ago when I began maturing I would just end up muttering swears about the "idiots" with opinions different then mine.


    That being said I think other threads, such as all the new/active threads currently in "The Debate Room" not being such MAJOR issues are completely fine to debate about. I've gone into those threads with one perspective and come out of it with a completely different one. Even if my opinion didn't change I still find out why others may not agree with my opinion.

  8. Of course it should be illegal and it's wrong. It's irresponsible and puts the your life and the lives of anyone in the car with you in danger. Personally, I'm stupid enough to go against what I think is right just because I feel like doing it and although I can't even drive, I can honestly say I would text/talk on my cellphone regardless of the law or if I think it's a good idea or not. But hey, atleast realize that I have the ba**s to come out and say that although it's wrong I'm stupid enough to do it unlike other people who would say, "Oh no it's fine to do" not because they actually think that it is but more because they just don't want to feel wrong if they do it.

  9. The 12th SS was first deployed as an SS-Panzergrenadier division, a rapid infantry unit. They did have tanks, just not as many as you'd find in a Panzer division. Later, Panzergrenadiers were deployed in support of Panzer divisions and were an integral part of them. This is in line with the Combined Arms policy; tanks are far more effective when supported by infantry. Panzergrenadiers generally rode halftracks and as such could keep up with the Panzers themselves.


    From what I've read, it seems they were never combat-ready as a Panzergrenadier division, they were converted to a Panzer unit before they finished their training.


    The 12th SS had two Panzergrenadier regiments and one Panzer regiment in June 1944. Their equipment consisted of medium tanks, Panzer IV's and Panzer V's, better known as Panthers. The notorious Tiger tanks were deployed in a support role, in fact most were in their own independent units. The Panther, unlike the Tiger, was the most sophisticated tank of WWII and is the predecessor to nearly all modern tanks. It combined speed, firepower and protection due to its (relatively) light weight, long 76mm gun and sloped armor. Tiger tanks were slow, difficult to maneuver, and were sitting ducks for air attacks.


    Their training was unusual, the division was raised very quickly and was composed of young men, inexperienced but fanatically loyal to Hitler. They trained using live-fire exercises and realistic scenarios, without regard for rules and regulations. Their morale was high and they were never to retreat.


    In real life, the division was deployed to Normandy in 1944 as a form of deep defense. If the Allies landed, the 12th would be quickly called up to the front to drive them back to the sea. Time was of essence since the Panzers had to destroy the beachhead before the Allies could bring in their own tanks and heavy equipment. On D-Day, the division did not advance until the afternoon, well after the Allies had landed. When they did move out, they came under intense air attacks from Allied fighter-bombers. Unfortunately for the Germans, the 21st SS division could not take its position on the 12th's right flank as promised, and soon Canadian tanks advancing from Juno Beach were attacking the Germans from the side.


    It's important to point out that the SS divisions were not part of the German Army. They answered directly to the Nazi Party and weren't considered combatants by the Allies, and in many cases the Allies took no prisoners when it came to SS troops.






    Wow! Thank you so much. Not only did you offer a different aspect then Wikipedia but also information not on Wikipedia.


    Not only have you helped me complete my project but, as a WWII enthusiast of sorts you've taught me some things about the SS and given an easier to understand more brief version of the first deployment to battle of the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend.


    Is this all your prior knowledge or did you just find this on a website? If you did could you please provide me with the URL or where you got this information whether it be a book, movie, ect?

  10. Panzer divisions were tank divisions, panzergrenadiers were the infantry components of these tank divisions.


    Think of infantry soldiers in an APC.


    Thanks. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the 12th SS Hilterjugend but if you are could you tell me why they were originally changed from a Panzergrenadier division to a Panzer division? I couldn't find anything details on Wikipedia or Google.

  11. Most of the people who predicted the playoffs didn't have the Bruins passed the second round. Where are they now? Where are your teams? Still, none of you think they're gonna win this. By June 15th the Bruins will have the Stanley Cup.

  12. Although I do think some of the other people how commented are being a**es they are right. The crews you see on TV are extremely good crews. The chances that you'll realistically make even half of what a deckhand on a boat that does alright in a season is unlikely. Plus what if you get a shi*** first year and end up with hardly anything for three months work?


    Even if you are raking in dough I mean damn, have you actually watched that show? You what, sat there under your cozy Snuggy with a cup of soda and a bag of chips? If you actually join one of those boats it's literally a 24/7 commitment. You'll be up at 2AM with no Snuggie or cup of anything but tap water and shi*** coffee. But wait, it gets better. You only get time to sleep and drink shi*** coffee on one of your short a** breaks. Then it's back out on the boat which rain is pouring on to haul in heavy cages full of crabs.


    My uncle was a crab fishermen for a few years and the only reason he did it for the three years he did is so he'd have a good story to tell. (Yeah, that's my uncle) But he made an insanely large amount of cash for his first season so he had to go and try again. The second season he left the dock three months after he arrived with hardly any money at all. The third season he went back and made barely any more then the second season. Now, I mean this guy isn't the brightest dude but after three years of that hell he got the point and never went back again.



    I bet it doesn't sound like such a good idea to you now anymore does it?

  13. I still ca't stop laughing, he has like a zillion wives, yet he needs porn? .... his logic fails me

    While this might not apply to fundamentalists (of all tastes and colours) treating women like doormats, remember that, if you're married, you're not guaranteed sex. It's not as if you've married a hole. Thus, if you want to have sex and your wife doesn't, either you Gandhi it up and get one step closer to nirvana (and/or blueballs), or you take the Vivid Entertainment route and achieve nirvana at first attempt.


    Regardless, the man has what? 30 wives! (Yes I know that is an exaggeration.) If one of his wives refused to lay him he could just threaten to blow her up... or ask one of his other twenty-nine wives.


    My guess is that it belongs to one if not multiple or even all of his (this is NOT an exaggeration) 21 children.


    If you think that is alot of kids then would you believe me if I told you that Osama was the 17th of 54 children?


    What also backs up my theory that the stash belongs to his kids is that if he has 21 children he is obviously getting his brains banged out.

  14. Reminds me about this although this is undeniably more brutal.


    Immediately when I opened the link disclosed in your post I say "How Rape Axe Works" I burst out laughing and yelled, "WHAT THE HELL!" Wouldn't that be uncomfortable for the women too?



    Regarding the thread... Well, my father is a police officer and hs been for 28 years. Unfortunately he still has no stories even close to matching this one. I mean, seriously? I can honestly admit I'd piss myself if my dad came home from a work shift and told me a women brought in a severed penis as proof that someone attempted to rape her.

  15. In my opinion the only time something should be considered offensive is when it is used in an offensive way. I might greet my black friend by saying, "What's up my n*****?" or something along those lines obviously using the "N" word in placement of the word "brother" or "friend" or "pal" and later after a fight with the same black I might use the same word in a derogatory or belittling manner. Words are only offensive if they are interpreted that way. Unless it is obvious that I'm using the term or another other term interpreted as offensive offensively it shouldn't be considered offensive. (Damn, that last sentence had a lot of "offensive"'s in it.

  16. Hey guys,



    As a project to sort of wrap up the year one of my teachers has assigned us a project on WWII. Now that's pretty much it. As long as it had to do with the war and during the duration of WWII he is fine with it. Me and my group decided to do our project on the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend. I found that before the Division was a Panzer Division it was a Panzergrenadier Division. I thought it might be a good idea to mention this but I also realized I have no clue what the difference between a regular SS Panzer Division and a SS Panzergrenadier Division was. If someone could help me clear this up i'd be extremely grateful

  17. Hey guys, as being a member I am extremely eager to move up from Rune weaponry to dragon. Unfortunatly I am a somewhat low level and don't know much about when I should start the quest Monkey Madness. My levels are as follows, 65 strength, 60 attack, 60 defence, 50 range, 42 magic, 62 constitution and 41 prayer. Are there any particular skills I need to raise before beginning? The sal's guide doesn't say what particular levels I need and I'd rather get everything I need before starting then starting and then having to stop to go raise some level or something.

    Thanks for the help,


  18. Hey guys, I was just looking for some suggestions on what are some fun and simple members quests that meet my skill levels. (See my skill levels in signature). The only members quests I have done are 'Gertrude's Cat' and 'Priest in Peril'.





  19. I like these methods that multiply your money. Another one is to buy empty vials, fill them, and sell them. However, this one quadruples your money :huh: (depending on whether G.E. changes the price anytime soon).


    I'm not sure if that's in the money-making tips, though :unsure:.


    Wait, so changing essences to airs quadruples your money or filling viles?!

  20. Alrighty noobs, time to get pwned. Ask any serious COD player and they will tell you COD5 was NOT a good Call Of Duty.

    Burnout Revenge is dispicable, proof of this is that the price of Revenge spiked down SOOO fast. Within a few months of it's releasal the price was already $30 down from $60.

    Personally I never found the Madden games good, and although Madden 07 was MUCH better then the newer Madden's, it still was dull and after a few days I grew sick of it and never put it into my 360 again.

    Oh and don't even start about saying the Lego series was any good. Ya, maybe it would be fun for my 6 year old brother... oh wait, no it wouldn't!

    Ive been a serious CoD player since CoD 1...I started taking War seriously as well (especially after Big Red One). I think WaW is one of the best, considering Treyarch specialized in World War 2 games. The graphics aren't as good as Infinity's Ward's, but hell, are we really looking for the best damn thing we can find in video games these days? Let's just wait for Black Ops, or perhaps zombies, and then we can start dissing WaW. :grindteeth:


    Back when the game came out I was relatively young and new to the COD series. All I did was smack on the "Round Drum" on any gun and ran around like Rambo. And hell, I was posting good scores too....

    Thats the way I was with the Wii version of it, and then I became serious with the Xbox. WaW was actually a perfect starter, especially since the last time I played Cod was 3 years earlier :)


    No, that's not how it was with the Wii version. That's how it was with the game itself. Obviously, the Wii is a laughing-stock when any FPS comes out on it. And no, it wasn't a perfect starter? How was it or any COD game a perfect starter? Because you first started playing on COD5 doesn't mean you are better then if you started on another COD game.

    It starts you of to FP, especially since most people on Nintendo WiFi blow at FPS games..It was great to bring back the feeling.



    I played COD5 on the Wii, once. I have the 360 and that's what I play all my games on. More proof is that 5,000 (and that's being generous) or less people are playing COD5 on the 360 at any time. Even COD4 has a larger amount of players. That's because, even though COD4 is older it is still better the COD5. (BY ALOT!)


    A few days ago there was 100,000 plus people on. Then today there was 20,000 plus. Just because many people don't play it, doesn't make it a bad game :madsing:



    OH YES! I was just joking! CoD5 is amazing! Because smacking a round-drum on a gun and spraying all over the place kicking serious A** is what I call an amazing game!


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