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  1. Jethraw


    See you there Haha thanks, I just couldn't stand div :P Thankyou! :D
  2. Jethraw


    3 and a half years after the last time - I maxed on RS today! Was bored and ended up training more than I expected so just did it quickly :P Thanks to Tabt and Reep for being around
  3. Jethraw


    Cheers bub :P Don't apologise though, I was gonna get in Monday originally, just didn't have much to do so did some extra xpees!
  4. Jethraw


    Thanks! Also, a three and a half year late thanks :P Cheers! Liked it and I happened to have a couple chronicles in place so I figured I may as well :P Thankyou :D ! Just a follow up :) Maxed a few years ago then quit, then div was released :P
  5. Jethraw

    Activate loot interface via hotkey

    I really like this idea. is the new loot interface an AoE one already? Or would this be feasible for areas where you kill multiple instantly such as dagganoth? (Or am I releasing my inner noob for admitting to slaying them in the lighthouse still?)
  6. Jethraw

    Suspicious of my butler

    His power lies in that moustache, thing of beauty.
  7. Was an absolute big muppet at Runefest and other meet ups, so not sorry to see him go.
  8. Were the dying animation sounds in RS always so kinky?

  9. Jethraw


    Happy really belated birthday Miccy fats
  10. Jethraw

    Fastest QBD Kills?

    No screenshot I'm afraid. But my fastest was 2:09 in full arma with dual chaotics and dragonbanes.
  11. Jethraw

    110 Dungeoneering

    Got my first Dungeoneering level in two years today, bought myself a bond for 2 weeks :P No idea what I'm doing but yay a level!
  12. Jethraw

    Retirement Spots

    There's a slim chance I'll last that long.
  13. Is that why you were up all night? Congrats though! Playing EOC or Legacy?
  14. Let's ride our bikes around the halls

    1. Kyo
    2. Jethraw
    3. Mohorak


      I think some company is overdue

  15. Do you wanna build a snowman?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. reepicheep


      Does it have to be a snowman?

    3. Bwauder


      the carrot goes on the top ball

    4. Phoenix Rider
  16. Jethraw

    The Wee one

  17. you had one job sal, one job.

  18. Jethraw

    Pics Of Yourself!

    This is the most homo-erotic thread ever
  19. Jethraw

    What did you learn today?

    a q p w
  20. Jethraw

    Blog Block List Upupdate

    I just wanted to join an elite club this has ruined my day :(
  21. Jethraw

    Blog Block List Upupdate

    Never heard of that either :P
  22. Jethraw

    Blog Block List Upupdate

    I don't even know what it is
  23. Jethraw

    Blog Block List Upupdate

    can i be on it?
  24. Jethraw

    Happy bday Tabt!

    what's a tabt
  25. Jethraw

    Pics Of Yourself!

    we already knew this

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