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  1. Fishing Icon


    Please watch this for me, because I love you guys...
  2. Fishing Icon

    Green Thumb

    I was thar, Congratulations again, Kesthetic! I'm very proud of you, sir.
  3. Fishing Icon

    Squeal of Fortune - Your Loot Here!

    I now have full ceremonial dragon. :D
  4. Fishing Icon

    Back after 2 years of absence!

    I remember you too Fabio! We were best friends! Thanks! Anyone know the date they changed the placement of the G.E.? Hello again Mr. Earth! Great poem!
  5. Hello everyone! I hope some of you can remember me and who I am! I've been absent from this community and from Runescape for about 2 years now. I am coming back to the community I loved. So what is new with the community and with Runescape the past 2 years? I logged on today and noticed the forum has changed alot! I hope you guys can welcome me back with open arms! Fishy~
  6. Fishing Icon

    The Elder Scrolls

    I don't think its different because But it really doesn't matter. Probably the same horse, considering it's immortal. Skyrim's Shadowmere is clearly a nordic horse - strong and muscular and bigger hooves/head - so it can't be Oblivion's Shadowmere. Probably just descends from the original. I wouldn't go as far to say it's nordic...I would say just graphically overhauled from the Shadowmere that was in Oblivion.
  7. Fishing Icon

    How Is Everyone?

    Oh and just to add, I don't play RuneScape anymore...moved on to strict Console Gaming. Hit me up on Xbox LIVE...gamertag is LHR Dream.
  8. Fishing Icon

    How Is Everyone?

    Hello guys and gals. I've been away for a pretty long period of time. I haven't visited the site for quite a while either. I like the new layout that was made for the main portion of the site, it looks spiffy. If anyone is wondering why I was gone, there are several reasons. I didn't really have a need to visit the site daily anymore, I lost interest in posting, I was busy, etc. I've been on LOA for long enough and would like to come back and chat and post for as long as possible. I hope you all remember me! ~Fishing Icon
  9. Fishing Icon

    Forum Rearrangements

    You can actually bookmark it here :D Sho nuff I can, but since the fora I frequent are on the absolute top and on the absolute bottom, Home and End work wonders. Just scroll, don't be lazy. But using these keys would leave more time for snu snu with you. :( Me need less sleepy and more snu snu!
  10. Fishing Icon

    Ifaf World Cup

    What channel are these games on?
  11. Fishing Icon

    Sal's Halo Legion // Halo 4!

    Can anyone tell me where I can find all the Halo Books to read online or to listen to online?
  12. Fishing Icon

    Expand Off-topic Discussion

    Please do not merge General Chat and Polls & Surveys. I would love to see this happen as I am only really on the Off-Topic board.
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    Your Music Playlists!

    Hey! Just made a new playlist and I am wondering what kind of playlists we got out there? The best of the best are preferred but, all are welcome! "DUB'N'ELEC" "Music for Realz..." ~Colin
  14. Fishing Icon


    New Playlist with quite a bit of Dubstep and some Electronic.
  15. Fishing Icon

    Music Recommendations Thread

    Listen until you die! Seriously, I could.

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