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  1. Inexpensive workers that you can treat however you damn well please. The threat of deportation keeps them in line.
  2. Aliath


    I love this game. If anyone needs weapons, nightvision goggles & range-finders, GPS' or ghillie suits, drop me a PM! I've managed to get my hands on many sets. Legitimately, of course.
  3. By isolating Iran like this we're not making things better. I don't agree with almost all of Iran's foreign and domestic policies, but that's no excuse for what Canada has done. The only way this regime is going to end is if the Iranian people stand up to their government. Diplomacy is a tool for staving off war. Seems to me like America's just looking for an excuse. Canada, Harper, you disappoint yet again. Vive le Québec libre.
  4. Aliath

    Dawn's Rising

    If you're serious about keeping this alive, I'm in.
  5. Aliath


    There's enough room on the planet. We live in a world that normalizes competition, and encourages urbanization. We have the means to provide food, shelter and medicine to everyone despite our dependance on industry. What'd be even better would be to allow people to provide for themselves.
  6. Aliath


  7. Aliath

    Breaking Bad

    Started watching the show but a few weeks ago, and I love it! Malcom's dad is a fine actor.
  8. Leaving for Montreal for the student strike!

  9. Not every breed of dog is edible. Usually it's one breed that is specifically bred to be eaten, like pigs. You cannot just take an Alsatian and chomp on it. I can eat whatever dog I want as long as I cook it. That's you though. Everyone else does not. Since you want to take my joke post seriously, I'll take your post seriously. Almost everything in the world is edible. Whether or not those animals are bred to be eaten is a completely different story. Insects are edible. Grass is edible. Trees are edible. I beg to differ, trees are real nasty on the teeth. Sure it might be damaging to your teeth, but nonetheless, a determined soul could in fact eat a tree. A determined soul could eat an airplane.
  10. Aliath

    First Mars Colonists to be sent in 2023

    I do hope that if they see a crescent-shaped structure, they'll stay far, far away.
  11. Aliath


    Nobody's asking for them to be allowed to be married in a Catholic church. Every religion has its interpretation of what's holy-- and some (albeit few) would allow gays to marry in holy matrimony. But nobody's even asking for that, either. A church can refuse to marry a couple on whatever grounds they'd like-- but the State should not. The State should allow gay marriage so gay couples may reap the same legal benefits as heterosexual couples.
  12. Aliath

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    Thanks. ^_^ It better be, after three years of work... Three years is a freaking long time, and I don't think I can critique your work with so little information... What I find brilliant was that notion; that mythical creatures and men alike originate from a power within the Earth itself, that can be exploited by alien civilizations far more advanced than our own. :P I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF IT.
  13. Aliath

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    That's actually sort of a brilliant idea. :P
  14. Aliath

    Roleplay Room Discussion Thread

    However flowery his description, I think it sounds interesting.
  15. Aliath

    Quebec Student Strike

    A few points things that need to be made about the situation in my hometown; It's worth mentioning that both the student assemblies and faculty voted to go on strike, but despite this an injunction forced teachers to go back to class. The University's rector would face criminal charges if he didn't call the police when the students and teachers alike began picketing, despite his support of their cause. Despite what authorities described in Gatineau, students and teachers protesting did not vandalize their own university. None of this, however, is mentioned in any English article I could find. http://www.theglobea...article2408306/
  16. Terms Encompassing the Kingdom of Cantora: Hecena: A river. Cantora (demonym: Cantoran): Name given to the lands (traditionally known as Cenia) stretching from the Hecena river all the way to the Mother Sea by the Elrenites, whom the Cantorans believe to be descended from. Today, it is the name of the kingdom that rules over all of Cenia, having emerged as a unified country in 998 through the marriage of its two largest kingdoms, and prompt conquest of Cenia's many city-states and princedoms by them. And in more recent times, annexation of certain lands across the Hecena river obtained through strategic political marriages or through the sword. Bastalar ( demonym: Bastalarí): One of the two major countries which comprises the Kingdom of Cantora. Dominated by rocky, semi-arid plateaus, volcanoes and high mountain chains isolating them from the rest of Cenia, they've traditionally been a more brutish people who have harassed the other countries of the land and beyond the Hecena (particularly Gallar) throughout history. Bastalarí is the oldest continuously populated area of Cenia, after a war against the former populace, the Orobar hooflords, who were almost entirely exterminated-- a testament to the military qualities of the Bastala. Although larger in area, there are significantly less people in Bastalarí, and despite their vital role in expanding Cantoran borders there is some racial stigma towards Bastala by Ardienin, and few take to the old ways of their people before the Cantoran unification. Ardiena (demonym: Ardienin): The warmer, more fertile lands of Cenia which look to the sea. Many city-states rose and fell in this thriving area of the land, but the Ardienin monarchy ruled most of the country and had a hand in many mercantile affairs spanning across all of Cenia and far beyond, its openness to the ocean enriching its seaside cities both economically and culturally, being open to foreign influence through its merchants. The city folk of Ardienin are a suave, rich culture that produce, export, and put much value in such things as fine wine, silk and jewelry. Their lavish lifestyle isn't shared by the Ardienin who live inland, to the southern end of the country straddling the Hecena. While some important cities have risen there, most practice agriculture or are miners. Some of the farmers are relatively rich, despite their lower social status, but the miners are dreadfully poor and many are of mixed Ardienin-Gallaran descent. Arstas: Cantoran capital, mother-city of the Ardienin. Sirnesta: Prominent trading city, former city-state. Oldest non-Cenian city, of Middish construct. Worshippers of the Cenianized Imperial Pantheon. Balas: Mother-city of the Balastarí, nestled in the mountains. Dwelfych ad Uldwyr, King of Darogald, "King of the Melmar, Son of the Elflords." (972-present) Eser Tirand, Patriarch of Rotos, "Tirdrath, Avatar of Lundrath, Ruler of Anor." (???-present) Unwren the Strong, King of Midland, "King of the Heartlands and the Middish." (951-present)
  17. Aliath


    Here are some emblems I drew for my story. :P I know it's not much, but any criticism on the design would be appreciated! They're for a story I'm working on.
  18. Aliath

    Quebec Student Strike

    That is partly my feelings. The mere fact that money has been wasted in Uni's for a while now (in Montreal), take Concordia for example with their severance packages >.<. On the other hand, I think it's too late now for a fair compromise of any kind, the protests have gone on too long and the public (that one's that used to be behind the students) are slowly drifting back against them because of the way in which some are protesting. The entire situation is going to deteriorate, the government won't back down for fear of looking weak (and since they have gained points in polls lately) and the students won't back down since they have already sacrificed what could be an entire semester. Well, negotiations have begun between the government and the student organizations (including the CLASSE). It could very well be that these discussions end in failure, in which case the injunctions forcing students back to the UQO and the impending one on the Cegep de l'Outaouais will spark protests here rivaling those of last week. And contrarily to what the media is saying, many people of every generation are behind us. Hell, just today my friends and I got a bunch of words of praise and encouragement from various retirees while at the shopping mall :D (We were wearing our red squares.) I'll have to look into this as well, but I think Charest's approval ratings are at an all-time low.
  19. Aliath

    Quebec Student Strike

    I think it's worth mentioning that we're angry because the hike in tuition is unjustified. The University of Quebec spends so much in advertisement and bonus' for the rectors... and mismanages its money, and the government refuses to even negotiate with the students to come to an agreement. Other provinces pay more, but that doesn't justify raising tuition. You don't raise tuition in one province just to "make things level." That's not how it works here. The economic realities are different; our culture is different; our political views are different. This is Quebec; what the rest of Canada pays for their education? We don't care. I don't want my money going to a corrupted government of Quebec.
  20. Aliath

    Dawn's Rising

    Norton payed no heed to what Lucas said about Isaac. Truth be told, he didn't care much for Isaac-- the only warrior he could bring himself to trust was Lucas, as enigmatic as he was. There was Virdenfell's sheriff as well, but he hadn't heard of him since the group met Lucas. There was also the innkeeper... Perhaps, if he'd survived, Norton would have came to trust him as well. "I'll eat anything that isn't venison," said Norton. "Boar, deer. I've had enough of that for one lifetime." OoC: I mean to have him say "You get any sleep?"
  21. Aliath

    Dawn's Rising

    Norton did not wake the next morning; he simply resigned from trying to go to sleep as sunlight poured in through his window. He rose from his bed and observed his shoes. They were no more than rags after their long and difficult trek from Virdenfall; the drawstrings were missing from one and his toes poked through both. It was a surprise the soles were still even attached to the leather ruin. He opted instead to go barefoot, kicking the tattered remains under the bed. It mattered little; his under-feet had already been tough as leather, and the long walk in his inadequate footwear had made them harder. There would be no more welts or blisters on his feet on his next travels. The farmhand made his way downstairs, stopping to listen to the beautiful song of an undoubtedly beautiful woman. He waited till her voice faded away, a smile brightening his haggard face. Dark circles crowned his tired eyes, and his thick matte of hair was unwashed. His chin, which had not been shaved in three days, was beginning to look like it would be soon bearded. As he stepped into the common room of the waking inn, he spotted Lucas leaning against the far wall of the room, his eyes riveted on the door. Norton made his way towards him, calling out, "You get any sleep?" he paused, frowning. "All armored up, are we?"
  22. Aliath

    Brienne of Tarth

    I quite literally just read the passage where she unhorsed the Knight of Flowers, put down the book, opened up Sal's... and your blog entry caught my eye. :o
  23. Aliath

    Excited for Prometheus?

    "Or unethical."
  24. Aliath

    Dawn's Rising

    OoC: ... Bath... Room?
  25. Aliath

    BREAKING NEWS: Elder Scrolls MMO

    I just hope this doesn't affect any planned production of Fallout 4.

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