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  1. KSC

    UK Retailer GAME in Administration

    This is not 1 bit surprising, when they charge the most for new release games, and don't drop the price when you can get it cheaper somewhere else
  2. KSC

    Apple's Decimating the Competition

    Sadly apple is a fasion statement these days, especially in developing countries As seen here: http://news.sky.com/...rticle/16148341 I don't hate apple, I dislike people who buy apple and claim it's the 'best' and don't realize they could have bought something a lot less cheaper and does the same thing
  3. If RS stayed exactly how it was in 06, then why would anyone want to play members for crap graphics for about £35 a year, when they could buy Battlefield 3 for £40 which has amazing graphics. Wanting Rs to be graphically old and crap is like saying I want to play Battlefield 3, but with graphics like battlefield 1942. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/23/manv.gif/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/28/man2e.jpg/ Seriously if you saw these two as a 11 year old in 2012 you would say the rs model for a man looked crap and old, and the Battlefield model was better. Therefore meaning more people would choose to play other games than RS as they looked better at first glance. First impressions, are a lasting one. I have friends, who when I mention RS, think it's crap because thats what they saw of RS 6 years ago, and even then it was outdated already graphics wise, as Xbox and ps3 got released. In order for RS to survive, as the older players leave for whatever reason they need to be replaced, so Jagex can continue to recieve enough money to keep the game running. By keeping the game 'new' looking to attract younger people. Because I can almost guarantee most people started play RS in their teens or earlier. However Jagex if they wanted to, they could release a 2006 version of the game at an extra cost for those who want to play it. But they won't do this as they ill make a loss just to keep something like 10,000 people happy. Which is not worth it when you can spend money on attracting younger people who you can milk money from, for years to come.
  4. If the items are owned by Jagex, then technically they took the items from Jagex with threatning force and without their consent as the boy is the middle man who is holding onto the items. Making them guilty anyway. Although I could be wrong
  5. KSC

    Downfall Of Modern Civilization

    A super resistant MRSA bug thats fast spreading. On the sie note if say North Korea fired a Nuke at a western country, would we reply with MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) or just allow the eastern population to survive to carry on the human population?
  6. Global warming is a natural occurrence, we've just increased the speed of it. In the long term it won't matter much, since im pretty sure we would have stopped using fossil fuels within the next 1000 years, effectively stopping the main cause of global warming. However what is a problem is deforestation as it upsets the natural balance of Co2 in the atmosphere.
  7. KSC

    Crashing Resources?

    Well there isn't as much demand as don't forget bots didn't just collect resources as well, they must have turned the ores into bars and logs for firemkaing or fletching.
  8. KSC

    Could The War Be Over?

    Only if the there able to decrease the price of those 2% bots since there the best, I read somewhere 1 of them costs something like $500 That's insane. Who would pay $500 for a thing that plays with pixels for you? Insanely rich lonely people?
  9. KSC

    Could The War Be Over?

    Only if the there able to decrease the price of those 2% bots since there the best, I read somewhere 1 of them costs something like $500
  10. KSC

    Dragon Claws Vs Bcp Vs Bts

    Get fury, its one of the best items you can have. Also switch the dragon platelegs for torag's, they have better stats.
  11. KSC

    5m To 10/ 15m?

    Unlock Miscellania and do it, its a minimum of 1 Mill profit per week, but bit less now due to bonus xp weekend. As for slayer the real money is earnt at higher levels, when you have acess to Duradel or Kuradal
  12. KSC

    Love Or Hate Justin Bieber?

    I only hate him beacuse I'm sick of hearing his song and his face on everything, did you know you could get Justin Biebers beats?
  13. KSC

    Question For A Muslim!

    Muslims don't eat pig as it is an unclean animal, all the Muslims I've ever asked on why they don't eat pig is beacause it apparently rolls around in it's own crap, so when we eat pig were theoretically eating it's crap, and in Islam staying clean is important. It is also a cultural thing as well since if you go to southern asian countries no one eats pork, even the non-muslims, the same goes for beef as well, although Muslims are allowed to eat it, many still don't.
  14. KSC

    Best Slayer Gear

    If your praying against a monster on task then use pray boosting gear, if not then use strength boosting gear.
  15. KSC


    Lmfao, which I'd seen that. Meh it was Man united vs Arsenal 3rd's, what else could you expect.

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