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  1. Wheeeeelsun

    Army of One - Completionist Cape, Vorago slaying

    It's gonna be a tight squeeze getting myself out of bed at 5am but I'll try...no promises though. And Vorago sounds daunting ):
  2. Wheeeeelsun

    Super Caping

    This is a mighty fine collection of screenies you got :D And I am disappointed by the choice of my background :(
  3. Wheeeeelsun

    Noxious longbow

    I can hearrrrr you mic :mad: Holy smokes nice though!
  4. Wheeeeelsun

    Agility Rewrite

    When I saw the "perfect laps", I was expecting to see tips on reducing the number of ticks required to complete a lap by manually clicking certain squares to walk diagonally instead of clicking the next obstacle and resulting in your character walking a "L" shape. (Really hard to illustrate without pictures) Off the top of my memory this is the case for Advanced Barbarian course. ~Wilson
  5. Wheeeeelsun

    2014 Sal's End of Summer Clan Chat Awards

    I hate you guys :mad: Anyways, congratulations to all award winners!
  6. Guys i m mad what am i doing on the "Richest Member". That clearly should be given to Sal's Golden Twin Towers Hales and Martin.
  7. Wheeeeelsun


    About time son, Now stop making excuses and get comp
  8. Wheeeeelsun

    Dungeoneering Contest Submissions

    As requested by Kamil, this is the raw image:
  9. Spreadsheet has been updated to this point. Sorry for the delayed updates, and thank you to all who have contributed towards the citadel.
  10. Wheeeeelsun

    Skill Competition 51 - Dungeoneering

    Sign me up if Dungeoneering is skill comp #51 :D
  11. Wheeeeelsun

    What does an Angel do in their spare time?

    Comp or bust. Stop pvming so much, you're rich enough already. Share some wealth with me too while you're at it :D
  12. Wheeeeelsun

    #25 Fishing

    Awaiting for you to join the Max Club :D Congratulations!
  13. Wheeeeelsun

    From building tents to building houses

    Stop being so rich. Congratulations on 99 Construction! Waiting for you to max! :D
  14. Hello, its been a while since I've returned. Just like to say that the spreadsheet has been updated to this point. Sorry for the huge lag time. Congratulations to all who have been promoted. Most notably of all, special shout-outs to Purrfectlmt and Martin for being our newest Gold Star Generals! :D

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