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    Writing guides for Runescape, doing sports learning english that i dont know...

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    Miners and Smithers of RuneScape
  1. Where are those days when you could sell a law rune for 1k??? :)
  2. That


    nobody is doing glitches cause they want to make the game stupid, its fun, and now they have taken it from us!
  3. That


    Because of this new update: Several items that previously damaged you when used can no longer kill you. Don't worry, though - you can still use them to reduce your Hitpoints if you want to. You can't do several glitches: "ninja", "swimming in floor"... to do them all you needed to kill your self with nitroglycerin (from digsite quest) :lol: :wub:
  4. That


    about this now its been almost a day since i put lavasoft ad awere, he found 3 things read my previous posts, and i can log in normaly i know that there is no runescape3 maybe he got bored with doing this (changing pass) I HOPE ! @Berserk Warrior good idea with pvp but you cant log in in same world with two acc from same IP address @Ming Der thats very nice
  5. That


    @7irish Lad07 ninja said what i was going to say "1. Don't call people noobs.". lol this may sound stupid but he/she isnt so bad i must say it cause he is pro in what is he doing (i dont think it is key logger or that kind of stuff, i think that he is real hacker who knows what he is doing) @-Nacho Ninja- i used on screen keyboard and still he did it p.s. he hacked my password 4 times! i have 2 computers but same thing. well maybe i can go to my friend so... but still you are right ONE POINT SEVEN MIL COINS 3 days ago i was thinking of buying membership so it was close ... idk what to do im so !!! lol i sound childish, but i spent three years playing i was member twice and i dont have another acc i ve downloaded Lavasoft and it found 1malewere 2monitoring devices huh i hope it ends now (i have nod32 3.0. bla bla bla)
  6. That


    you are right, i cant have two accounts in same world from same IP :wub: :ice: :lol: :) :) :D :P :P
  7. That


    to day he set new password! Im getting sick of this, im gonna transfer my money on other acc (1.7 mil huh) Overall 841,152 1,130 6,736,728 Attack 1,079,981 70 738,455 Defence 870,120 69 684,454 Strength 918,306 73 993,800 Hitpoints 970,774 71 830,577 Ranged 1,437,744 55 176,879 Prayer 472,599 54 156,539 Magic 1,629,783 53 140,210 Cooking 763,561 65 494,311 Woodcutting 1,730,902 62 352,598 Fletching 1,270,161 48 86,119 Fishing 772,026 65 449,877 Firemaking 612,791 60 286,015 Crafting 493,763 58 241,836 Smithing 505,890 56 189,371 Mining 256,394 71 815,213 Herblore Not Ranked Agility 940,982 39 35,232 Thieving 1,295,017 35 23,613 Slayer Not Ranked Farming Not Ranked Runecraft Not Ranked Hunter Not Ranked Construction Not Ranked Summoning Not Ranked and jagex is lame!!! i cant do anything to complain, if i send mail nothing is going to happen (no people are reading it, i know)!
  8. That


    In past two days somebody has hacked my RS account cb 88 And he or she is giving away my items, not money just armor and weapons! I bought 2 scimmys he/she droped them, and now my armor is gone, but the strange thing is that he7she isnt giving away my money. I changed password 3 times, and now i changed my recovery questions! (if it happens in next 14 days than i will end my playing) And all (real) money that i spent on membership now is thrown away (im not member now but i was before) I dont know what to do, is there anything else what i can do? please help.
  9. That

    Splitting Heirs

    Songs unlocked during the quest: Lazy Wabbit Hare-brained Maschines
  10. That

    Splitting Heirs

    Splitting Heirs Written by: That Special thanks to: Start: Talk to Easter bunny south of Falador What you need: nothing How to get there: (pic needed) Red route: from Falador Blue route: from Port Sarim Green route: from Rimmington Getting started: Talk to Easter Bunny, he says that he is too in for his job so he put his son but he is too lazy and factory is falling in pieces. And then chose option "Can I help?". He tells you that you need to talk to his son (Easter Bunny Jr). Go north east until you find Rabbit hole. When your in go to room north and then go to left and talk to Easter Bunny Jr. He tells you to check to-do list (north of glass jars). The Factory: Songs unlocked during the quest: Lazy Wabbit Hare-brained Maschines -i need pic "how to get there" -more information
  11. That

    Fishing Help Rewrite

    Maybe this?
  12. That

    Prince Ali Rescue Rewrite

  13. That

    ~~~92 Woodchopping~~~

    picture is like power point presentation but nicely donned!
  14. That

    The Knights' Sword


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