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    runescape, myspace, runescape, music, runescape, sims 2(sometimes....when it works... ._.)

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    Skilling B4 Killing :] We own you >:o
  1. Jordie Loves Yah

    Jordie's Skill Lawg =d! <33.:d

    Welcome to Jordie's Skill Log! =D! Stats and current goal, down ther About Meeee! =D! Ok so, I'm Jordie(Jordan...Jor...Jor Jor....w/e you wanna call meez =D) I lives in Florida and I'm 14 =o! I love being crazy, and Im a total loser =D I also live life to the fulliest, and if you get to know me, you'll see im.........extremely lazy =D lols, anyways, I'm....addicted to rs, as most peoplez are =D I looooove to make smilies too, as you already see :] Anyways, I love making new buddies =o andddd omgwtfbbq im an emo =o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lols, dont hate me :[ haha, anyways, yeh thats about it..............................so...onward with the skills :]!<33.=D. =] getting close to 50 =D more pics shouldd be coming soon =] oh and dont mind ryry(coldmansuper) about the myspace thing...hes a tad crazy =D =D
  2. Jordie Loves Yah

    Rate Me Pl0x

    Bankeh-9/10(quite good =D) Stats-5/10(need much improvement) I suggest little goals as in if you want a 99, train till your 99, or switch between skills, or as Grand said, 30+, 40+, 50+, etc =] btw, work on your hunting
  3. Jordie Loves Yah

    Tutorial Island For Life

    Aaahh yeah when I was 10/11/12 I used to pretend to be 13+ =] doesnt stop anyone though, dont understand why they even have the 13+ thing, even Jagex should know that people would lie....
  4. Jordie Loves Yah

    What The ?!

    Aaah, nice, you luckeh duckeh. =D gratz tho, very rare, usually theyre 6-9 logs apart =o
  5. Jordie Loves Yah

    Hopeless Creatures Are Emos!

    Jordie is offended tooz :[ whats wrong with emos? :[!!! Aahh im jk...funny how your right...
  6. Jordie Loves Yah

    Well Hello... Sal's Members

    "Welcome" to the forums even though your probably less-newer than me =D Anyways, average welcome post, but have a great time and read the rules !
  7. Jordie Loves Yah

    Favorite Item In Runescape

    hmm....whip or infin boots........id have to go with my whip :]( )
  8. Jordie Loves Yah

    New Here

    rofl, welcome
  9. Jordie Loves Yah

    Haaiii :] I'm Jordie :d!

    lols :) thanks guys...
  10. Jordie Loves Yah

    Haaiii :] I'm Jordie :d!

    Haha, thanks guys :) hope I get the hang of things soon enough. :)!
  11. Jordie Loves Yah

    Hey I'm New...

    Welcome to Sal's! Even though I'm new too :]
  12. Jordie Loves Yah

    Haaiii :] I'm Jordie :d!

    Haaiii :) I'm Jordie, , and I am new I guess. :)? Haha, I'm crazy soo, watchout! :)
  13. Jordie Loves Yah

    Void Knight Armor

    What Roy said is true, but taking the time to get void gives you some good exp in cb skills. So if you are thinking about getting full void, and you need exp in cb, you should definetly get it.
  14. Jordie Loves Yah

    Easy 99s?

    I'd have to say, in f2p no skillcape will be easy, but your best bet would probably be woodcutting, or firemaking. Or, you could do both considering you'd be chopping willows, so all you'd have to do is burn them.

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