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  1. Well easy enough for some reason when I look at the member list for "Thumper" (what I want to change my name to) there is no member with this name but when I try to change it apparently another member is using it. Its not the person's login name Im pretty sure, as my login name is available.
  2. "See how happy the children of Koreer, playing joyful for glorious leader"
  3. Clavius

    a better better ui

    use old ui obviously I like the look of this, much better than the mess that is currently in place
  4. Clavius

    This game...

  5. Clavius

    J.J Abrams to Direct Next Star Wars Movie

    whilst doing so they discuss their favorite vacation spots in the galaxy
  6. Clavius


    does anyone know of a good pair of mittens that I could get off of ebay/amazon/somewhere else, my gloves are crap so I need new hand coverings so my hands don't freeze I'm looking for a pair under 20 dollars probably with fingerless flaps, like this but better quality
  7. Clavius

    Not Breaking, Still News

    Prison camps are okay in DPRK but not okay in the United States :P lol guantanamo Darn. And I was feeling so clever :( State slavery is okay in DPRK but not okay in the United Stateslook up North Korean loggers
  8. Clavius

    Click here to find out your future!

    You come back and play Minecraft all the time and you have lots of fun!!! You start making posts which are almost up to Arianna's standard! They're really funny and you become much loved by the community. I'm not playing minecraft again and my posts are serious Maybe you had an epiphany I have epiphanies every 10 minutes
  9. I am Charles' complete lack of self motivation

  10. Clavius

    Click here to find out your future!

    You come back and play Minecraft all the time and you have lots of fun!!! You start making posts which are almost up to Arianna's standard! They're really funny and you become much loved by the community. I'm not playing minecraft again and my posts are serious
  11. Clavius

    Eratosthenes and some Circumference

    the measurement wasn't accurate due to the somewhat crude nature of both measuring the angle of elevation and the distance between the two cities. it is rather accurate however, as it was the first measure of the circumference of the earth ever done... you could replicate this experiment today, it just requires good timing and a small amount of planning. two other interesting things you could estimate from the results are the volume and surface area of the earth, all you have to do is assume that the earth is a sphere which gives a decent amount of error but still rather good for so long ago (not sure when Eratosthenes did this, but if it was after 225 BC he would have had the formulas proven by Archimedes and been able to calculate the surface area at least). the surface area from the given radius is 487,009,391 sq km (real value 510,100,000 sq km so error of 4.5%) volume from given radius is 1,055,394,856,531 cu km (real value 1,083,210,000,000 so error of 2.6%)
  12. Clavius

    Pokemon Forever

    what they should do is have a game where the trainers have to fight pokemon and pokeballs don't exist, but then halfway through they invent pokeballs so they can start capturing the pokemon instead of just killing them
  13. Clavius


    buying girlfriend 1m must be able to emote kiss
  14. Clavius

    Eratosthenes and some Circumference

    Measurements taken at Alexandria (A) and Syene (S) that diagram is rather explanatory of how he did it the reason why the sun is at its zenith over the city of Syene is because it is located on the tropic of cancer where this can occur on the summer solstice. while he would have measured an angle of elevation of 0 degrees in Syene as the sun was at its zenith, in Alexandria at the same time on the summer solstice the angle of elevation was 7°12' which is 1/50th of a circle. as the degree measurement was 1/50th of a circle, the arc's measurement was 1/50th of the earth's circumference. he figured out the arc measurement from the known distance between the two cities (5000 stadia or 927.7 km), and then figured that every degree in the circumference is equal to estimated 700 stadia from this. then 700 x 360 is 252,000 stadia or approx 39,690 km (error < 2%, as actual circumference is 40,075 km) diagram of it including calculations you can also figure out the diameter/radius of the earth by using these results, as if the circumference is calculated as 39,690 km then: 39690 = 2πr r = 6,316.86 km 6316.86 x 2 = d d = 12,633.72 km
  15. Clavius

    Ever realize how weak humans really are?

    humans can pick up bazookas and shoot animals humans are da best
  16. Clavius

    Not Breaking, Still News

    I wonder if the glorious leader smokes marijuana
  17. Clavius

    Test your colour blindness!

    my eyes are bleached I got a 48
  18. Delusions of grandeur and a distorted perception of reality. I call schizophrenia. ;) he's not schizophrenic, he is paranoid. why else would he hire a team of guards without anything to guard except himself
  19. Clavius

    2013 Goals / New Years Resolutions

    1. stop doing pointless stuff 2. start doing useful stuff 3. change avatar 4. fix cheap headphones 5. listen to the radio more 6. buy a new blanket 7. get a box for last semester's books 8. get some folders 2 more left, how about you
  20. when the government is run by cybernetically superior humans or robots, maybe there should be less transparency. governments however currently are run by fallible humans who often make mistakes, and transparency is almost necessary with this.
  21. Clavius

    youtube (in chrome)

    might be your settings or a bug Some Flash player screens don't respond to mouse clicks correctly in the Chrome browser, but not "Pause." In the Channel player, any click in the player, including the Action Bar, results in a "Pause/Play" Toggle. This is the same for other sites. like "LiveLeak" with the Chrome browser. The makes "Volume" and "Full Screen" buttons disabled. This is a Chrome bug that I think has been reported. I hope. Also try moving the mouse to the right side (or a little further) to find the action field for the button you are trying to click. This is for some player screens, again in Chrome.
  22. [speech 80] There will be no shooting in this classroom, now put the gun down and leave. [Guns 40] That's a 12 gauge, right? That could do a lot of damage. Please don't do this. These kids are innocent. [NCR] I've got men outside that will put you down if you start shooting. Give me the gun and go outside. Great Old Ones make references to AD&D, younglings don't dare beyond Fallout 3 wrong game
  23. Clavius

    sal's "share your gifts" thread

    I got like 600 dollars in cash with some clothes
  24. Clavius

    One big wtf moment

    books gross

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