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  1. It would take a number of specific events to occur to bring this place back to even a fraction of the activity in 05-08. It's definitely possible but the more likely outcome is that this place will remain dead. I guess it's time to let go
  2. Dark Pearl

    Frosts :(

    I heard about this. Dunno if I'll bother getting 83-85 DG with the bots there
  3. Dark Pearl

    Free Trade

    As much as I enjoyed free trade/wild I would vote in favor of trade-limits if it cuts down on the amount of botting/scamming/RWT going on in RS
  4. Dark Pearl

    When I Grow Up...

    Potential Education: Currently at the end of my second year in commerce, 1 more to graduate. I've spent 15 years in education and want to graduate so bad, if I have to spend more than 1 year in university, I may ask to be thrown into a mental institution Potential Job: Accountant Why? The work may not be too exciting but if you get lucky with a job you can earn a pretty penny. I plan on having no family and moving to some place that is cheap to live (I heard Panama is good) and retiring relatively early (preferably before 40) and spending the rest of my life exploring different parts of the world.
  5. Dark Pearl

    Sad World That We Live In...

    Yup, gotta admit its pretty sad to see that this place died out. We had it pretty good in 06-07.
  6. Good job DoV, L0L at tjob in ending pic
  7. Dark Pearl

    Exo Vs Ed

    Good fight Exodus. 2 kills 1 death
  8. Dark Pearl

    Eclipse Vs Godz

    Was really disappointed in our pull, I know we can pull more than that... That was the only bad thing about this war, our performance was almost perfect. Good fight Godz.
  9. Dark Pearl

    Hades Vs 3xtermination

    Good job Hades, had a feeling you guys would win.
  10. Dark Pearl

    Eclipse Vs Prodigy

    Good fight Prodigy, I was on no food like 20mins in lol, the only reason I stayed alive was because we were in the ruins
  11. Dark Pearl

    Which Clan Names Do You Hate The Most?

    The Neggas clan Sacred champions The Runescape Warhungers Federation
  12. Dark Pearl

    Whos The Best Warlord You Know.

    Probably sa or phishiey
  13. Dark Pearl

    Eclipse Vs. Genesis Knights

    Good fight GK. 0/0
  14. Dark Pearl

    .::tko Blitz Vs Wof::.

    Good win TKO.

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