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    Well, first off, i play Runescape!!! Anyway, play my ps3, or even do a little bit of writing(idk only when i'm bored, i find it relaxing). I'm caught in-between reality and what others believe living truly is. Crap always happens to me, and i'm always stuck behind because of others. I keep reminding myself that I am just waiting for the right time, but this reality created by others always lowers these expectations. I guess i'm just unlucky...or just really bad at what i'm trying to do. But don't judge me, because unless you get to know me, you have no idea what kind of person I really am!

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    Nah, I go solo
  1. Well, finally got 99 mage!!! I also planned it with 2200 total :) Total stats now:
  2. Luke1

    Tzhaar update video

    Hahaha yeah it is pretty similar. Even though I fail at doing Jad I'm looking forward to the update. Perhaps this will motivate me enough to actually kill Jad. Another quest is always enjoyable! I do loves me quest cape
  3. Luke1

    Your Browser

    best quote ever Exactly. I'v been using chrome for a long time now and it just seems better. It never has those slow problems other browsers seem to always have. It's not super unique, but it is simplistic in the best way possible.
  4. Luke1

    Weekly Update Teaser Images!

    Lucky for you they changed the firemaking requirement for everyone. Too many players complained about how high the requirement was so they moved it down. Honestly, I was fine with it. I sat for two days when the Behind the Scenes came out firemaking from 83-89 till they decided to move it down. Still looking forward to this, new way to train firemaking sounds good to me as a reward!
  5. Luke1

    Mage Training..

    Wiki prices are always up to date. They automatically get filled with that the current price is and what it needs to be bought at. The only thing it can't do is realize that an item might not sell for what the current price is.
  6. Luke1

    Mage Training..

    Here is a very helpful chart on the Rune wiki that has exactly what you are looking for!: This on has tons of items, not all profit: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Calculators/High_alch This one has less items, and they all profit: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Grand_Exch...ch/High_Alchemy
  7. Luke1

    Does Santa Exist.

    This is how, and why: only logical answer. :(
  8. Luke1

    Ill Draw You

    These drawings are just amazing. Mine please? I'm looking for a nice new "artistic" pic!
  9. Luke1

    Post Count

    I like where it is because it helps me determine if the fourm member is newer or has been around for a while. It's nice to see people with 5k+ posts and realize that they have been here for a long time vs the people with like 100+ that I know are newer.
  10. Luke1

    Dragon Or Bronze Hatchet?

    This is from the Rs Forum's in the recent FAQ on the new update w/the toolbelt: So basically, as long as you have the dragon hatchet either wielded or in your inventory it should be using the dragon hatchet. EDIT: Here is the link for the Rs Forum if you wanted where i found this: 15-16-807-63432405
  11. Luke1

    Christmas Avatars!

    I do love this time of year on Sals :( Always so festive on the forums and at the yearly Christmas party!
  12. Luke1

    Never Avatar. Thank You Adam?

    It seems to be missing...a santa hat. :(

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