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    Sidcup RIP ROB KNOX
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    Being Ownage/Nooby depending on the day

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    I R Teh 666
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    Ownage Skill
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  1. What can I say apart from 10/10? Shame I don't get that many whips. :) Great Gallery
  2. I R Teh 666

    Last One To Post Wins

    I'm pretty sure I do
  3. I R Teh 666

    Skill Cape [email protected]

    I support, end of Wub the idea, maybe cooking item a bit too good... maybe 75% less burning? never burn anything makes for a good moneymaker.
  4. I R Teh 666

    Zee Logchopping Is Good, Yes

    You got muted :( I feel sorry for you even though you probably deserved it (blackmarks = you did something)Ekwyn don't flame him :o
  5. I R Teh 666

    Awesome First Clue Reward

    Why are my clue rewards always terrible? You lucky *bleep*!
  6. I R Teh 666

    Two Really Old Fakes

    I see nothing wrong with either of them, so 10/10
  7. I R Teh 666

    Mitchellta's Secret

    It seems I just became Internet famous!Hate to be a N44B but ROFLMAOPMPBBQ!

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