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    going out with mates, football, fishing, girls....!! spending time with the gf

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  1. Freshprince7


    Does anyone miss the wildy? I do alot i used pk without failure everytime time i logged on rs it was so good for making money the bounty hunter is so lame...!!!
  2. Freshprince7

    Amazing Jad Vids

    Lol that's so lucky...!
  3. Freshprince7

    Well Hello... Sal's Members

    Thankyou all...
  4. Freshprince7

    I Scream!

    Magnums. THERE SO YUMMMYYYY the white ones best.
  5. Freshprince7

    Have You Ever Multilogged?

    I'll admit i used to multilog to give my brother some stuff when he died when the wildy was there... lol
  6. Freshprince7

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Here we go all have a laugh at me in the workshop at work ha ha....!!
  7. Freshprince7

    Well Hello... Sal's Members

    Thankyou people and i'll say it again thanks magic ive been working on my account for the last few years lol!!
  8. Freshprince7

    My First 10m (on This Account)

    Nice 10m on your account i remmber when i made my first 10m i blew it all in like 20 secounds flat
  9. Freshprince7

    Well Hello... Sal's Members

    Hello follow people im anthony age 19 years old been playing runescape since ive been 15 years old... Im currently on aonother forum called sythe... BUT THERE ALL SCAMMERS!! my friend told me join this forum has it's good... I'll stop going on anyways nice to meet you all hope to chat with you soon..

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