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  1. SkuxxDelux

    Becoming A Member

    The Three Always Working Ways: When you use this, you will be member at the end First, try Way One: Be nice to them (or one of them)("them" = ur parents) and do some things in house like washing disues and such. Then say how awesome RS is and say membership is very cheap. If they say it aint cheap use this argument: "Other computer games cost up to $90. I play RS and only pay like $6. If that doesnt work, you should use Way Two: If you arent allready, become a really annoying lil phunk. Shoot lil rocks at the neighbours, tie some kid to a tree, paint ur kitching when ur parents are asleep, all that kind of stuff. They wont know what to do with you and then, when u leave the pchychiators house, say this: "He made me realise I do all these things because im bored. If I could play RS as a Member I wont be.". If they still dont agree, you will have to do something big like steal their car and drive it into some house. (All at own risc, im not responsible if anything bad happends to you or to anything else(like the wall of the house or the car)). If even THAT doesnt work, use Way Three: At night when you're parents are asleep or when they are away doing things, get the phone of the house. Use it to buy membership on RuneScape. They wont see it was runescape you called, they'll just see some 0900-342425423 number and wont know what it is. If they anyhow do findout, then you will be grounded but who cares; u got ur RS member acc to play! All at own risc Hope any of these methods was helpfull. SkuxxDelux
  2. SkuxxDelux

    Acient Magics

    Hi, I can use acient magics now and dont see why you can only change to normal / acient magics in the pyramid in the desert. I think jagex made it this way so acients will be a little more "rare", but then allready; not many people can or want to do the, for most people, hard desert treasure quest or have the magic level to do multi-target spells. Also, it requires a lot of expansif runes to fight using multi-target spells. It really annoys me to tele to the duel arena, go into the desert, fly to bedalin camp and walk to the pyramid to change my magics. The reason I also want normal magics is because many of the teleportation spells are usefull and the acient doesnt have those. But how to change it then? Maybe more altars around the world, or just make it so you're magic changes when you enquip the ancients staff. Or maybe something like a teletab (but then magic change tab) could do it, but jagex can make them hard to obtain and untradeble or expansif. Please reply what you think! SkuxxDelux
  3. Hi, I donated to this site and i'd like to tell everyone who is interested the reason(s): I used this site for all my quests and its really GREAT ! I tried some others but salmoneus is the best BY FAR ! Its really detailed and helpfull. I just completed Desert Treasure with this guide, which was easy (exept the last part in the pyramid with the traps...). Also, in this quest guide you also get to know the quest story, not just "Talk to him, then tele and talk to ...". And the added pictures are usefull and make it look nice. The maps are, espacially on DT quest, a BIG advance in the mazes. So, to everyone who is new to the website i'd like to say: Keep using it! Trust me, its the best BY FAR! And to all the people that helped Sal making this site: Thank you very much !!! And at last to Sal Himslelf: You're the best man! Greetings, SkuxxDelux

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