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  1. Drok definitly needs mentioning
  2. Celtic


    Been a long old time since I visited this place, anyway recently I have done two things: 1. Clearing out my harddrive, so I thought I would scoop all my c4ds together and put them online, theres 32 of them I think http://celticboy.deviantart.com/#/d46aefe 2. I got a new monitor so had to make a wallpaper of 1980*1020 resolution, made using one of the c4ds I made, Hope you like this too http://celticboy.deviantart.com/#/d46aekr Hope you like em
  3. Celtic

    Unofficial Official Starcraft Discussion

    Platinum league randomer reporting in, starting to main zerg as thats what all the cool kids do.
  4. Celtic


    Colours in both are bad and at the same time good, it confuses me. Make the red one less saturated and with a bit more blue on the face and it would be cool
  5. Celtic

    I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

    Our system is a bit different but I'm doing a joint honours in Physics and Maths so I guess its a pretty similar setup to your course, shizzle is so cash. G'luck and all that shizzle
  6. Celtic

    Recreating Sal's Worm.

    iirc Drolleke had something to do with hosting it, not sure though
  7. Celtic

    Literature Recommendation Thread

    Just had a quick glance through this thread DOOOO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, I really loved that book and you have reminded me how annoyed I was when I lost my copy at university. Going to have to get it again. How about giving Darren Shan's Demonata series a try? Or you can also opt for his Saga of Darren Shan series also known as the Cirque Du Freak series. I've read the latter in it's entirety and found the plot quite compelling. I used to love Darren Shan when I was a lot younger but the author dragged it out for too long and I lost interest. I found Grapes an interesting read, a page turner it aint but I found the short interlude chapters to be very well done and the best bits overall. A break from the heavy drawn out narrative. I am currently educating myself by working my way through the modern classics; Lolita followed by The Bell Jar.
  8. Celtic

    Starcraft 2

    Just ordered my copy off amazon, now I have to play the waiting game. Offtopic but Naota are you trolling with that sig o.0
  9. Celtic

    What Are You Reading?

    Just started reading Lolita by Nabukov, still figuring out what to make of it.
  10. Celtic

    Oldest Game You Have.

    Ever get past the jetski thingy level? Hell no, can't say me and my friend tried that hard though, we kept getting to that bit and getting frustrated
  11. Celtic

    PC Gaming Club

    If you want a new graphics card for cheap and low power draw definitly go for the 4670, I managed to get one into a 3 year old dell and it works fine with the psu. This is the one I got: http://www.scan.co.uk/Product.aspx?WebProd...;source=froogle Althought I think there might be a 1gb model that might be worth a look
  12. Celtic

    My Wallpaper

    Just made this as a wallpaper for my own desktop, was interested as to which one was better. I think the blur is a good idea but I kind of botched it Also should I make a pack out of c4d's like that, I have quite a few like it that I've made
  13. I was wondering that too but even if I account rather generously for exchange rate I'm still looking at a saving of £30 on the processor alone (comparing newegg price to overclockers), so overall maybe £100-150 saving I think? As for budget I want to get it somewhere around the 6-700 pound mark, the 2 bits that bobsama suggested plus the 930 and the ram works out as around 500 pounds. I don't need to get mouse/keyboard/monitor so just need a case, psu, HD and optical drive on top of the stuff already. If buying british turns out to be around the same price and I am just being a fool then I'll go for british
  14. Ok thanks, will probably pick both of those up instead. Really have my heart set on the 930.
  15. Hi, I'm looking to build a bangin new pc and as I am visiting my dad who lives in Canada soon I want to buy the parts over there (not all, just the expensive bits) to take advantage of the lower purchasing tax/cost of electronics. A few things I want to clear up first; 1. I dont see why they wouldnt be buy are parts from canada and britain fine together (I want to get the psu, HD and case in Britain and the GPU, CPU, Ram and mobo in Canada) 2. Will taking these potentially delicate parts in hold luggage be an issue Here are the parts I am looking at buying: Processor i7 930 Mobo I am less sure on, thinking of this cheapie gigabyte but if it makes move sense go for this bad mother For ram this should do the trick, 6 gees 'o corsair GPU I am really open for suggestions on, was going to plump for something like this 5770 but I dont really have my finger to the pulse on this matter So yeah is this all kosher? Thanks for any help and apologies if this post comes off as at all unintelligible.

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