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    I love dating, football, soccer, basketball, friends, and a little bit of Runescape. =]

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  1. Wc-Your-Logs

    The Biggest Achievement Of All!

    Now this is usually where I tell a lame Awesome story about how I got my level. But this is more epic then popcorn at the movies! (Wtf? -.-) Yup Thats Right, I am So better then you now! :-)
  2. Wc-Your-Logs

    4 Times The Average Number Of Levels

    I played Soul Wars. 1 Zeal for Losing Team, 3 Zeal for Winning Team. Must start at the beginning of game. -.-
  3. Wc-Your-Logs

    99 Strength

    gratz Edit: Gratz on 99 STRENGTH -.-
  4. Wc-Your-Logs

    4 Times The Average Number Of Levels

    How you like them apples? -.-
  5. Wc-Your-Logs

    1st 99 :p

    Yeah im lucky i made it to 99k rank LMAO. And No party only because cooking was lame. Woodcutting is my next 99 and THERE will be a party cuz its a trimmed cape -.-
  6. Wc-Your-Logs

    Ryan's Adventures! 95/99 Runecrafting. 9/9 Hp

    Nice 9 hp account :). *support -.- * Good luck on 99 RC and other skills after!
  7. Wc-Your-Logs

    1st 99 :p

    -.- Wc next for trim pl0x?
  8. Wc-Your-Logs

    W1z 2010 Log

    Dang haven't talked to you in a while. Gratz on Mod Status and Good luck on 99 Farming -.-
  9. Wc-Your-Logs

    Wc-your-logs 99 Cooking Party!

    *nvm delete topic*
  10. Wc-Your-Logs

    This Is The Drop

    *Adds support list and puts my name on top* Good luck -.- :)
  11. Wc-Your-Logs

    Don't You Wish Your Cooking Was High Like Mine?

    Lmao after that new Nomad quest came out, I can forget about getting quest cape at 97 combat =.=
  12. So you think you can get higher? I don't think so, because in 3-4 Hours, I'll be 99 cooking, and Monday im P2P again so that's when i get cape -.-
  13. Hi. I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment PC with VISTA Home Premium. I put in my skull candy headphones and i can hear everything, but when i take them out, i can't hear anything even if I change the volume. I tried the sound settings on control panel and still doesn't work. Any Help would be appreciated. ~Wc-Your-Logs -.-
  14. Wc-Your-Logs

    German Shmoe Smells!

    lmfao well i couldnt have done it cuz my mom screamin @ me to finish a project -.- What im suprised at is that it actually worked lmfao :) But it is prob the only time i will use.
  15. Wc-Your-Logs

    German Shmoe Smells!

    -.- 4 to go baby!

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