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  1. Jedediah

    Goldeneye 007

    Does anyone still even have/play this game still? It's for N64. I'd like to know how many people still have it and still play it. I've owned the game for maybe 4 years and still play it today . Also has anyone ever managed to do/try to use the Mupen 64K emulator to play online with other people? I know it's been done before.
  2. Jedediah

    Os Not Found?

    Thanks, yeah I did leave the disk in there. But when I shut it down manually and turned it on it went to windows as normal, the Disk was still in the driver. Is it because it followed the normal path to boot?
  3. Hey, on my laptop ( The one thats been shutting down randomly ) I recently installed some Software, one was a driver for my Video Camera ( It's installed in this computer, they are both XP and have adequate space ) as well as Yahoo messenger ( Can never have enough e-mails ). When I finished installing the Driver it said "You must restart for the changes to take effect, Restart now or later ? " so I chose later since I was watching Arby n the Chief (Wedding, you should check it out, fudgeing hilarious.. ). When that episode was done, I shut down my computer then pressed the power button to restart it, I was reading through the Camera manual and when I looked up at the screen it said the message " OS system not found " with a _ icon, I assumed it was for me to type in. At first I got in touch with the kid side in me and thought Oh my god, I can be like a hacker now! Then I went in a flashback with the game Enter the Matrix where you screw around with the cheats option ( It's basicly like a computer with a keyboard on the screen and you have to type in certain things to access something, like /dir was system directory and like that, sort of like commands for a normal computer ) but I did the natural thing and restarted the computer, everything went back to normal, it loaded up windows and logged me in. I even restarted it a second time to see if I could cause the error again to identify the problem, my question is that " Is this just a technical glitch that won't happen again or could this happen to be a serious problem down the road ? "
  4. Jedediah

    Goldeneye 007

    Nice, I used to play it on Project 64 also, shame you cant add your own gameshark cheats though, and that no one can crack the encryption on the sky I dont like the water/sky being black, lol EDIT: I still dont understand the damage system in goldeneye though, it took me 3 shots with the golden gun when I shot Ourumov's head to kill Ourumov, yet when I shot Trevelyan it took one shot :) I gave all the NPC's 1000 health. What was funny on the train though is that I gave everyone 1000 health, and at the hostage situation I took out my D5K Deutsche ( MP5 ) and shot Xenia, Trevelyan and Ourumov, the door shut and Ourumov recovered from doing the shot in leg motion, then shot Natalya twice, she was still alive and it said Objective B ( Escape the train with Natalya) failed because the objective system thinks she is dead, where she is still alive as she is not meant to survive a bullet taken from Ourumov. When the train blew up it finally said "Mission Failure: Natalya has been killed" . I was like WTF?
  5. Jedediah

    Goldeneye 007

    What system is it for? If it's Xbox 360 I might buy it.
  6. Jedediah

    Leaked Picture Of Sal's House

    Which country is that in?
  7. Hello, I am looking for a website that has online classes for C++ I'm also fine if it's a class where they mail you a book and you fill in the blank spots after reading through a certain amount of pages on C++ (Like one of those Food-Safe courses). I'm not picky I'm also interested if the site will offer Certificates for those who SUCCESSFULLY complete the classes, I went to the Super Glued Sticky Forum and clicked the C++ Tutorial links but I couldnt find anything related to certificates. I'd like a certificate so when I apply for a job or something I'd like the certificate as proof that I completed the class and didn't make a bunch of Bullcrap when applying
  8. Jedediah

    Online Classes?

    Thanks for the quick reply
  9. Jedediah

    Online Classes?

    Hello, does anyone know where I could learn the basics of computer programming such as C++ , JavaScript and Java? Perhaps PHP also. I'm interesting in learning these programming languages. I am 13 and live in Canada for informational purposes.
  10. Jedediah

    Today's The Day

    Well, today is the day, August 19. The day MicroSoft said my Power Supply and new camera will arrive, hopefully they wont screw me over again like they did a month ago. I already lost precious achievement gaining time already and school starts in about two weeks. Sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while, I was too busy on Habbo Hotel Canada, trying to get people to buy the furniture (Read through the terms and conditions, it didn't say I couldn't do that). So yeah, I don't have much to put on here today. But if my package doesn't arrive, hopefully I'll be able to get a free headset or what you have suggested in the polls (3 way tie so far)
  11. Jedediah

    My Xbox 360

    I have nothing really interesting to put on my blog today, so instead I'll just put up my story with MicroSoft Customer Services Department :s though I highly doubt that you all would really give a shizzle >_< I think some of us already know how crappy their service is. Well, I got off the phone with Microsoft. Apparently the last three Customer Service Agents didn't tell me I had to send in my old Power Brick to get the new one which I paid $99 CAD for. Back when I got from the Philippines around July 17 I called Microsoft, the first agent I called said "What you do is buy the Xbox 360 warranty for $99, then we will send you a new power supply for free and you will have a 1 Year Warranty for your Xbox 360", I said thanks and that was the end for that call. Two days later I called and I told the agent I wanted to buy the warranty so I could get my Power Brick, he said that the Warranty only covered the Xbox 360, not the power brick and the Power Brick is $89 which is roughly about $90. So I said I would buy it, he puts me on hold and about 15 minutes later after getting sick of Listening to the Halo 3 music with the Volume just going up and down the Billing Agent picks up, so I tell her the Credit Card info and she told me "Your power supply should be there in 10-12 business days". So, 12 Business days passed (Not counting Sundays) and I call again, this time some girl called Chloe picked up, I told her what was going on. She apologized and said to wait another 10-12 business days and if I still don't get it call us again and WE WILL talk to our supervisor about it, I was just thinking to myself "What the fudge? The customer should be talking to the Supervisor about it". Anyways I thank her for the information, then two days ago (I forget how many days have passed) I call, ask for a supervisor, the guy (an Australian this time) says I will be put on hold for 10 minutes. It was actually about 20-25 minutes, the music was fudgeing annoying, not even that Halo 3 stuff. So, eventually (Phone Timer was at 36 minutes) the supervisor picks up, I tell him my Reference number. He says that the package data was set to "Waiting" then he said "You have to send in your Xbox 360 Power Supply in order for us to send you a new one" (Once again, WTF? I paid for the fudgeing power brick that cost me 99 fudgeing dollars! Why the fudge should I have to send the old fudgeing one in when I paid for that fudgeing one as well?), I told him the last 3 people didn't tell me that so he apologized and said I wouldn't have to send my Power Supply in (Probably out of Sympathy.. or my Anger :s ), so now they are sending me the package for real, and I get a Free Xbox Live Vision Camera, if It doesn't arrive by the 19th of August they said to call again, hopefully I will be able to get a new Headset or a Xbox Live Gold Card thrown in to sweeten the deal if it doesn't arrive :o If it doesn't arrive and they won't give me the Gold Card or a Headset (Wasn't even available in the Compensation I was eligable for, just some stuff I need). What should I get if I am able to receive another item? - Project Gotham Racing 3 - Viva Pinata: Party Animals - Xbox Live Vision Camera - 64 MB Memory Unit - Wireless Controller - Rechargable Battery Pack - Universal Remote (Compatible with 360, TV and DVD Player) This was the list that the Supervisor gave me. So I am unsure if there are more options available.
  12. Jedediah

    How Do You Like Your Steak?

    I like my steak when it's bloody.
  13. Jedediah

    Fable 2 Achievements!

    I agree, sex is the work of satan and is no way natural. Erm.. if Sex is the work of Satan. Then because of Satan you are alive. So basically, you owe your life to him if your that kind of person that says "You saved my life, I am in your debt" . Satan didn't save you, he CREATED you based on what your saying. So yep, he created me too then. He must be like my.. 50th cousin Someone has a broken sarcasm detector. Yeah I admit, it's been broken for quite a while literally.
  14. Jedediah

    Fable 2 Achievements!

    I agree, sex is the work of satan and is no way natural. Erm.. if Sex is the work of Satan. Then because of Satan you are alive. So basically, you owe your life to him if your that kind of person that says "You saved my life, I am in your debt" . Satan didn't save you, he CREATED you based on what your saying. So yep, he created me too then. He must be like my.. 50th cousin
  15. Hello, I was wondering how to do a wipe of your computer. By wipe I don't mean make it an empty piece of hardware but "reset" it for instance, deleting all of my files (Administrator) as well as any other files and resort it to the original files that were on the system when I first booted it for the first time and went through the computer registration process. I ask this because I plan on sending my laptop to my relatives down in the Philippines and I don't want my crap on it. My parents said if I do that they'll get me a new PC with Windows Vista on it so I can play Halo 2 and get achievements.
  16. Jedediah


    Hi, I was wondering if this was a riddle Suppose you have a bunch of wooden beds, each weighing 200 pounds each, arranged in a pyramid. The base layer is 5 beds by 5 beds, the layer above is 4 beds by 4 beds, and so on until the top layer of one bed. They are arranged in such a way that each bed is resting on four beds below it, one leg on each bed. If the weight on each bed is always equally distributed to all four legs, and each bed leg can only support 200 pounds, how many pounds can you place on top of the topmost bed? - You have a bunch of beds weighing 200 pounds each - They are arranged in a pyramid - The base layer is 5 x 5 beds - The Layer above is 4 x 4 beds - The pattern continues until the top layer of one bed. - They are arranged in a way that each bed is resting on four beds below it - One leg is on each bed. - The weight on each bed was equally distributed to all four legs - Each bed leg can only support 200 pounds So, how many pounds can you put on top of the topmost bed?
  17. Jedediah

    Day Two

    Well, day two of the creation of my blog is here, assuming you count Midnight a new day instead of when you wake up at 5 AM and had your Coffee and are heading to work. Thinking of getting rid of my laptop and getting a new Desktop PC with Windows Vista so I can play Halo 2 and get some Achievements for my Gamertag Jedediah18. I had to do it the process of deleting all of my personal files manually, basically what I did was un-install some crap on my computer. Made a new administrator account, deleted my old. For some reason it transfered the files in My Documents as well as Desktop to the New Administrator even though I said no. It put everything in one folder and put it in Documents and Settings. But still, atleast I was able to finally delete that Swiftswitch install program that was putting Adware on my computer :s. Originally my Computer's free space was about 37%. Now I bumped it up to around 72% mainly by deleting my collection of South Park Episodes (About 2.7 Gigs) and Maplestory (1.5 Gigs). Had to re-install and Un-install some game programs such as Matrix: Path of Neo (Removed it because of a Riskware infection, 99/100 that it was spyware according to F-Secure, file name was MatrixW3S12.Bin or something like that) and The Matrix Online because the Add and Remove program wouldn't take it out as it couldn't find the file. Back then I prefered deleting the files myself just for the satisfaction that I have a huge recycle bin to make it seem like I was actually doing something. This Blog thing is actually pretty fun if I am doing it correctly, just posting some shizzle about what I've done lately allows me to memorize some other stuff so I don't have to keep the events of 1/8th of the day in my head.
  18. Jedediah

    How To Wipe Your Computer

    Thanks, my Father and I are going to look for the Re-Format disc (Disk) tomorrow and get to work on it.
  19. Jedediah

    Hi, Im New Here

    I hope you enjoy Sal's forum. I know I do :)
  20. Jedediah

    War In Iraq

    I think the first problem is that the war-related aid we gave them was for the most part under the table, and it was as commonly known that we helped them. The other problems is that introducing many weapons into a country, then simply letting it go, is not going to get you democracy. Most likely all of this weaponry, without any real control, is going to lead to the rise of warlords, and the eventual creation of a brutal regime. The Taliban was simply that regime. But why would the Taliban turn against us, who helped them fight again the Soviets? One flaw with you're theory--Afghanistan isn't very rich in oil. Apart from that, I seriously hope you get you're facts straight next time you post. If you were saying "In every war that we done, we have done Limited Junk" When World War II was started, The U.S. Did not wish to take part in the war as they did not want to loose any more money. But since Hitler was allied with Japan, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1943 (D-Day). While Hitler was focusing on taking over Europe and the concentration camps. After the U.S. Successfully won the battle with Japan after dropping the Atomic Bomb, they were shipping supplies and such to England so they could hold the Germans off as now the U.S. were participating in the war, because of the U.S. supplying England, England managed to survive. If the U.S. did not supply England, Hitler would have taken ALL of Europe and would be virtually unstoppable. Once again, you fail at history. WWII was started in 1939, but the US joined in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. D-Day was three years later, in 1944, when we invaded Normandy and took northern France from the Germans. And we dropped the atomic bombs on Japan in August and September of 1945-three months after the war in Europe was won. We also had been giving aid to the British from 1940 when FDR started realizing how big of a threat Hitler really was. Yes Finway, I admit u guys did great driving back the Soviets. U guys spent over 500 Million Dollars, matched by another 500 Million Dollars from the Saudis to back the glorious Mujaheddins. But, but I must remind u guys that u after u supplied the guys with 1 billion dollars worth of guns, u guys didn't even spent a single cent to rebuild the country! Also u guys failed to see wat type of freaks and loonies were starting to enter the country. Loonies with guns. Bad combination. U guys let go of the ball. The ball kept bouncing. The Taliban took that ball. The End. Sure we didn't give them aid, but did we have to? The only way we could have set up a democracy was by military action, but that could've led to a war similar to that in Iraq. Thanks for the history lesson :) We don't get history in my school on these kind of topics. Mainly on Mesopotamians and Egyptians so I have to resort to getting my facts from other people on RuneScape and other websites such as Google.
  21. Jedediah

    The Official Grand Theft Auto Iv Topic.

    I hope it will be released under "Games for Windows", then I can have the achievements for the 360 and PC!
  22. Jedediah

    Welcome To My Blog

    So, yeah. A few of you wanted me to get a blog. So here it is, this is my first Blog. I honestly don't know what the Hell I'm supposed to do on it, so I'll just give you a little information about myself to make it look like I know what I'm doing. My name is Jedediah, I live in British Columbia, Canada about 6 hours away from Vancouver. My Igloo is doing very fine, as well as my Oil Powered 42" HDTV :s I am somewhat of a gamer, I started playing Neopets because it was over 3 weeks since Microsoft said they would give me a new Power Brick for my 360 ( I kind of shoved 240 Volts of electricity into the last one >_< ). I have over 200,000 NP on it and I have been playing for 1-2 Weeks. I called Microsoft about the problem, they said I was supposed to send me old one in (I was like WTF?). I told him the last 3 people didn't tell me that so now I don't have to send mine in, my 360 Power Brick should be here on the 19th AND I get a free Xbox Live Vision Camera for free (I think it's valued at $39.99 at Blockbuster). Finally I will be able to get that achievement in Rainbow Six Vegas if I ever choose to rent that game again. Also, I am somewhat of a Completionist whore on video games. I'm a fan of the Machinima done by DigitalPh33r (DigitalPh33r.Blogspot.com) such as Arby 'n' the Chief and Deus Ex Machina as well as "It's a Wonderful Live". My Gamertag on Xbox Live is Jedediah18 as I am to damn lazy to think of a creative name. My Headset is broken, so if you want to play with me, just hope that I can hear what your saying through the speakers. When I get my Live Subscription online again I am up for playing some Halo 3 (I need to get 70 XP Anyways) as well as GTA IV. Maybe just maybe for COD 4. Even though my Gamertag doesn't say it, I also have the XBLA Game "Texas Hold 'em" the only reason I don't have the game record saved on my GT is because I never got all the achievements on my Original Gamertag. If you want to e-mail me about some stuff and I am not on Sal's RuneScape Forum, feel free to contact me . So, that's about it for right now I hope that will keep you happy until I decide how to work this thing and mess with the settings a bit. P.S. If ANYONE knows where I can get the game Dead Rising, or if anyone is willing to sell it to me for less than $30 CAD let me know, I seriously love that game.
  23. Jedediah

    Fable 2 Achievements!

    Fable 2 is realised now?! Sweet! I'm gonna go get it when my 360 Power Brick comes back with my FREE XBOX LIVE VISION CAMERA! Compensation FTW! I am a completionist whore. lol
  24. Jedediah


    I think I joined the Sal's Realm Region. My nation's name is Jedediah Phillips . I couldn't be bothered to put some imagination into it.
  25. Jedediah

    1400 Total

    Congratulations on the Levels and your new total!

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