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  1. Policered X

    Mah Second Fake :d

    OMG New runescape quests ! awesomw HERE IT IS ! mah second fake evar. done in about 10 minutes with paint. rate 1 to 10
  2. Policered X

    My First Fake. Find The 10 Fakes.

    OMG i pasted the image files location on the Host on ImageScack thig and i pressed host...i thought it would like come to my message-.- help plz ??
  3. My first ever fake 10 fakes to find here. Can you find them all ? Picture works now hopefully EDIT fakes found 12/12 :) i forgot a few.. there were actually 12 to find. The black colors of the public, and all that chat is just some glitch actually.

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