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  1. Prinz

    Wild child

    Wait this is me. If you figure out how to make it work, tell me, because so far just the gym doesn’t work (what I am trying)
  2. Prinz

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    Yes, everyone views her as a corrupt, establishment politician, and frequently point to Iraq, trade deals, and her speeches to Goldman Sachs. However, she is (luckily) leading in key battleground states, which I think is nice, because I infinitely prefer her to Trump.
  3. Prinz

    Overwatch: Anyone play?

    I play. In my opinion, it's a very fun game with friends, and I'm rather lucky that I have a lot who play, but a bit unfortunate that we're always a bit over 6, but not enough to make 12. My favorite hero is Tracer, and I'm really lucky that I got Sprinter from a summer games lootbox.
  4. Prinz

    Active Sals Members

    Going to try to post more. Although I think itma a bit weird because I quit RuneScape awhile back.
  5. Prinz

    2016 USA Presidential Election

    Been following this election pretty closely, even though I'm off voting by a bit. I truly don't understand all of the Hillary hate. I don't agree with everything she says (I actually prefer less immigration to the U.S.), but I think she's fine. I just dislike Trump because I don't think he is a very diplomatic candidate. I also don't mind the Hillary has been in politics for awhile. I think Obama touched on this - do you want the complete rooky leading you, or do you want the experienced person leading you? I don't think experience is unattractive.
  6. Prinz

    Another one of those updates

    GoT seems really interesting, but I hate getting wrapped up in something then waiting ages for a sequel, so I'm definitely holding off on GoT until everything has been revealed. It also makes spoilers really easy to avoid, because I don't know any of the characters. Just going to another country on one's own is a really rewarding thing to do, I'd highly recommend it. Good luck with going somewhere else. I come from the U.S., and honestly I think Europe is a much better place to travel, because America kind of requires a car, unless you go to a big city. I don't really post much, so sorry if this seems kind of out of the blue.
  7. Prinz

    So complicated

    I don't know about your major, but experiencing ANY new culture is fun and awesome. The hard thing about America, though, is if you don't live in the city, driving is hard, and the public transport isn't that great all the time. Otherwise, though, it conveys all the benefits of a modern country and the people are (most of the time) nice, so go ahead!
  8. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    If you've seen the recent 2016 changes, I think you'll like them a lot. This is why I exclusively play Team Builder. No arguing over lanes and roles and a certain amount of control over your team comp. That's hilarious. Who's going to replace them in time for worlds? Definitely not people from the challenger scene, and they can only import so many Koreans :P True, although I'm kind of sad TSM fans are seen a really salty - although, I imagine you'd seem something like those players everywhere (in normal sports as well). Hit Gold III, promos into gold II for the second time, IDK if I'll make it. Have been playing on based NA servers with 42 ping now (bless Riot), probably can't hit plat this season, but I'll prob go for it next season. Been duoing with IRL Friends, REALLY excited for the ranked Q's over 2 people - we have like 4 people all within Gold V - III, so it'll be hellla fun. Been playing AP Ekko mid, taking Azir/Kassadin whenever he's taken, Viktor if necessary.
  9. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    That's weird, I get S+ pretty commonly (as in whenever I pubstomp a normal, which isn't uncommon really), it's stopped being such a rare occurrence for me. I have had 2 accounts (well, 3 really) for awhile now, but only 2 which I play on. I've switched to maining Ekko now (AP Ekko mid I find really fun due to his ult :P), but I still play a bit of Azir on the side (whenever Ekko is picked or banned). Still working on the Shurima Shuffle or whatever it's called, but I think I'm getting it down? It's not easy, and it's pretty frustrating if I do say so myself, because I'm not sure if it's ping or something else. I got champion mastery 5 of Ekko on Prinz on NA, but I used to have an account called Prinz Charming also on NA (my smurf), but I transferred that account to LAN (now called "Prinz"). No habla espanol, but the 50 ping is pretty great. Anyway, I think LAN members are just in general worse than NA (like by rank - in Silver III, thornmail is a common build (AGAINST AP TEAMS MFW...) and 50cs< at 10 minutes is unheard of, really), although the first match I played, the warding was just in general a lot better (for the rank), but mechanically, NA>LAN. I also made an Ekko only account (once I get the 6300 IP) called, "Always Zaun Time".
  10. Prinz

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  11. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    If you have IRL friends who play, League is always pretty fun. So after switching my "main" champion more (to Azir), I think I've moved on past to Viktor...? I don't really think I main champions, really... I'm still trash at Riven, I really like Viktor and I feel like Sydra wouldn't be too bad, but I'm not really feeling her kit. I got back into Runescape, so I only play League with friends, I don't really solo Q much, and I'm mostly busy during the week, but hey, I still play.
  12. Prinz

    How to eat cheaply

    A friend of mine told me about a slow cooker - really efficient way to eat rice, beans (which are cheap on their own), and make it tasty. I think it's relatively expensive, though, esp. if we look at Ramen as the benchmark.
  13. How is it? What's new? I stopped around EOC, I get bonds - is it worth getting back to? Seems like RS3 is a huge RWT fest, now, with bonds being introduced.
  14. Prinz

    Coming Back to RS3?

    Pretty much the only thing that matters in rs3 is that you have the highest level weapons possible. Unlike pre eoc where weapons accounted for maybe 30-70% of your dps depending on style, now they are over 80% of your dps. A very flawed system, but gotta live with it. Therefore your first priority would be to acquire the best weapons you can (lv90 melee is about 40m, lv90 range/mage about 180m). Shields are not objectively bad, but they are simply not useful for the current metagame save for some very specific situations. The highest level shields are only worth 3m each. yeah, been quite a while :) Does Jagex buff/nerf things? Longsword vs. Rapier?
  15. Prinz

    Coming Back to RS3?

    Awesome, how is the state of the weaponry etc. going? I ask because when I played this game, the item I always wanted was a Divine. I asked on an RS Stream, though, and it seems like shields aren't really important anymore
  16. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    This is the only legitimate approach. 10/10, how to play League of Legends 101
  17. Prinz

    so yea

    Got good grades on my final :^)
  18. Prinz

    MOBA poll!

    I've played both League and Dota and I prefer League (maybe because I played it a lot more before I started Dota) mainly because of a couple things: In League, you have to try to CS a little bit, but not too much. In Dota, it's HARD to CS, which makes me sad. I want to concentrate on dueling my laner, not farming cs... I think it's too hard for no reason. I like the color scheme more. It's personal preference, but I like how in League I feel powerful and cool - I don't get that feeling in Dota. When I play champions in League, I feel AWESOME when I use my ult and destroy someone (just an example). In dota, I don't really get that feeling with anyone except Phoenix (so I like Phoenix in Dota). However, Dota is much more complex, there are a lot more small things, but, also what I like more about League is that they try to make everyone relatively equal. In Dota, the supports are basically just ward nice doggy!es, where as in League, supports do a lot more than just ward and cast abilities. It all comes down to personal preference, though.
  19. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    Haven't posted in Sals in awhile, but I've hit Gold IV. I main Yasuo/TF (mid lane) and I'm trying to get good at Riven because I got CS Riven. I also really like playing Viktor, but lol... I normally play 5s (ranked or norms) with IRL friends. So yeah, that's what I've been up to in League. My league username is Prinz now, don't think I'll change for awhile.
  20. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    Here's the thing: ever since they removed elo clamping, the ranked solo queue has been messed up from the get go, especially since the time of the rewards, a lot of elo-boosted accounts got to advance from a bronze/silver elo up to gold/plat. However, you should be honored to play against players that are 3-4 divisions higher than you, but it just goes to show you how low the elo of such players are even though their rank is high. Let's be honest, at least you've made it to Silver I, at the Silver III division (where I'm currently stuck at), I'm dealing with players new to ranked because a 5 out of 10 placement is placed at Silver 4 ( I believe 6 of 10 made it to Silver 2), so SIlver III is currently the Limbo of silver elo. Don't worry, I play with my plat friends so I'm accustomed to playing against higher elo players. Its actually more challenging anf fun then curb-stomping lower elos/mmrs. If you duo with them in ranked, then you're kinda skewing your play-style, especially if you jungle and normally play solo lanes. Like I main mid but I duo ranked with a plat II IRL friend and when I tried to mid I went 9/9/0, pretty trash. So I'd recommend solo queue. Also, Silver III isn't limbo. Dunno. That's not really true, just a lot of throws in silver. Don't know why you said if you lose early game you have a high chance of winning late, that's kinda dumb. As long as you haven't gotten the warning of demotion, you should be fine. The problem with the game is the sudden urge to keep changing the meta, and that no one knows how to play the newer/reworked champs. I feel as if Riot hates the concept of "OP" and keeps overworking to balance the game in order to make people play champs that are hardly used. If that's the case, then just update those champs, but leave the rest alone. I don't think it is justifiable for Riot to nerf one champion in order to make another stronger. Wait there is a warning for demotion? lol I have ridiculous mmr so i lose 10 a game then win 1 get 28. Played with another irl friend after winning 1 after promos (I'm gold V now #thedreamisalive), lost 3 in a row from 30 down to 0, then won 1 solo queue and got 28 lp. I'm a yasuo/zed main i think, and after fiora rework i might play her, i really like mobile melee ad
  21. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    Working on my promos currently 1:1 I hate the MMR BS... Solo queue I play with/against gold II/Gold I even a Plat V, when I'm in PROMOS to GOLD V like WTF???? But to be fair I lost 1 then duo'd with my friend in Silver V and just carried ezpz. One of my friends who got gold V did it sooo easily but his MMR was basically at gold V, so in his gold promos he went against GOLD V like wtf?? They should make promos against people of the tier you want to get into V mmr (so if I wanted to get into silver, NO MATTER WHAT MY MMR I should go against silver V players). Like wtfffffff
  22. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    Silver I promos on my main (Prinz, gonna namechange AGAIN (i think 4th) if i can snipe a specific name), been playing on smurf So True II, pretty fun, duoing with a friend in silver V playing champs im pretty bad at, so i normally do fine. Just like a little more tryhard normal draft on my main. Ranked, btw. Trying to get better at Yasuo, I used to do really well with him now i'm just going full retard for some reason... I also really like tf.
  23. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    Been playing with mostly mid golds (example of my games: http://gyazo.com/738e10e4afbcf88ad84f89380c9b76fe), that game I first timed Ryze top because vayne f'd us over, tried to swap fp for Yasuo who wanted Jinx. Jarvan got me 2 kills, got me snowballing, was 12/0/15 at the endgame. In series for gold, kinda disapointed that I didn't get gold right off that bat from that 4.1 patch thing, but hey, atleast I'm nearly there. Would've been in series the game before, but we had a maokai who afk'd. I'm kind of a god at Yasuo (jknotreally). I'd consider myself as Yasuo main, although I've said that about so many champs it's kind of ridiculous; but I would consider that I do play Yasuo in ranked 100% if I can.
  24. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    in a 5v5 you wait until cc is blown then you jump in/dive the support (if they're squishy ofc) for free resets. would recommend watching tiensinoakuma, diamond I kat main, he's a god (he got youtube vids and a twitch stream) currently 4-2 or summat, i'll see
  25. Prinz

    League Of Legends

    Decided to make a post cuz haven't made one in awhile. 2 Penta's, one a loss, one a win.. http://gyazo.com/77118285a92bb8136841566212b5e5a8 yasuo = the balance game is real, tyvm for freelo in provisionals... I buy ohmwreckers in norms when team is killing nexus btw, (got the idea from phreak who bought triforces when team won). Quick tip/comeback: Assassins don't ks. That's the purpose of an assassin. They sit back and wait to pick off really weakened champs. If you play assassin champs like Akali or Ahri, your job is to sit back and be the clean-up crew. Edit: And Im only missing 10 champs lol. Mostly the under/never used ones. oh and that's wrong, the only cleanup crew champs are kat and akali, and even then you still kinda dive in to kill the AD once a bit of cc has been blown. Ahri you just blow up the ADC, same with Zed, rengo, kha etc. etc. i'm missing 19 lel. hecarim nerf wut? they just matched the tooltip... plus they buffed his early, which was his problem really... yeah i'm hoping for gold from placements, i don't really wanna climb cuz i'm flat bad at this game, currently 4-2... by the way, you don't really seem like a riven main... ign is so true if you guys wanna add me.. gratz on gold aabid didnt get to say that before.. damn aiiight i swear you and ninfang must be super close cuz you guys basically play the same champs... i need to stop using ellipses

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