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  1. nezantra

    She Said "Yes"

  2. nezantra


    bigthink.com ted.com khanacademy.org wolframalpha.org How to beat highschool. <3
  3. nezantra


    fudge you :P
  4. nezantra

    Proud Of My Clan Tonight

  5. nezantra


    *doesn't wave* I'm going against society man...
  6. nezantra

    I Made Someone Quit :s

    But not because of a lure, in fact it was an anti lure of sorts. So one of my clan mates was screwing around at clan wars and a 138 in max mage, an Arcane, Bandos and Claws was insisting that Red Portal was safe and that he should "bring bandos and cash" in. Clan mate loled about this in the chat and instantly me and another guy were there with max mage. So I didn't want to waste my Zuriel's time so I got an Ancient staff and Mystic out and we went to mess with the 138. Spent a few minutes trying to get him into multi and after he wouldn't go for it I just started trolling him, popping out freezing him and going back. I tried to get him into multi once more but it didn't work. I ran back south and I saw him. I started barraging him and after the first 3 hits I realized that he had been disconnected. I kept going til he was dead and bam, Full Bandos, Claws, and max mage gear. :D He protected his Arcane. I sold the gear for about 71m and kept the runes. Later he diced the Arcane, lost, and promtly quit the game but not before revealing that his laptop was 6 years old and he had to restart it frequently. wtfareyoudoingwithmaxmageinredlol In other news, my next lure video is coming out soon!
  7. nezantra

    W T F

    Doing pengs minding my own business, disconnect suddenly, log back in, 2 day mute. I hadn't said anything in several minutes. >:D On the other hand Jagex is sexy again.
  8. nezantra

    What To Do

    Which ones should I use? I'm investing 40m each into 2 of them or 30m each into 3 of them... I'm thinking chins and dragon bones are good bets because I know for a fact that they are mostly collected by bots. I'm at a loss for the herbs, how much of the herbs entering the market are from Sorcerer's Garden bots? How many are from people doing quick herb runs? I don't know, which is making me shy away from them. Almost definitely not touching Frost Dragon Bones, they are already being hit by investors (bought mine for 30% above medium). I'm also fairly confident that gold and coal are good bets, LRC bots are rampant. Don't know about sharks, Rocktails fall under LRC bots but I'm not sure if sharks are a better option or not. Egghebrect... You should halp me <3
  9. nezantra


    Hah, hey Sals/Canting ^_^ I have left Canting as a "member" but I still visit frequently as a guest, the reasons for which will be explained in a bit <3 Anyway this is a bank/update post, have fun. Soooo! You may be wondering "Wow Nez! How on earth did your bank go from 15m to almost 100m in a few months?!?!?!" Well hypothetical reader it goes like this. One day I'm browsing around Youtube watching Runescape videos and I find a luring video. I watch it and the owner charges 15m to join his lure clan. I have 16m in items and cash. I say screw it, I'll do it. Well I pay up and the next week I have 6 hours during the weekend to kill. This is what happens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4a1kmqJOTQ...nel_video_title Yup. Then a kid ddosed me for all of that but then I made it back again lol. Anyway I know that a lot of Canters and Sals members have mixed feelings about luring so I defend myself with this: We are starting to target dicers, who I see as an advocate of RWTing and tbh, it's fantastic money. Anyhow, it's my decision and you can't do anything about it. ^^ Goals- Get full Void Equipment (need help with Conquest >_<)- 70+ Cape (got 60+ awhile ago <3), quest cape Maybe I should blog more frequently...
  10. nezantra

    Mouse Keys For Alching And Herb Cleaning

    It's perfectly legal Herty, watch ArbiterSpar's new mouse keys guide he explains it well.
  11. nezantra

    Runescape Keeps Crashing!

    Merch... let me build you a computer.
  12. nezantra

    Level 99 Carpet Removal.

    Cape is sold by me for a mere 10,000 USD.
  13. nezantra

    Irl Meet Up Today/tomorrow

    Someday I'm going to visit Europe again and arrive on your doorstep holding a huge godsword.
  14. nezantra


    What is this i don't even
  15. nezantra

    Iphone Love

    Apple in general is a horrible company ^^

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