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  1. Chaoss


    what served as the inspiration for 6 i r t h y?
  2. Lol that's hilarious that this auto posted.
  3. Irvin Yalom said "Some day soon, perhaps in forty years, there will be no one alive who has ever known me. That's when I will be truly dead - when I exist in no one's memory." We should raise money to etch a titanium plaque saying "SAL'S REALM OF RUNESCAPE" and send it out with the next space mission to drift away in eternity forever. Some day, maybe in a couple billion years, it may be found and translated by an alien species, and then we'll all survive again for some time longer.
  4. Excited for this. About 13+ years in the making. Took the author's class in undergrad and he told us back then that he was working on this series. Cool to finally see a trailer.
  5. Chaoss

    99 Hunter

    Dope, congrats!
  6. Holy smokes, I'm glad someone found them. Nice job! Brings me wayyyyyy back.
  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this topic
  8. happy birthday!!

  9. I renew a couple times a year, and it's usually OSRS that sucks me in. Just too much has changed in in RS3 for me to be captivated by it, and my old achievements feel devalued when I open 2 free keys and get 200k exp for doing nothing.
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