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  1. Opt-in PvP sounds like the type of Wilderness I would like. I never was in it much in RS3, but I spent a good bit of time in it in OSRS. I don't know if RS3 balances the Wilderness as high risk/high reward like OSRS does, but I'd imagine any "Wilderness bosses" or activities in RS3 would need to be rebalanced if the threat of PvP was eliminated. Interested to see if this has any impact on OSRS. That game just had a huge PvP poll fail yesterday.
  2. Chaoss


    History of Rome is a great podcast, he's done a couple good ones and wrote a book about Lafayette which is on my to-read shelf. Besides that I listen to a couple astronomy podcasts and Wheel of Time podcasts.
  3. Chaoss

    Sal's Guestbook v2.0

    "I can't believe you framed this. Love, Chaoss" It should be two lines, you choose where to split, color to be gold and sparkly, solid fill, medium font, 10 degree tilt with the right side lower, in the top right corner. I really can't believe you framed the other one, that's awesome
  4. Chaoss

    Mark Your Calendars

    I'm the only fool who actually put it in my calendar.
  5. Chaoss

    Mark Your Calendars

    It's the 17th. Time to hit refresh every 5 minutes!
  6. Chaoss

    Fansite Questions

    It's a great question. I see where it's leading, but I agree with Yuan, I think the era of forums has long since passed and there is no going back. That might sound defeatist until we look at why forums were replaced in the first place. One of the big reasons reddit is so popular is because it entirely changes how to carry a conversation with other members. You don't have to sift through heaps of comments to follow a thread. In a forum, if someone brings up an interesting point, others will quote that comment and continue the conversation down the thread chain. In a smaller community this isn't an issue, but if you're starting a side conversation in a main topic you're going to have other people commenting as well which is going to break up established quote chains. It gets hard to follow. On reddit, you don't have any issue with this. Spam/low quality/off topic posts simply don't gain visibility. If someone is trolling your conversation thread it just gets hidden a couple minutes later by a slew of downvotes. This way, you can carry on a conversation with multiple people in a singular thread and not have to search 5-6 pages to see everyone's responses. Forums are also not optimized for speed. If you wanted to browse other players' achievements in the olden days you'd go to Forums>The Screenshot Place>Achievements and only then would you be able to browse posts on this topic (which adds additional clicks to open the post and open the images if they're not embedded). It's nice and organized, but it's not quick. And you can argue it's too specialized. People like variety, so if they get tired of seeing posts about hitting 99s and want to hear about the latest RS update, now they have to start again at the main forum menu and find where that post might be hidden. Reddit fixes all of that, and the posts you see are arguably more interesting to you, because they've been upvoted by others who vetted them and found them interesting first. When clicking a topic in a forum you don't know what you're going to get, so sometimes you sift through dozens of low-effort posts before you find a topic you'd like to participate in. So, for content, reddit is vastly superior to any community forum. And for discussion, I agree with Yuan above. Discord is just quicker. People like things quick. Instant messaging on Discord will always beat slow posts on a forum. There's a reason people prefer messenger, WhatsApp, etc over standard SMS texts. Texts are no longer as quick as the other options, so they're becoming obsolete in today's youth. (Which sounds ridiculous to say, since I always thought texts were incredibly fast, but that's the way of the world).
  7. Chaoss

    Runescape is no more

    Don't understand. RS is thriving, and I'm having a blast playing it.
  8. Chaoss

    Level 120 Farming

  9. Chaoss

    Thoughts on Monarchies in the 21st Century?

    Tell that to Americans. Feel you on the rest.
  10. Chaoss

    Thoughts on Monarchies in the 21st Century?

    I speak from a limited viewpoint on English politics, but I live in and area of the US that has a large portion of Brits living here temporarily. When the topic of royalty or politics comes up, there seems to be near unanimous approval of the Queen and fairly split approval of any other partisan political figure. I'm not saying individual politicians are not hardworking, I'm saying it must be nice to have a head of state that isn't villainized because of party lines. Not seeing how I'm being contradictory. I'm definitely not trying to be inspiring lol. I'd never enjoy a United States under monarchial rule - even if it was only in name only.
  11. Chaoss

    Thoughts on Monarchies in the 21st Century?

    I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone in support of monarchies, even if you asked this question 100 years ago. Most modern monarchies have held only the most tenuous of grasps on their titles ever since the late 18th and early 19th centuries, with the exception of Japan until the mid 20th century. In fact, I'd wager that most of the people of the world through the history of kingdoms and empires didn't really hold much stock in their rulers. Fear and force would keep people in line. Maybe shame and religion too. But I feel the era of mass media made people realize how unimportant royal families truly are, and that's why we saw a large collapse of monarchies in the 1800s to be replaced by parliamentary systems, constitutional governments, and other elected forms of rule. That said, I personally, I think the title of King or Queen or Emperor can have an extremely powerful role in maintaining a national identity. From my limited knowledge of various kings and queens (and reinforced by what Yuanrang said above), an apolitical figurehead of a country would be able to unite an otherwise split populace. For example, from this outsiders view, in England you either love or hate Boris Johnson. But, God save the Queen. As an American, it would be kind of nice to have a neutral third party that everyone can look up to. I know my viewpoint isn't what you asked for, but I figured I'd share anyway.
  12. Chaoss

    #20 Ranged but actually Agility

    Nice one!!!
  13. Chaoss

    The last person to post here wins

    Will update you in.... a couple years. Once I finish book 3 I have a long line of others to get back to. These have been my first real fantasy books since I was a kid, so it's a nice deviation from my standard reading fare.

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