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  1. Chaoss


    I forgot about those April fools jokes! Good call, those are some of my favorite memories here.
  2. Chaoss

    Server migration! (Complete!)

    Not letting me post in the scape lounge!
  3. Chaoss


    Not gonna lie, I like the emotes so much I saved all of them a few years back so I could use them in other chats. Especially rock band.
  4. Chaoss

    Hello, everyone!

    Howdy Milligan, welcome to Sals!
  5. Chaoss

    Server migration! (Complete!)

    Woohoo! Worried Sal's was lost for a minute there :)
  6. Just hangin' out, haven't played the scapes in quite some time now!
  7. Chaoss

    Forums appearing intermittently offline

    Haven't noticed any problems here!
  8. Chaoss

    1 Billion Cooking Exp btw

    Congratulations on your friendship with Zezima!!!!!!! And nice job on 1b cooking xp I guess
  9. Chaoss

    Zybez forums closing

    Wow. Sad to see them go that was one of the big ones too.
  10. Yo! What happened to Cool Menuce and Ryder Menuce?
  11. This is actually quite a nice perk.. might have to give it a spin, I haven't been on the scapes in a little bit over a year now.
  12. No doubt about it, While Guthix Sleeps was my favorite quest in all. The Majarrat and Penguin quest lines were probably my favorite in all. 2 other favorites: Royal Trouble and Throne of Miscellania.
  13. Chaoss


    Everytime I open the RuneScape homepage now it's in Brazilian and I have to change it back. So I agree that's where they lost me too.
  14. Chaoss

    Random Fun Memories

    Just faking in general was the reason I joined here. Lots of fun to fake with the gang.. I always wanted to get a cake award from Easl. I want to say I remember getting one but that might be my memory lying to me haha. I remember someone on another site ripped off the Bunny Kit and was charging people for avatars until someone here caught wind of it. That was an interesting couple of days.
  15. Chaoss

    Month Ahead - April

    Finally! That's actually welcome news.

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