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  1. How much does it cost to keep this site running?

    1. Sobend


      Are you volunteering to pay? ;)

    2. Chaoss


      Might as well lol, I'm partially responsible for this hole in Sals' pocket for the last 13 years. 

  2. Chaoss

    i am back

    Didn't you make Ambo's forums back in the day? I think I was part of it lol
  3. He's had the phat for a while, it's my turn. I take the phat. My phat
  4. Chaoss

    Quick Chat Topic

    My Attack level is 99.
  5. Chaoss

    Quick Chat Topic

    My Attack level is 98.
  6. Chaoss

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  7. Chaoss

    Anyone still here?

    Add me on OSRS - Mix-a-lot. Been playing a ton this past month
  8. Frankly it seems like a hot spot for RWT. Nothing beneficial comes out of the Duel Arena these days...
  9. Chaoss

    A Grand New Fake...

    Hoooollyy moly. Love it - thanks for the link! Found my old fake award I used to give out on there!
  10. Chaoss

    This was a good place to grow up :)

    Welcome back to Sal's! I think I remember Ubermorph - but I'm not great with names either :)
  11. Chaoss

    99 Archaeology!!!!!1

    Hey congrats! (I didn't even know this skill existed until now!)
  12. Chaoss


    Hmm. I like this. Thinking sort of off the cuff, maybe I'd break it down into intentional manipulation and inadvertent manipulation. Or perhaps influence is the better term to use for unconscious manipulation as you outlined above. You are 100% correct in saying that we manipulate every aspect of our lives, and it quite honestly has to exist in all of us, or else nothing would get done and people wouldn't be interested in bettering themselves or others. But I disagree that the idea of manipulation is considered horrible. There are many positive aspects of manipulation (which again, I'd prefer to call influence) and I think they outweigh the bad. Maybe the term itself gets a bad rap, but I think you'd be very hard pressed to find someone who didn't honestly think there was a good side to manipulation. Of course, out of the two types, the intentional manipulation gets the most attention, because emotional and verbal manipulation are the types with the most unwelcome outcomes. To expand on the inadvertent manipulation, I think this is an unconscious effort and therefore shouldn't be maligned. Unless intentional, most of our manipulation to others is likely out of a sense of caution, protection, or love. When raising children, you could nicely characterize all your rules and lessons as a form of manipulation. But they are there to produce a better adult in the future. You basically said as such in your post, I'm just agreeing with it. To answer your final question, I find manipulation to be far more right than wrong. It's the driving force that creates a better future by influencing your lot in life today. What crosses the line is the nit-picky and intentional manipulation where you're after someone for your own personal gain over the gain of society or others. Especially when that manipulation necessitates putting down others, that's when it crosses the line.
  13. Chaoss


    Welcome back! Good to see you
  14. Chaoss

    Global Epidemic and Your Growing Body

    I wear a mask to work (healthcare setting, very sterile) and when I walk into stores. But if I'm going on a run or walking around town I do not wear one.
  15. Chaoss


    Well howdy!
  16. Good points. I'd like to share my opinions on each of your questions. 1. I think monopolies are a natural phenomenon throughout history so no, I do not think they will ever stop. I do think that in a modern age monopolies pose a much larger threat than they used to. Back in biblical days a monopoly most likely concerned a single man cornering the village market on something like wool, but now it's much larger than that. Now we basically turn to a handful of companies for all our daily needs is a little strange and unsettling to say the least. Look at Johnson & Johnson, or Proctor & Gamble, or PepsiCo. Most of the consumables in my house come from one of these big conglomerates. 2. That said, I don't think mom and pops will ever go away for good. People crave community and uniqueness and are willing to pay a premium to be a part of it. There's also a general understanding that working with smaller companies comes with better customer service and a better relationship. That's why I prefer to bank with a local bank, or choose a car insurance through a small regional provider. Large national chain rates are amazing, but I'm willing to shell out a couple hundred more a year for the safety of mind that comes with a physical location around the corner from me. It just feels better that I know my local insurance rep, and he knows me too. Same with my bank. I could earn a couple points higher interest if I banked solely online, but I like being able to visit and sit down with a banker if I need to. I think many people feel that same way. 3. New companies definitely have a harder time starting up because of bottle-necking. I guess franchising is a good option, but then you look like you're just part of the system. In the news lately we see people burning down buildings, and third parties will say "well, CompanyX is a huge national company, they can afford to have a location destroyed" when in actuality it might have been a franchise that has no cash reserves to reopen. You're also a little isolated from the community when you franchise. It goes from "Bob's Sandwiches" to "Subway". In the same vein, I'd rather go to my local jewelers than Kay's, even though they're both owned by small business owners in my community. 4. I think people are sick of the current system, but I'm not far sighted enough to see what the next step is. Nor are enough people versed well enough in history to see that, despite its flaws, the current system is the best yet derived. A lot of people in my generation want a complete overhaul of the economic system as if that would be the proper solution, but I'm not for it. For the US, maybe if the antitrust laws were tightened we would see less monopolizing of the markets, but I'm sure there would be loopholes around it. I'm not sure what the UK has in terms of trust busting and the like, but it seems to have worked in the past, maybe it's time to revisit it and make the rules more stringent.
  17. Chaoss

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Dani's first post in, what, an eternity?
  18. Chaoss

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Hey Flames! I haven't played the scapes in years. I had a bunch of 99s and a lot of wealth on RS3 by the time Old School came out, which I ended up liking more, but starting from scratch just seemed like too much work. I don't have time to grind these days... one of the only reasons I had 99's in RS3 was because it became "EasyScape". I miss it though. I basically play video games one night a week with my buds from home as a way to keep in contact since I moved to another state. We mostly play CS:GO, and we've been stuck at Silver 1-2 for the past 5 years. Recently my fiancee and I got a Switch and I've been playing the hell out of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Amazing game... if my work hours weren't reduced due to coronavirus I'd probably lose sleep over it.
  19. Chaoss

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    Sup Micael, been a while
  20. Chaoss

    a fun thought experiment

    Once the liquid stops... I guess you could theoretically "ring out" the fibers of the cloth itself. As in, put so much torque on it that the threads will literally fall off as dust. Then yeah, you'd be wringing a dry towel.
  21. Chaoss

    business is booming

    Well I'll be a monkey's....
  22. Chaoss

    talk of empire in the west

  23. Chaoss

    business is booming

    To all returning members, please stay 6 posts away from my posts.
  24. Chaoss


    If chlorine didn't exist I would have unknowingly consumed gallons of other peoples' sweat, skin debris, body fluids, and Guthix knows what else in the swimming pools of the world. Well I guess I have ingested it anyway, but at least with chlorine it's "clean!" Flourine is just a fancy way to allow realtors increase the value of a home if it's connected to a water treatment plant. Ain't done nothin for me.

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