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  1. letsfoldsoup

    Bronze Dragons

    Thanks guys, I actually made quite a bit of profit by getting dragon legs. It's the first time I've gotten a dragon drop.
  2. letsfoldsoup

    Bronze Dragons

    Hi, Letsfoldsoup here. I often get Bronze Dragons for a slayer assignment and I don't know what's the best way to kill them. This time I got 53 bronze dragons, which seems to me like a huge amount to kill. The Runescape wiki says they are weak to magic, but I found otherwise. It takes me about 50-70 fire bolts to kill one, with chaos gauntlets. I'm using full mystic with anti-dragon shield and antifire poitions. I could of course skip the quest but that would mean missing out on a bunch of slayer points.. My stats: 76 attack, 80 strength, 71 ranged, 69 magic, 77 hitpoints, 55 prayer, 70 defence. edit: Oh and I'm killing them in the chaos tunnels because it's too much of a walk into Brimhaven dungeon.
  3. letsfoldsoup

    No Randoms While Gravestone's Collapsing?

    Erm.. I don't see how you can abuse this. Dying still has the risk that you won't be able to get there in time, or your computer might lag out. I wouldn't risk more than 100k on the idea of dying intentionally.
  4. letsfoldsoup

    Glitchy Topic

    Her head's missing. =O
  5. Rule 12 states that trading in-game items or services for real-life money is against the rules. Rule 8 states that trading directly between your characters is against the rules. Therefore, If I use drop trading to trade the maximum trade limit of 10k to another character, or if I give the money to a friend who gives it back -- could I get banned for either of the rules? If I do it and nobody reports me, can I still get banned? If I transfer money every 15 minutes, will some bot report me?
  6. letsfoldsoup

    Farmer Payments

    With farmer payments, say you want to pay the farmer a sack of potatoes to look after your crops. Does the sack have to be completely full in order to be used as payment? Or can you have it half full? Or can you have one potato in the sack and still able to be used as payment?
  7. How about the pink skirt glitch? I think that one was back in 2003 xD
  8. letsfoldsoup

    Ring Of Life?

    But doesn't gravestones disappear when you log out? 95% of my deaths (non-minigame) are from lag, I only remember once in the last few months (when I got killed by a revenant while not lagging).
  9. letsfoldsoup

    Ring Of Life?

    Yes it is but you still mail it to Virginia, US. Cash through the mail. Only way parents won't notice.
  10. letsfoldsoup

    Ring Of Life?

    K I think I'll get a few of these when the mail gets to Virginia =P.. man.. wish these mailmen would be faster
  11. letsfoldsoup

    Ring Of Life?

    Hi. A few days ago, I was training at lessers with my set of rune(g), and I lagged. I was at almost full health (about 60/71). When I came back I found I had was only at 6 health. I could have easily died, and lost the helmet. So I ate a few lobs and thanked guthix for my luck. I could kill a little more than 1 lesser for every lob I ate, so I must've killed maybe 7 demons in the time i was offline. After this encounter I decided to wear a normal rune helmet in place of the rune(g) helm. This way, if I died I would only lose the weapon and the helmet and protect the legs, body, and shield. I'm going to be member in a few days, so I'm wondering if the Ring of Life works when you're lagging. I think I'll be fighting a lot of green dragons so if my health ever drops below 7, I'll be teleported away. I lose connection about once every hour or so. If I'm going to fight with uber-expensive equips, I have to be sure all I worked for isn't going to be lost in one lag. So is the ring of life good for me? Is it worth the ring slot? Thx.
  12. letsfoldsoup

    Worst Type Of Scam

    Nope. If you just press Alt-F4 while playing the game, nothing will happen. You have to click on the black space around it so the focus is not on the game. Then if you press Alt-F4 or Ctrl-W the game exits.
  13. letsfoldsoup

    Top Programming Languages

    What'd you mean by object-oriented trash? That's the reason I use C++ more than C. Makes stuff a lot easier. Although declaring a class and a static main method for every java program gets annoying.
  14. letsfoldsoup

    99 Smithing?

    Why not go to the place with a hundred gold ores with a couple hundred (or thousand) nature runes, a fire staff, a pickaxe, and the goldsmith gloves? Then you just mine the gold, superheat it getting a lot of exp, then drop the gold bars. So then you get mining, smiting, and mage exp at the same time at a decent rate. And you get to save some money.

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