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    Oh hey look, I found a thing. Imagine that.
  2. Wolfhe

    I've used up a display name change token.

    Should've done what I did and just incorporate the familiar bit of your old name into a new one. Whitewolf127 -> Wolfhe (or Wolfshe if you're Zach) -> SaboWolf ;D
  3. Wolfhe

    What To Say...

    Wait I think I found the entry. Apologies accepted. :P Now we play BF3 some moar??
  4. Wolfhe

    [email protected]

    I get distracted by Battlefield 3 / Every other cool game that came out during the holiday season and look what happens. They change the forums on me. D: My blog looks all funneh now. *shrugs* Back to flying jets I s'pose. I'll pop back sometime in the next few months. PS - AquarianPixi, send me another friend request. EDIT - Tanya, sowweh I keep disappearing. :3 poke me on fb or something until I respond. I'm slow.
  5. Wolfhe

    [email protected]

    Which entry? :3 I'm kinda totally lost on Sal's now. It's sad.
  6. Wolfhe


    I can finally get back on Sal's. Wonder what happened... the site wouldn't load at all for a while there. =3
  7. Wolfhe

    Hate Vanstrom Klause; Love My Friends

    To be fair I didn't beat him the first go 'round; it was the second. I didn't realize you were playing on higher level graphics settings or I would've told you to lower those first off. Most of the time they only confuse boss fights and make you lag, at least for me. Glad to know you haven't given up yet, though! You'll get him next time!
  8. Wolfhe

    Skyrim > Blog

    So... Never. ;D
  9. Wolfhe

    Invisible Evil Tree

    Who, what, when, where, why, and how for 99 farming plans next week pl0x. <3
  10. Wolfhe


    I direct you to the video of the week.
  11. Wolfhe


    Video games make writing a lot more difficult. I'll keep this in mind next year. :)
  12. Wolfhe

    Midnight Warnings

    First off: Battlefield comes out at 12:01 AM tonight. I can't wait that long. @[email protected] Someone please move the clock ahead a few hours. Please? I'm looking at you, divine beings! Second off, here's a warning to all viewers of my blog. I think I'm fairly safe in assuming that if you're reading this, you're used to ye olde Walls o' Text. If you aren't... boy are you in for a surprise. ;D National Novel Writing Month takes place in the month of November. The gist of it is this: participants write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. No editing, no perfect formatting; just 50,000 words. Guess what? I want to participate. ;D During the month of November, I will make a post every day consisting of approximately 1,667 words. Probably in this blog. I'll put the WOTs in a spoiler, at the bottom of the post when applicable. No worries, really. Just know that they will be there. I don't know what else to do with them. You can read them if you want; if not, I can't make you. If I knew how to do that I could sell the secret to teachers around the world and make millions! Oh well. ;_; That being said, everything else will be the same as normal. Tomorrow is dual Slayer/BF3 day. Now if only October would go away... ;D
  13. Wolfhe

    Parallel Parking

    *goes off to Kongregate* Who else is going to the midnight release of Battlefield 3? Anyone? =P
  14. Wolfhe

    Comfort Food

    Guild's logged out of Runescape for the final time yesterday. I remember doing that, once. Maybe twice. I find I'm not that good at committing to stay away from my friends. Guild's not doing that, though; he's just taking other avenues to talk to us. It still makes me kind of sad, though, because change is hard, even when it doesn't make that big of a difference in the long run. Anyways, I wish him luck. I know I can't stay away from Runescape for more than a few months. Wonder how he'll do. :P On a similar note, I've been going through a lot lately. College looms imminently (though it should have been here much sooner... long story.), school is still a hassle, and I'm still dealing with medical issues. Some of those I'll continue to deal with until the day I die, and others I'm slowly ridding myself of. Taking a second to read that back over I sound like a drug addict. <_< Trust me, I'm not. Just a lonely diabetic teenager, that's me. ;) Anyways, I said I was ridding myself of unwanted medical problems. The best way to do that is to do the things you love to do. I like to try new things. I don't do it often enough. It's not easy, but it's usually worth it. I find that one of the best ways to try new things, at least for me, is to cook. Now, I don't go around making dinner for my whole family every night and running the grocery list or anything, but every now and then I get a craving for something new. Or maybe something old. Maybe I just get a craving to cook. Why not? Doesn't seem any stranger than craving salty/sweet foods, if I think about it. Right, so last weekend I was watching tv with my mom. It was just on something random, food network or something. Some show called 'The Chew'. Pretty sure it's a parody of 'The View'. It was actually pretty entertaining. One of the recipes they made that day was beef bourguignon, taking a page from the original tv chef Julia Child. Pretty sure they showed some clips of her, too. Either way, it looked deilcious, especially since I love beef stew. It's one of my favorite foods. Anywho, I found the recipe the show used on their website, sent my mom to the grocery store this morning and, while my sister was getting her senior pictures taken, spent a few hours making a huge mess out of the kitchen and simultaneously making the house smell amazing. Pro tip: deglazing a pan with half a bottle of red wine is awesome. The beef bourguignon was amazing, by the way. Best thing I've ever cooked, I think. Not that I really cook all that much. More than some, less than others. The best part was that everyone else liked it, too. Even a family friend who stopped by to drop something off commented on how wonderful it smelled. Made me feel good, for sure. God knows I'm making that again soon, though I'll have to get my parents to buy some more red wine. Damn fun to cook with, wine is. ;D So I guess where I was going with this was the fact that to me, Runescape can be kinda like cooking. I really enjoy doing it, but I don't want to do it all the time or it won't be special anymore. When I logged out for the "final time" the first time, I had burned myself out of the game from playing it too much. I think it happens to everyone. The best part, though, is that, like cooking, Runescape is always there for you to go back to when you need it. It's kinda like making comfort food. Saying that, I'll save some beef bourguignon for you, Guild. Oh, and see you on Xbox. ;D
  15. Wolfhe

    Comfort Food

    You got the whole theme of the entry, buddy. :P I'll see you tomorrow then. PS - French foods are always hard to spell. Guess they were compensating for always surrendering in wars. ;D
  16. Wolfhe


    Seems suspicious.
  17. Wolfhe

    La Fine

    See you on Xbox. ;D More seriously though, I knew you from the first part with Zach and Kayla. >( Y I no get in story section? More more seriously (egads, the lapse in grammar!), I love this game. It's how I've met many of my best friends, and it has a special place in my heart; flaws and all. I'm sure you feel the same. I look forward to watching you be stuck in the lobby when cool updates come out. ;D
  18. Wolfhe

    Beyond Good And Evil

    YES THIS. >(
  19. Wolfhe

    Beyond Good And Evil

    No idea on the book front, but we need to do some Dungeoneering. *hint hint wink wink* ;D On the other hand... If you want a good book to read, pick up The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I really, really liked the book and it's the first of a trilogy... but the third book isn't out quite yet. Well worth reading. <3
  20. Wolfhe

    On A Red Horse

    I inspired your wallpaper! :o In other news, it's really not that bad to not like Zelda... which I'm only saying because I'm not really a fan of Final Fantasy. ;D One thing though: I think that health bars and hearts are really the same thing. EDIT: I tried to type out my reasoning for the health bar v. hearts thing but it sounded weird when I read it so instead you get this little blurb about me not being able to explain my explanation because I didn't use it to explain the topic. ;D Maybe later. When I can make sense.
  21. Wolfhe

    Dear Tazz From Milton Keynes...

    Note to self: Never, ever, mess with Merch. You scare me.
  22. Wolfhe

    Charming, I'm Sure.

    Had a bout of Needtosummon today. Now my bank has only one of each charm type... except my pile of blues, which still has 350ish charms. Guess I should go get some obisidian charms and makes golems now... =3 Anywho, pictures! Oh, and here's this random guy I saw at glacors the other day. I feel poor. ^_^ ;D
  23. Wolfhe

    Skyrim Achivements

    With Friends Like These... *Joins the Dark Brotherhood* Then, I can be... One With the Shadows *Returns Thieve's Guild to Former Glory*
  24. Wolfhe

    First Proper Canting Away Chronicle Is Out

    *Adds pictures to future entries *

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