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  1. 0/1 <- Be happy with that. >.< Its a simple MS Paintjob.
  2. Pingu Beast

    The Ankou Skin

    I kinda like it. 8,5/10
  3. Hi, I know its not allowed to post questions about quest help but it was rather unclear if you need 55agility 30carfting and 80woodcutting to pass this quest cause Im getting stuck in room 2 and I can pass. I need some help and urgent.
  4. Pingu Beast

    Christmas Event & Falador Diary

    Where is the Xmas Quest Myths of White Lands?
  5. Pingu Beast

    My First Fake!

    Just text out of place but then.. lovely!! You should add the chatbar too. BTW... 9/10
  6. Pingu Beast

    Rune Tunes - 100th Fake? *updated*

    10% sorry... I mean 100% of gr8 faking well done - 0.0 for fake
  7. Pingu Beast


    Far too wrong.. 0.01/10
  8. Pingu Beast

    My 3rd Fake!

    I have fixed something up.. http://img355.imageshack.us/img355/9927/runescapefake2lf5.png
  9. Pingu Beast

    Selling 210 Soft Clay!

    For Sals only Im reducing -2k off the highest price!! That means 36k!! PM message me or MSN me - MSN = [email protected] I need these fast!! COme as soon as possible and come at World 5 G.E!
  10. Pingu Beast

    The Runescape Jedi Halloween Extravaganza

    I like it... May come..
  11. Pingu Beast

    Ankous Endangered

    I like it.. 9,9/10
  12. Pingu Beast

    Full Dragon (g)

    WTF??? I aint no ripper. I just got a friend's account picture who now is currently hacked. Not by me. I can tell you name and check him up. Farrugia Fam.
  13. Pingu Beast

    Who Is This Guy! A New Bot Killer Woot

    I dont know maybe Im saying wrong but, I think you posted this in the wrong place. it has to be on the Fakes.
  14. Pingu Beast

    My Awards ( Given To Me )

    These 2 were both given to me on Friday 19th September at 18:59pm ( GMT+1 ) by Aamelo
  15. I saw your 2nd fake. Super Rune... well I dont understand the point of the fake. 9/10

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