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  1. Numb_Lock

    Is This A Major Typo?

    Its a typo, JaGeX is an English company so why would they put something in German on an advertisement/link..
  2. Numb_Lock


    Its possible for you to do it, but you may struggle, If I were you I would raise your prayer..
  3. Numb_Lock

    Abyss Demons

    Depends really, I got 2 in 970 Kills..
  4. Numb_Lock

    How I Get Big Millions For Short Time?

    OnYx basically summed it up for you.. You need to work your skills up slowly before trying to attempt to earn a great amount of cash..
  5. Numb_Lock

    99 Fishing

    Fastest Method would be to fly-fish salmon and trout.. Fastest Money-Making Method would be to Fly-Fish to 70, Lobsters to 88(I THINK), then Monks to 99..
  6. Numb_Lock

    Wc Or Fish

    It all depends on your levels.. You may decide to cut yews because they have a greater value but you may have high enough woodcutting and cut at a slow rate, same with fishing.. Do the skill that has a reasonable collecting rate because you got get; (EXAMPLE) 1.4k Lobsters in one hour and only 600 yews.. Understand what I'm saying?
  7. Numb_Lock

    Still No Clue Scrolls

    LOL Level 1 clue scrolls are cool;] Nah, its just I was walking by Lumbridge and randomly attacked a goblin and got clue, got me 5firelighters and some purple sweets.. Fight blue dragons because I always get scrolls from them
  8. Numb_Lock

    Best Place To Train With Bones.

    Buy bones, go to a house with a gilded alter and use bones with alter
  9. Numb_Lock

    Runecrafting 40-50

    What The Hell! You put RuneCrafting as title..
  10. Numb_Lock

    Solo'ing Kq.

    Uh..... Why? 80 is not needed. You dont even have 60. You could bring another person to trade you food if you run out \ other supplies. The person could also bless your grave if you die. And they could vengeance you. So, You need around 80 without pots to stay alive..
  11. Numb_Lock

    Solo'ing Kq.

    Your Prayer I too low, Raise to 80
  12. Numb_Lock


    Its not the best but this is what I use when I go on a Barrows trip on Numb_Lock :~ This is what I have equiped.. This is my invent.. Kk;] Excuse the MSN Conversation I was talking to Flymi about RuneCrafting..
  13. Numb_Lock

    I Need To Get Money

    DO NOT RUNECRAFT.. F2P RuneCrafting is rubbish, you make a big loss..
  14. Numb_Lock

    Pure Essence!

    Thats what I was thinking. My mate just sold 8k worth, not sure how much hemade but he said it was good a he needed some cash to buy more armour..
  15. Numb_Lock

    Pure Essence!

    Has anyone noticed how much its gone up.. The last time I minded PureEssence was last year for a friend and 1k worth sold for 70k now 1k worth sells for about 170k Anyone in need of money then mine ;']

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