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  1. Kassie

    Exodus Vs Syndicate

    Good Job Exo, And 10 Hour Fight, oh Lord XD
  2. Kassie

    Hades Vs Triforce

    Good War Everyone <3
  3. Kassie

    ..:: Team Tko Vs Dragonwood ::..

    Nicely Done Everyone
  4. Kassie

    Wl Vs Re

    You guys Did Your Best and Great Job Everyone
  5. Kassie

    Exer Vs Forsaken Legends

    Nice Job Guys
  6. Gratz on the Win, And hey Marker <3
  7. Kassie

    Who Would You Have From Each Clan?

    I Would Just Want Me To Represent Myslef <3
  8. Kassie

    Corruption Vs Divine Forces

    Who Honestly Plays For Freaking 12 Hrs, Wow
  9. Kassie

    14 Hour Pkri

    You Guys Did So Well, Hurts to SEe you Guys Go
  10. Kassie

    Sv Closes

    ~ ~ I Love SV 4 Lyfe ~ I Still Believe in Hope..
  11. Kassie

    Seduction Vs Elite Order

    Gratz Guys <3
  12. Kassie

    Veni Vidi Vici Vs. Splitvision

    Nice Job VVV, Lucky i Wasnt There =P
  13. Kassie

    Split Vision Vs Vvv

    Nicely Done SV VVV all Do Respect you guys Own <3 i Was So Nervous Out There

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