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  1. Bintey


    Isn't this a question? Depends on the amount of money you have and are willing to spend. Stuff like whips/fury's/various rings are decent to start of with.
  2. Bintey

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1.Wartoc 2.Tigerwing0 3.thenewguy1 4. Quotes 5.Bintey
  3. Bintey

    Slaying in the EoC

    I dont know how Sal would want it, but in the UK and on runescape beserker ring is spelt with a s not a z.
  4. Bintey

    Sal's Weekly 10m Giveaway

    1. Wartoc. 2. Click This 3. Zooey 4. Sk8skull 5. Jna 6. Lonely 7. Kemosabe 8. Dei Wei 9. Azarath 10. Big Tree 11. Dreak 12. Amber Pyrilmas 13. Leo Crimson 14. Tigerwing0 15. Micael Fatia 16. Beast V3 17. The Truth 18. TakerMayFire 19. Danielfwa. 20. Fabio 21. R uby 22. Supersal69 23. Kyo 24. Lebe 25. iGoon 26. Bintey
  5. Bintey

    Fighter Torso

    Ahh ok thanks!
  6. Does anyone know if the fighter torso is any good in the EoC and how does it compare to other armors?
  7. Bintey

    Tcmp3's 99 [email protected]@@

    Gratz man, well done, going for 99 in other combat stats or going to take a break for a while?
  8. Bintey


    Does it really get that bad? I've read the first on and I found it quite good.
  9. Bintey

    99 Firemaking

    Thanks, really dont want to bore myself with 187m more fm xp. Thanks =D
  10. Bintey

    99 Firemaking

    Got 99 fm at the bandos mass, thanks to everyone!
  11. Jagex really try hard to get people to support them... (effigy update ) Time for me to see if they do anything to update/change this with the people in forums complaining, if they don't then it looks like its going to be W117 daemonheim for me..
  12. What Helm Lardar said pretty much sums it up. If you have a problems with Pkers, go onto a different language world.
  13. Bintey


    Construction - Oak Larders preferably with Stealing Creation Hammers Mining - Powermine Granite/Iron Hunter - Not sure, read our good on it :( GL

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