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  1. Fake


    I second this nominee
  2. I’ll take over Sobend’s task. You’re easily a 10/10 I remember you fondly
  3. My obligatory once a year post to make sure I win. I turn 30 next year... crazy to think I joined this forum when I was like 15 or 16. I also swear I make this same nostalgia post every time I do visit. Also, I can’t believe I use to sign my post haha how lame... ~No not real, just Fake.
  4. If can get all 9 or so of the people that still visit it’ll make for one legendary game
  5. Any prime slammer will recognize you and the rest of SalsCast. 9/10
  6. Vote: Young LEO for not bolding his vote. SMH MAFIA NOOB
  7. Fake


    It's crazy how little life is promised to anyone. It's weird because I just went to the earlier pages of this topic which were over 10 years ago and how happy I am that Kobe won that ring in 2009. Aw man.
  8. Fake


    I’m actually driving up to Boston to watch him play this Sunday lmfao
  9. Fake


    I’m proud to say Luka is going to lead me to a second FBA ring. Yung GOAT
  10. Fake


    We meet up on Thursdays and Sundays and make art. Mostly macaroni
  11. lets do a 5 person mafia game of people who post in this topic
  12. how goes everything on this bEAUtiful day?
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