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  1. Jackonor

    Man Kills Baby Over A Videogame

    Just because he has issues with controlling his anger, that does not mean he is mentally ill. Of course not. He's actually a very calm and polite person, respectful of everyone and killing his own child is a completely normal thing that anyone would have done in his case (being disturbed while playing a video game). I don't even know how could they imprison him for that! He should sue them in Strasbourg and instead get awarded for murdering a baby!
  2. Jackonor


    Post random stuff here.
  3. I consider "discussion" a group sharing of arguments and opinions, and not changing others' opinions. I will listen to your opinions only if you do listen to mine, but I will never change my opinion. So, nope, I'm not open to a change of mind. And you're disallowing me to think that you are mentally retarded? It can be fact a few million times, and you can be a mod a few billion times, but homosexuality will always be considered a mentally illness in my mind. Since on all of my previous posts, I was not discussing the A option, I will only answer B. While you can be attracted to males, if you do not want to be gay, you will not be. I might be attracted to males, but I aren't obliged to become gay if so. But both of them CAN be caused by a mental illness. Who has sex with males? Who is attracted to males? Females. What are you then? Your post itself says that transgenders have a disorder with which they have properties from both genders, and now are saying it's not transgendering to be homosexual? :) You say that because you are gay and are attracted to males, and not females. Since when do I not have the right to be a hypocrite? This is weird. People are calling me hypocrite for changing my opinion and ignorant for not changing it. I'm confused. Should I change my opinion because someone doesn't think like me, or should I stand strict to my opinion? If "doing your word to the end" to you is ignorance, then, I am ignorant. But I'm also allowed to have my own opinion and not be flamed for not changing it by half the forum, right? Thanks for proving me right that homosexuality is due to ilnesses and traumas that happen in the environment people were raised in Can you please stop putting Religion into everything? I will ignore any posts including Religion, since I can't talk to deaf people. Sorry, it's impossible. Where did I say something similar to that? Yes, but not everyone has the same rights, what I was trying to say. Thanks, yes I did. :) Yep. Not necessarily true. I don't "like" lesbians. Even if I have watched porn, I haven't watched lesbian porn. I think they are not as disgusting as male homosexuals, but they still are homosexual, and I still do dislike them. So, if I say I accept them and in 5 minutes say I don't accept them, I'm a hypocrite. If I say I accept them and say I'm not planning to change my opinion, I'm arrogant. Sure, I'll be any names you're calling me. But I have my own opinion, and I'll damn support it. I see that people aren't trying to cooperate, discuss or anything, and all they do is flame me for: - being Religious - not changing my opinion - being grossed by homosexuals
  4. Yes, we haven't brought that up. It's hard to explain why, but I'm far more disgusted by male than female homosexuals. Especially on a forum with strict rules like this. I bet you understand me, for as Hutton said, pornographic reasons. :) And also, you're right about the choice thing. Even though you might be attracted to people from the same sex, you get the chance to CHOOSE whether you want to become bi/gay or not. But I think I can stop being attracted to someone, not on my own will, but due to the circumstances.
  5. Second: Unless you either come with conclusive evidence or proof that you've in-depthly studied biogenetics, I suggest you stop making false statements and assumptions over homosexuality, genetics and how it comes to exist. Third: If people choose to be gay - prove it. Do it, right now. Oh, you don't want to? Gee, did you really think I would have - seeing there's people like you filled with hatred towards homosexuality? :P And last: I figured, since you referenced to the gay hanging thing, that you: - Read about Greek history and homosexuality being praised, rather than loathed in various ancient cultures. - Realize you're implying gay hangings were an okay - possibly even a good thing. Not to mention how idiotic your statement was. - You're comparing an age where science was still considered witchcraft and Christianity still abused the folk for money and power. Oh wait, I forgot, I wasn't supposed to state my "opinion" about your religion, sorry. Small note: Making a math equation out of a sociological debate kind of shows how much you know about the subject and how much research you've actually done. Besides, your notation is way off. PS: None of this is offensive, because it's my opinion. Opinions are never offensive. Yuanrang? Yes, I've seen his/her blog, but never bothered reading anything :P And about the insulting.. Stupidity, to me, is a lack of smartness. Since I do not believe in online IQ tests, and my "smartness" has never been tested before, I do not know if I am smart or, as you say "stupid". So, since I do not know what I am yet, then I can't get offended by that. If I had known that I was smart, then you doubting my smartness with calling me stupid would be offensive for me, but not now. Not yet. :) Ignorant, according to a dictionary, means "resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence" so it would be around the same with "stupid". Narrow minded, according to another dictionary, means intolerant or prejudiced. Oh, I might be prejudiced. I do think that my view on how you gays spend a day is prejudiced, but it still is my opinion. Brain washed - I don't think a brain can be washed, but still. :) No, I was not told that homosexuals are gross. I was not made to think like that. That is solely my opinion. Zombie - Thank God, I am still alive. :) A person who can't think of themselves/idiot Christian - Oh, why does it have to be my Religion that makes me dislike you homosexuals? So no, I didn't get offended by that sentence. I did get offended a bit on the part where you keep on not actually reading my posts, where I've repeat it a few times that it's not ONLY my Religion that makes me dislike homosexuals. For them being wrong part, yes, but for the other, no. There were too many posts I just had to answer (that appeared while I was absent) so that's why my post was as long. Nonetheless, yes, you might and CAN think my view on you homosexuals is stereotypical, but that's my view and I like it. I never implied that homosexual people were retarded. They might be, and they might not. I think that only a mental ilness can cause that sexual disorder, but you might think otherwise, and you have the whole right to do so, and of course, so do I. :) About people choosing to be gay, I see it as the only logical answer. Is what you're saying that people become gay because they are attracted to a person from the same sex as them, and after they "finish" with them, they go normal again, or what? Since I see no other explanation for why you think gays don't choose to be gay, could please help me and answer me? And about the last thing, sorry if I were wrong. I just gave it as an example. I do know that homosexual was a strongly forbidden thing once, and that gay people might have been hung (not in the 10th century, or did I state 15, it was just an example), but nothing sure. I haven't read about Greek history, nor do I want to, I just gave it as an example since Kwinten's post made be rage. If homosexuality was forbidden before, but it's not now, does this mean that soon enough, murdering will be allowed? And, last, I just wanted to show you a simple scheme of my opinion. They have both male and female properties, so they can't really be called male or female, right?
  6. Wake up, put make up on, talk 2 hours on the phone to your boyfriend, help your best female friend with her wedding, go to the sexy shop to buy a new dildo and visit your boyfriend. One homosexual's day in my eyes. Gosh I wish I had enough money to buy a new dildo every day... -lilshu Fine, then no buying new dildo. :P No, but it's an opinion. No blads, no Toungys, no lilshus and no Kwintens will make me change my opinion. No warns, suspensions and bans will change my opinion. Whatever you do to me, I will stand right to my point, that homosexuality is a wrong, disgusting and mentally ill thing. That's what I think, and you're not going to change that. So give up. I'm not telling you to change your opinion, but I am expressing my opinion. :) Let's say positive is male, negative is female, zero is inbetween. They were born as males, look like males (some don't) = +1 They act like females and have sex with males = -1 +1 -1 = 0 Since when do you have the right to "think" about my opinion? It's my opinion, you can't change it. It might not harm anybody, but I still dislike and disagree with it, and with that I'm not trying to change their sexual orientation, since it's THEIR sexual orientation, and they can do whatever they want wit it. Males are usually rougher than females. Males that act like and want to be females aren't as rough as real males, thus, they are kinder. Then why are you homosexual? Were you made to be? Oh, I sure do agree with that, and I'm not blocking those people from being any of the "..sexuals" above. I just don't agree with them, not make them not be. You're saying you're offended by me insulting you gays, and then you say that Religion should be banned. Religion being banned is as bad for us Religious people as it is for you gays to have all homosexuals hung. Also, it's not about my Religion, I still do think that you are wrong, disgusting and gross, and my Religion just supports me. It's 90% my opinion, and 10% Religion, that I hate gay people. But there still would be homosexuality haters. Live with it. Also, did you know that Greece had the most homosexual citizens by percentage? I've read somewhere.. Since when do we have to explain why do we support a certain belief or opinion? I believe in Christianity because it all makes sense, and I'm sure there is something Holy up there, and I hate gay people because, as I have said before, they are GROSS, DISGUSTING, MENTALLY ILL AND WRONG to me. Not necessarily they are, but they are to me. So what? If homosexuals were hung in the 10th century, are we going to support and not arrest killers and pedophiles in the 25th century? Your post implies nothing but that. Wake up. The new episode of fantasy world is over. Even though everyone might deserve the same rights, it's far from everyone having the same rights. Sorry, that's life. So why are Toungy and Hutton and all other gays attracted to males, and I'm not? If homosexuality occured just because you were attracted of someone at the time, then it wouldn't be a life decision and a sexual orientation. If you choose to be gay, you will like males even after you break up with that attractive male that "chose" your sexual orientation instead of you. You're saying you can't choose where to put your penis? We're not talking about raping here. Finally someone who understands that I THINK and not IMPLY that they are mentally ill. When did I, or anyone against homosexuality in that topic, told any gay people that they shouldn't be gay? I'm just stating my opinion, not telling them what to do. Don't know how, but I am doing it, so I guess I can. :P Oh, please, show me how are you going to stop me from treating them like that? In what way am I obliged to answer you? Are you even allowed to ask me why do I have that opinion? It's now 2-50, instead of 1-50. Yay! :) Even though I doubt I have anything against black people, were the first people on Earth black or white? Was the first person on Earth male or female? That is the only explanation I could find for them being treated badly in the past. :/ What normal heterosexual would dress like a homosexual/female? You're saying that because you are gay yourself and like gay nightclubs. We straight people don't. Actually, I don't find it as sick as males singing about sucking other males' penises. The single act of giving a woman a sexual eruption is not a gross thing to me at all, while I really do get disgusted with males giving blow jobs. Are there any of those? And you can't stop me from hating them, can you? Nor can you comment on my opinion about them. Yes, of course. I think that cunnilingus is a completely normal thing, and I wouldn't mind doing it. But male blow jobs, that's sick. How do you know you actually do deserve those rights? Marriage is something that happens between two (or more in different cultures) people from the opposite sex (one male and more females in those cultures), and not something to be done between two people from the same sex. And gay adopting? That's just sick, and to me is worse than killing those poor babies. :) It is normal to be married with a person from the opposite sex, and it isn't normal to be married with a person from the same sex. Thus, you are asking for special rights, which by far you do not deserve imo. Sure, they can do it with they are alone, but why are we, the normal people, obliged to see those gross stuff? Please help me how to ignore people who walk on the same street as me, dressed like some words I would rather not mention? No matter if that makes normal people sick? I can. There are 4x more boys than girls in my class, yet I am only attracted to girls. What if I don't want to accept them?
  7. Jackonor

    World To End [six] Days From Now.

    Who told you there isn't internet in black holes? :)
  8. Jackonor


    You need to add yourself yourself. http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/inde...amp;code=manage
  9. Jackonor

    Please Clsoe This Thread

    From the ACP, open the Invision Free Forums link to the left. Make an account there. People there are great and will help with everything you might need. There are also Manuals for everything you might even think of, all functions of IF etc. :) Oh, that's IPBfree. I thought I read InvisionFree. Well, there probably is a similar thing in IPBfree, but I anyway prefer IF. :)
  10. Jackonor

    World To End [six] Days From Now.

    If it actually had any good chance of it destroying the world, it wouldn't be used, would it? Anything can happen any moment, and nothing is 100% safe, but without being at least 10% sure it would kill us all, why worry?
  11. Disagree /=/ superior Calling someone a retard implies a feeling of superiority in terms of intelligence. Cool. He called me a retard first. Who? Me? No way. I said 'omfg retard' because I was trying to give you an image of what you were constantly saying. Omg retard implies to Oh my God, you are a retard! Misunderstanding = warn? Thanks for that advice, but at least I'm being a real man, not something inbetween. That[/s] is dignity losing.
  12. Disagree /=/ superior Calling someone a retard implies a feeling of superiority in terms of intelligence. Cool. He called me a retard first.
  13. I didn't use it in my last post. This debate IS going somewhere.

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