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    Australia, New Zealand, Soccer, and a few other things :)

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  1. Adolescent Wit

    Take A Look

    Looks a bit unrealistic, but I still like it. Kind of reminds me of The Godfather for some reason.
  2. Adolescent Wit

    Wip Pixel.

    It looks nice. The shading is well done, especially on his left shoulder. The feet bother me though.
  3. Adolescent Wit


    I can see the people here have a good sense of humor
  4. Adolescent Wit


    I'm new here. I found the forums while browsing around for some Runescape guides. It seems that this place has a nice community. Someone PMed me just as I joined. Weird, huh? I hope to have a great time here! I like: Kangaroos, Rabbits, Hats, New Zealand, Australia and Soccer. I dislike: Green food, Insects, Arachnids, People with bad grammar and Baseball.

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