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  1. BachNasty

    New Guides + Forum Skin

    Thanks for the new guides everyone!!! And a new skin!!! PS sal can you check your PM?
  2. BachNasty

    ~!~ Lakerkobe's Lovely Log ~!~

    Whats that thing to the left of your chaos? BTW good luck, I started barrows also :D
  3. BachNasty

    Bank Guide

    Nice guide but there is more than one bank at Tree Gnome.
  4. BachNasty

    Random Levels

    79 Cooking
  5. BachNasty

    Enakhra's Lament Quest Guide

    Nice guide psv, looks good
  6. BachNasty

    Random Levels

    78 Cooking :P
  7. BachNasty

    Random Levels

    76 Cooking :)
  8. BachNasty

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    Spacemansg1 is on my friends list :) he wanted me to collect potatoe cactus' for herblore. He also has a very good pure
  9. BachNasty

    Kalphite Queen Hunting

    Awsome guide Jure, it should help alot of people
  10. Finally they did something!!!!! Those dang autoing flax picking magic chopping......
  11. BachNasty

    Ring Guide [complete]

    Thats very good, I think you got it all covered
  12. BachNasty

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  13. BachNasty

    Famous People! Post Them All Here!

    Here are some I got They were teleing people to faldor Killing bassalisks, Diva alched her whip :) Lonekeeper Rainbowbear Traded uloveme Weese Mod Wrinkled Zelant :s :)
  14. BachNasty

    Christmas Update - How To Get Them.

    thanks now i can get it done faster thanks for the pics

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