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  1. Johnny

    Combat Training Guide - 35% Complete

    Have fun, hopefully it will be as good as mine.
  2. Johnny

    It Would Really Stink If Jagex....

    Yes, it would stink, but Jagex have already stated that they have no intentions of removing free chat from the game. But they have been known to let us down.
  3. Johnny

    She Has No Idea What She Has Done...

    Epic fail, if I may say so. Why this song? I like the original rick roll much more.
  4. Johnny


    I believe on the old Sal's forums we used InvisionFree, but not anymore. These are Invision Power Boards that cost money, Sal pays for their upkeep if I am correct.
  5. Johnny

    Rwter In Bh!

    First of all, who cares. It's not exactly hard to find them if you go in to Bounty Hunter a lot. You found a "real world trader", yet you are jumping to conclusions. How are you to know they are not just splitting a GWD drop? Pretty sure that's also against the rules. And chances are he is a RWTer as it's common in BH. Also the armour is worth more than 30k Take your pick. How is sharing GWD drops against the rules. Same as it's against the rules to drop items to another account via the party chest. Lootshare + Coinshare ftw? Lol? You wouldn't believe the difficulty and hardship involved with finding an empty world at the GWD, and people often don't use coinshare because they might have a high LSP, meaning they are more likely to get a good drop if they don't use coinshare.
  6. Johnny

    Help Needed!

    Level 42 Moss giants may be found in the following locations: Crandor Isle Varrock Sewers The Wilderness, north of the pond above Bounty Hunter Chaos Tunnels Brimhaven Dungeon West of Fishing Guild Moss Giant Island, west of Brimhaven, 12 Agility required (Members only) See the following link for more information: Click
  7. Johnny

    The Ugliest Facebook Profile Ever

    That profile was beautiful.
  8. Johnny

    World 12 Gone?

    why hopefully ah? less servers means more lag because the worlds would become more full... Because it would be satisfying to see them crash and burn. While they get 5 million or more every month? You said it.
  9. Johnny

    How Do You Not Die In The Abyss?

    Personally, I rarely take any damage in the Abyss. Mainly I guess because my P2P combat level is 131, so the guardians don't attack me. If you're being dealt a lot of damage, wear some dragonhide armour and take a piece of food incase your hitpoints get low. This food can easily be replenished if you store a bit in your bank.
  10. Johnny

    Whats The Problem?

    If it's bodging up using SwiftKit, right-click the desktop icon and click "Run as adminstrator".
  11. Johnny

    Fastest Skill To 99 In F2p

    Cooking is by far the fastest and easiest as it does not require constant clicking and is repetitive, meaning you don't really have to think an awful lot to level quickly. The other two quick-ish options, as mentioned above, are fishing and firemaking. Good luck with your 99.
  12. Johnny

    Need 90 Smithing Assistance

    You can try world 1 Varrock, loads of people are there making Rune items at the anvils.
  13. If you're talking in general, it seems most people want the cooking cape as the 99 is relatively easy compared with some other skills. For me, if I was to get another 99, it would be Magic. Even though I'm satisfying with my character's stats at the moment, you can't beat another 99.
  14. Johnny

    World 12 Gone?

    why hopefully ah? less servers means more lag because the worlds would become more full... Because it would be satisfying to see them crash and burn.

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