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  1. Emperor HP

    ► Emperor Hp's Log Of Agility ◄

    Thanks! You may not have noticed that the last post is from 2012.
  2. Emperor HP

    What's your favorite skill?

    got to be fishing, first 99 and easy
  3. Emperor HP

    #2 Farming

    Grats!! Impressive 99. :)
  4. Emperor HP

    Working Towards 99 Wcing

    Congrats on 95! :( Good luck for 99, I am hoping to also get 99 wc in a few days :D
  5. Emperor HP

    A Cape Of Love, So Truely Amazing!

    GRATZ ON 99 HP [email protected]@@@ :D
  6. Emperor HP

    Gogl's quest to remax.

    congrats on all these latest levels and all the past levels, especially the 99s!! good luck on 99 strength and hp :D
  7. Emperor HP

    70 Mining!

    Congratulations on 70 Mining lad! i do think i should have kept my santa... oh well
  8. Congrats on 99 Defence!!!!!!! -.-
  9. Emperor HP

    The Log Of A Smither That Knows No Irony

    Congratulations on 15M Smithing experience! -.-
  10. Emperor HP

    ► Emperor Hp's Log Of Agility ◄

    Thanks Eval! -.- Thanks Candi! :P Thanks! :P I should be there :D Thanks! :P Got 89 Agility! first log update for a while.
  11. Emperor HP


    Congrats on 46 Agility and Rum Deal! -.- Sorry I haven't posted much, i will try to post a lot more.
  12. Emperor HP

    The Log Of A Smither That Knows No Irony

    Congratulations on 85 Crafting Zynk! -.-
  13. Emperor HP

    ¤‡* Skill Log For Capn Invisus *‡¤

    Nice account and nice log! good luck with all your goals -.-
  14. Emperor HP

    Not Sure If This Is An Achievement But...

    grats on 99 mage! -.- I like the 2nd one the most.

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