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  1. dbest68

    What happened since Runescape 3

    Thanks so much guys, I have a good idea of what happened now, thanks.
  2. dbest68

    What happened since Runescape 3

    I`m sorry I did not make myself clear, the last time a played was before RS3 and before EoC, so it`s practically a brand new game for me now, and thanks for your information, I think bonds ARE rwt.
  3. Hi there forum, I was a regular rs player and user of this forum till a while ago bu haven't played rs since rs3 launched and I have no idea of what`s going on now, as I tried to play a bit today after around a year of not playing, can anyone give me a brief description of what happened or send me a link to an explanation? Thanks.
  4. dbest68

    Logged in after a year

    Last time I logged in was around a year ago and this is not even runescape, it changed so much I`ve no idea whats going on, anyone wiling to update me on what`s happened and what`s going on please? Such as major changes etc Thanks.
  5. dbest68

    Is Runescape down?

    You.Thank you. I have been suffering from slow internet for the past few months, when I cleared the cache not only did Runescape launch, but everything is much faster now. I had like 800MB of cache, is that a lot? I feel stupid now :P
  6. dbest68

    Is Runescape down?

    I think its from Firefox, I can`t access the runescape website either, but my problem is I can`t on any other browser either :/
  7. I have been camping Frosts for a while now and made enough money for fury and tassets, but I still cant make enough for bandos chestplate as the price keep rising and it seems as if I'm try to reach the price but cant, its starting to get bored at frosts and I think I've given up on bandos chestplate, is there a good replacement that has the same or nearly same stats but hopefully cheaper? Thanks
  8. dbest68

    bandos go or no go?

    With 70`s stats you can just survive at bandos and maybe get a solo kill, but I dont suggest you do so as you will waste a lot of money on supplies and probably wont make any profit at all, the best you can do at your level is going with a team...that will accept you, If I where you I I'd get at least 90+ combat and 70 prayer, and the ideal being maxed with full bandos or Karil's top and extremes and 95 prayer. And now that I checked your stats again I doubt even more that you'll even survive a solo. Good luck :)
  9. dbest68

    Fire Cape or Nomads Cape

    I dont have full bandos yet but I`m gonna get it soon, thanks for your help :)
  10. dbest68

    Fire Cape or Nomads Cape

    Which one should I get? I`ll mainly use them for slaying and bossing, I think fire cape will be better in general but I just love the prayer bonus on Nomads, so any suggestions?
  11. dbest68

    95 prayer vs 96 herblore?

    Why? I want to enjoy the last summer I`ll play runescape lol.
  12. dbest68

    95 prayer vs 96 herblore?

    I will quit before Evolution of Combat dont worry.
  13. dbest68

    95 prayer vs 96 herblore?

    Well I can`t decide on which to get but i definitely want to get one of them this summer, which has the best money to use ratio? Thanks
  14. dbest68

    Just a simple question :P

    OK thanks, any other suggestion? :) Maybe I`ll discover something I don't know about.
  15. dbest68

    Just a simple question :P

    This is the most asked question ever in the history of Runescape ever, but still, I`m lost in all the possibilities. What would be the best way to make money at my stats? Thanks. PS = Stats in sig ;) EDIT= I`m doing this so maybe I can get 95 prayer, so any suggestions on that would also help :)

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