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  1. TheKing73

    Man Eats 23,000 Big Macs Within 36 Year Period

    That is one fat person
  2. TheKing73

    Treasure Scroll Help!

    This site only needs treasuer scrool help to be near perfect... Who agrees?
  3. TheKing73

    Bounty Hunter

    a 52 combat lvl could be... 41 attack 44 strength 45 defense 4 summoning 20 prayer 41 mage
  4. TheKing73

    Grand Exchange Good Or Bad?

    it is also good because it makes buying iotems easier instead of trying to find a trade w/ someone
  5. TheKing73

    Ideal Place For A Low Level Range To Train?

    thanks for all the ideas bjt i hope u all know i am not a noob i just don't like range... My wc lvl is a 63
  6. TheKing73

    Clan Wars Free For All Noobs

    if you want people to attack their own levels go to duel arena damon true or cuz ur a level 54 you could own noobs in bounty hunter 3-55
  7. Where should I train I want 2 be a 40
  8. TheKing73

    Red Or White Partyhat?

    white is way better!! get a white one
  9. TheKing73

    Any More Holiday Events?

    Can you get anything from the quest?
  10. TheKing73

    Games Besides Runescape

    I play Wii sports jk ummm mostly RS
  11. TheKing73

    Runescape In Guinness World Records!

    Nice job runescape LETS CELEBRATE DROP BLUE P-HATS
  12. TheKing73

    Grand Exchange Good Or Bad?

    Do you think that free tr4de would be good? Bring it back with the GE as well as well as free tr4de?
  13. TheKing73

    Item Prices Rising?

    Their Rising and if they go up... some drag weapons may go down
  14. TheKing73

    Horses In Runescape

    Can u ride the horse?

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