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  1. kid ysma

    Deal? Or No Deal?

    if they were cheap, how could people merchant them???
  2. kid ysma

    Is There Any Way To Change Our Age?

    just get in the parents section and mail JaGeX and ask for a "Parents Form" they will email you and that is atched after that send it to JaGeX by Fax or Letter and your account will be normal the same happened to me... but im not going to spend time and money sending faxes and letters
  3. kid ysma

    Should I Wear Mithril?

    mith is not for archer. studded leather is the best for your lvl in F2P also change your bow if you didnt yet
  4. kid ysma

    Old Remake Of My First Fake =)

    the first one is the funniest 8/10
  5. kid ysma


    i have to tel F2P about poison... a good part is you need no antipoison
  6. kid ysma

    What To Alch?

    wasnt it easy to just read a topic with the same question?? some people talk about yew bows(but only if you make them yourself) D'hide(green i think)
  7. kid ysma


    yes they are buy one pair and wear it FOREVER never take them out or you will not be able to wear it again
  8. kid ysma


    mining or woodcutting merchanting is good to get extra money(but sometimes is very very boring)
  9. kid ysma

    Santa Hat For God Sword?

    santas hat price is increasing very well(but slow) i would wait until xmas because the price will go up you know in the xmas people wear santas... if more people want more the price increases...
  10. kid ysma


    ok im understanding what you are saying i didnt saw stuff that way...
  11. kid ysma


    my point is to get more fair fights would you like to face a lvl 105 in combat lvl 40??? (this really happens)
  12. kid ysma

    Penguin Trouble

    dont you members have already hundreds and hundreds of quests???? more and more quest will only get the quest cape owners mad
  13. kid ysma

    Toggle Option.

    i dont support the randoms are only a way to deal with bots if you dont answer them they attack, teleport or steal something of yours
  14. kid ysma

    Weekly Events!

    if updates come every week there is a lot more risk of bug, glitch and stuff like taht and 1 question if JaGeX gets updates every week, who would play it??? in the next week everybody will be tired of that update because there are another one and another problem if JaGeX makes that where would they put the update???!! runescape map is so,so, soooo filled that the fist of guthix had to be made underground EDIT:bad spelling
  15. kid ysma


    arent you sick of get a FoG battle agaisnt a 30 lvl higher player??? i am in my pure i always get the stronger guys and the ones in my lvl get strongers than them i think FoG should create more balanced fights

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