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  1. Well hopefully when mobile goes fully live they make it f2p as well! I could use as many members as possible in the sals friends chat lol.
  2. I had the same fear but as soon as I started Skilling a bit I got addicted again. I left the day of RS3 release and I still have never logged in to rs3. I have a Max combat account with a few other 99s in it so I feel the pain of having to do things over again in 07 but at the same time it's almost nostalgic to train and I still get that Rush getting levels again. Restarting really sucks but once I started playing I couldn't stop. The mobile release has really helped. I can play Anywhere which makes it really easy. It's nice to be able to skill while on lunch break.
  3. They need more interaction with the players. They never respond anymore on the forums. The only time you can get an answer out of jagex is during a Q&A session and you'd be lucky to have your question picked.
  4. Yes. I am. But I am also saying that at the moment it is only available on Android so, you would have to have an Android tablet or phone to play. It's also in limited beta so they only release downloads every now and then. I'm sure it will go live for Android soon though and probably enter beta for iOS very soon as well. Regardless if anyone comes back and sees this that plays 07 come into the friends chat again. I want to get it going again. RS3 players are welcome as well lol "Salmoneus"
  5. It's so weird playing wherever I want. I wish this was around when I used to nolyfe lol If you get in come hang in the cc lol.
  6. Well ill be the loan guy in there if anyone feels like joining lol
  7. Hello, Its been a while for me. I just started playing because of mobile. Do people still hang in the cc? It would be nice to have some people to chat with. Your former cc nolyfer B0b2oo0
  8. I honestly check this thread every time i log on hoping for a new episode.
  9. I take it since you are wearing varrocks that its from KQ? Gratz on the drop man.
  10. b0b2oo0

    all these topics are making me horny

    All leather man. all leather.
  11. job interview tomorrow. Also prob siging a new lease on another college house 2 block from campus. 3 girls live up stairs. freshman girls ;) Also broke up with the lady. So year. Someone come to milwaukee and party in my huge new basement!

    1. Sk8skull


      wow relly ciik

    2. Salmoneus


      Good luck! :D

    3. b0b2oo0


      I look like im 16. I just turned 21. 18 is 18 to me. Call me an old dirty fool, but 3 years is close enough for me. And thanks Sal! Interview went great, and i got the house! I move in August 1st

  12. b0b2oo0

    Hacked Again.

    si no such thing as rs hacking. Only rs password fishing and password sharing.
  13. b0b2oo0

    Show Us Your Tits

    Your image is broken, but this topic is about tits, not kitties -.- Interesting. worked before. i wonder if i was pwnt by someone :P I just figured if we were gonna bring up boobies... lol nothing wrong with a kitty
  14. b0b2oo0

    Show Us Your Tits

    Puss could totaly beat tits + boobies in a fight NSFW do not open if you are under 18 mabey 21 in your area

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