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  1. Since there's no one else around that can tell me otherwise, Monday September 25th is Sal's unofficial-official 21st birthday. Sal's can drink.

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    2. Adam?


      happy birthday sals!! :bigdrink:

    3. B0b2oo0


      Happy birthday Sals! 


      (True date is probably September 16th but that's only if you don't also include "Salmoneus' realm of RuneScape" a different site)

    4. Sobend
  2. Anyone know who runs the official Sals twitter? 

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    2. zooey
    3. zooey
    4. zooey




  3. Hello!

    Sals is alive on OSRS and discord!

    We recently just passed 100 members in our OSRS clan with 10-20 online during peak hours.

    Feel free to reach out if you're interested in joining or joining the discord!!



  4. There's a "Sals" discord shared by former forum members, the RS3 clan as well as the OSRS clan. If anyone wants a link feel free to message me for it! 

    1. Adam?


      "Former" forum members??

    2. B0b2oo0


      Well I guess current lol

  5. I still play. lets play. Add me. B0b2oo0 

    1. PaladinPker


      hi! i just quit and gave you most of my cash :( but it was great playing with you

    2. B0b2oo0


      It was great playing with you as well. If you come back, we started a real clan now! Hope your business has taken off! 

  6. job interview tomorrow. Also prob siging a new lease on another college house 2 block from campus. 3 girls live up stairs. freshman girls ;) Also broke up with the lady. So year. Someone come to milwaukee and party in my huge new basement!

    1. Sk8skull


      wow relly ciik

    2. Salmoneus


      Good luck! :D

    3. B0b2oo0


      I look like im 16. I just turned 21. 18 is 18 to me. Call me an old dirty fool, but 3 years is close enough for me. And thanks Sal! Interview went great, and i got the house! I move in August 1st

  7. Regicidal1 on youtube is very underrated. He is quite hilarious

    1. Lonelywolf


      its u isnt it u cheeky self promotor

    2. B0b2oo0


      You caught me!


  8. I been in the chat for 30 min and no one has said a word but me. :/ so sad.

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    2. Dei Wei

      Dei Wei

      I had that covered, you help made it slightly easier.

    3. Dei Wei
    4. wartoc


      :P Just being the hero that we needed

  9. Space, the final frontier.

    1. wartoc


      I felt bad not seeing any comments here :( ♥

    2. B0b2oo0
  10. Space, the final frontier.

    1. Amber Pyre

      Amber Pyre

      Spacebar, the final not-frontier.

    2. Arianna


      SPACE 1999 fudge yeah

  11. It's so sad how slow forums are. I know it's been slowing down for years, but i think we should begin some recruitment methods. I hate having nothing to post on :/

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    2. Sobend


      Runescape has been slowing down too. We are basically dependent on that, and our activity correlates to Runescape's.

    3. B0b2oo0


      I don't really think runescape has slowed down that much. I just think runescapes players dont use forums anymore and if they do, the much larger ones seem a lot better. :/

    4. Yuanrang


      Who would bother to use a fansite with the hyper-updated RS Wiki? If they don't visit fansites, they don't visit forums. I remember chatting to a friend that used to be a part of the managing staff on RSC, and they had the same problems a couple of years back. Can't imagine things are much better now.

  12. What happend to DSZ?

    1. Adam?


      You could probably chart DSZ's activity with the forum's general activity. :P

    2. B0b2oo0


      good point.

    3. B0b2oo0


      At least make a series finally or something! give us warning!

  13. Someone explain this team stuff to me please?

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    2. mr n3wb

      mr n3wb

      ppl r trying to copy sexy sailors we r true veterans

    3. mr n3wb

      mr n3wb

      ppl r trying to copy sexy sailors we r true veterans

    4. Kyo


      ye we were around before all these posers

  14. Someone explain this team stuff to me please?

  15. Spent $100 on wheel spins to experiment results. Results are posted in RS general discussion.

  16. Forum is slooowwww these days

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    2. Smilefishy


      ^^^^^^^^ YES

    3. Smilefishy


      I think they are working on it though :)

    4. B0b2oo0


      they are


  17. Just made a new sig.

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