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  1. Tequilaivy

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I think that Microsoft has the most cheapest quality mics ever. I have been through 2 mics and i know people who have been with 3+ mics.. Wat about u guys?
  2. Tequilaivy

    Red Dead Redemption Vs Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    Well, I have played ALL of the GTA's and none have disappointed me. Since RDR is made by Rockstar and i know millions of people love it, then i made my decision. I am going to buy Red Dead Redemption
  3. Tequilaivy

    Most Wtf Moments In Gaming

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer People will knife you half way across the map with the perk called "Commando" People will spawn kill you with their Spas-12 shotguns. Also lots of other BS
  4. I am a experienced gamer. Which means i have played games very similar to BFBC 2 and Red Dead Redemption and i am very familiar to the controls. I have seen videos of both games and both seem nice. Most of my friends say to buy RDR because its new and a lot more fun. But i also think BFBC2 will got lots of fun too. Which game should i buy? EDIT: This is for the XBOX360
  5. Tequilaivy

    Sal's - What Are Your Summer Plans?

    Staying home, for about a month then going to Virginia then coming back then staying home till school starts (When i say staying home, i don't mean literally staying home, i will be out of the house and going to friends house quite a lot)
  6. Tequilaivy

    Who Would Win In A War? China Or America?

    University of Washington is the closest American institution to me, the cost of first year is $21,000 and mind you that is for In state students, If i was an out of state student i would have to pay $47,000 for first year. The second figure is proprietary though, because an American would have to pay a ridiculous tax just to study here aswell. Point being, that student would mass $84k in payments, which is a pretty hefty amount. These numbers aren't BS, ive actually gone to this university to see what they had going on. Although my real motive that day was to watch the Seahawks game . Boy do they suck. Agreed, I am Pretty sure (IMO) that education (colleges) here is a lot more expensive than any other country.
  7. Tequilaivy

    Rate My Partyhat Outfit!

    Thats what i am wondering...:) Anyways, it could might be a different account. If so, then nice outfit. However, i will make my weapon something else.
  8. Tequilaivy

    So It Begins...again

    Cutting Ivy I see. The scrub doesn't want to earn his WC cape properly...(sigh) Congratulations on 99 woodcutting man. Its a awesome cape and enjoy it.
  9. Tequilaivy

    99 Fishing

    Wow Candi, you are ranked 44 as of right now. Very good job. Hope you get level 120 dung and be in the top 100 for ever! (or until next skill comes out ) Good Luck
  10. Wow, why would people kill young innocent children. What a disturbing thing to do IMO. Hopefully this stops and schools get more security.
  11. Tequilaivy

    Who Would Win In A War? China Or America?

    That would really change EVERY THING dramatically. I also don't see this being possible at all since Wars are on lands that are very big and hard spot the enemy. So think about how much BB pellets or w/e is gonna be needed?
  12. Tequilaivy


    8/10 Good stats. Should have 60+ to make it better.
  13. Tequilaivy


    Perhaps you got a wrong username? if it doesn't say anything in hiscores and you know your a 122 then you got the wrong username. OR It got hacked and got the name changed.
  14. Sorry to say this but, who ever got 99 dungeoneering by now sure has absolute no life and absolute no social life. That is 13m exp within a month and that is literally every day of every hour to get 99 dung. Don't people got other things to do? (go to school? go to work to make money? etc)

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