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  1. kippetje5

    Don't Shoot The Puppy

    wow thats hard can anyone even pass lvl 1
  2. kippetje5


    very long and lots of mistakes tbh dont really like it
  3. kippetje5

    Extreme Money $.$

    first of all you cant brging money into bounty hunter what you need to do it mine coal and iron and make steel bears those sell very good
  4. kippetje5

    Biggest Jump In Levels In One Day!

    1-60 woodcutting
  5. kippetje5

    Were Are Climing Boots!

    from g.e or anything like that but to wear then you must finsish quest
  6. kippetje5

    A Rare Sight To See

    oh yeah there pretty i have a rubber chicken
  7. kippetje5

    Ardougne Teleport

    im not sure im f2p so i wouldnt know
  8. kippetje5

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    not to sure
  9. kippetje5

    Whats The Best Skill?

    i like melee like bosses and stuff
  10. kippetje5

    Would You Rather...?

    i would go with school one
  11. kippetje5

    Where Are You In Your Family?

    interesting alot of young ones i myself am a middle child
  12. kippetje5

    Chronicles Of The Son Of Guthix. Back!

    very interesting keep making stories
  13. kippetje5

    Fast Free Laws Again?

    im not to sure
  14. kippetje5

    New Guides

    good guides

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