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  1. >2021 >I am forgotten EDIT: @Fatalysm remembered! Cool, I still remember chatting about graphics and I think the Salcast? On MSN lol Nah, shout out to the people who used to hang out in the clan chat That bro guy who would do a lottery or something? Icy man 66 Ugly wudly (young Aussie girl) @Wiltingplant @Kemosabe @imsleepy @kikteethicus
  2. As


    this ended well so did lebron to the lakers
  3. As


    I always used this one:
  4. As


    I just turned 24 a couple of days ago. Just reread a bunch of my old blog posts and there was a post commemorating my 15th birthday. It's funny to read this old journal and see what I was like - some real teenage angst back there but some of the stuff that I posted about 9 years ago is still important to me (I posted a lot about Daria 9 years ago and I just contributed to a Daria fanzine a couple weeks ago). Also I really don't want to see this forum die so here's some content.
  5. As

    some of my stuff

    funny that this thread was the last post in here anyway, here's some more of my stuff www.instagram.com/pilkoart www.andrew-pilkington.com
  6. just made one of these things might spruce up this ghost town https://andrewpilkington.deviantart.com/
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    To LA right?
  8. As

    Favorite Kind of Chocolate

    I once went to a music festival and only ate these bad boys for three days, if that doesn't prove their superiority I don't know what does.

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