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  1. just made one of these things might spruce up this ghost town https://andrewpilkington.deviantart.com/
  2. As


    this ended well so did lebron to the lakers
  3. As


    I always used this one:
  4. As


    I just turned 24 a couple of days ago. Just reread a bunch of my old blog posts and there was a post commemorating my 15th birthday. It's funny to read this old journal and see what I was like - some real teenage angst back there but some of the stuff that I posted about 9 years ago is still important to me (I posted a lot about Daria 9 years ago and I just contributed to a Daria fanzine a couple weeks ago). Also I really don't want to see this forum die so here's some content.
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    some of my stuff

    funny that this thread was the last post in here anyway, here's some more of my stuff www.instagram.com/pilkoart www.andrew-pilkington.com
  6. I logged into RS for my yearly or so check up a few weeks ago, and afterwards checked the value of my Green H'ween mask that I was so proud to get when I was seriously playing the game (I sold my entire bank just to afford it) only to be horrified that it is now worth only a few thousand gp. I assume at one of the recent Halloween events they flooded a whole bunch of them back into the game? Or you can build them now with some new mask making skill?? Anyway, theories aside would love to know the answer so I can cry in my horrible investment Thanks!
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    To LA right?
  8. As

    Favorite Kind of Chocolate

    I once went to a music festival and only ate these bad boys for three days, if that doesn't prove their superiority I don't know what does.
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    Wooah! I haven't been following much but this seems great for the raps, although they've been playing bad lately from what I can tell (5th in the east... sheesh) hopefully it works out!
  10. As

    The last person to post here wins

    and yet he LOST MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I think it's too late for abortion now really... Oh god are we referring to that Zelda comic now? falcon punch... joke's suck if you have to explain them Fair enough. classy
  11. Ah I'm an idiot! I was looking at the old school runescape grand exchange http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_oldschool/Green_halloween_mask/viewitem?obj=1053 I guess my question now becomes, what's up with their price?
  12. http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/victims-of-the-bourke-street-mall-attack/news-story/ca436948a981e4d01c773fca0891f081 Not exactly breaking news but a little activity couldn't hurt this place right? I actually live relatively close to where this happened (about an hour away), and my dad works a couple blocks from there. On the day he was actually in the city with my brother and sister. I went and visited the makeshift memorial yesterday as they were removing all the flowers and messages for a more permanent memorial. It was pretty emotional and really put things back in perspective for me, being so far away in Australia and seeing all these horrible things happen in the US and Europe (especially over the past year) sort of made me feel safe in a weird way because those places seem so far away. And while this wasn't terrorist related it was still extreme, I don't know, probably the worst thing to happen in Australia since the Martin Bryant attacks I think...
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    The last person to post here wins

    win in twenty seven tin i tried
  14. As

    Kind of a bummer...

    Haha! There's a gratuitous amount of horrible 'emo' photos of me in there too. Luckily I think imageshack or photobucket or whatever the hell we used to use started recycling the links a while ago, so they'll be eventually washed away

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