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  1. moonsword

    The Runescape War

    im back!
  2. moonsword

    Near Death Experience?

    My dad trying to throw me against a brick wall when I was about 6 months old. Uhh nice dad! i almost drowned! when i was 4, a girl saw me in the water and told my mom! i cant remember under the water only after!
  3. moonsword

    Slammer Love

    Lol your stories rock!
  4. moonsword

    Dead Of The Night

    when dose the next ep come?
  5. moonsword

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    nice i love that song!
  6. moonsword

    Party Pete's People!

    can i join?
  7. moonsword


    just stay with your name!
  8. moonsword

    The Moon Landing

    i hope its real!
  9. moonsword

    Universal Healthcare

    well it would save life's so ill go with a WOHOO!!!! HEATH CARE!
  10. moonsword

    Is Obama The Anti-christ Or The Messiah?

    every president lies!
  11. moonsword

    Opinions On War

  12. moonsword

    A Message To Naruto Haters

    DBZ is cool!
  13. moonsword

    Remember Dragonball: The Movie?

    DRAGONBALL!? that show is just a bunch of porn! dbz is good!

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