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  1. Gonzyy

    League Of Legends

    had about 3 weeks off and i forgot how to league.
  2. Gonzyy

    League Of Legends

    I just want a Sona skin to go on sale, is this too much to ask? ;_;
  3. Gonzyy

    Ent's Mafia Bootcamp

    How fast? Like half hour games tops. Ran into an hour long on last night. Some people take it real serious. However, there's a good community and you start playing with people from games you've played already, so friendships are made :D Edit: Best part are the kits. Makes it that much more fun. Haha yeah, some people try way too hard :P. good fun though! And yeah met so many nice people there, none of them are ever online anymore though so I don't play so much :(
  4. Gonzyy

    Ent's Mafia Bootcamp

    How fast? Like half hour games tops.
  5. Gonzyy

    Ent's Mafia Bootcamp

    I learned from playing epicmafia.com might be a good idea to link that so people can get to grips with the ideas of different roles and how to play. The games are really fast and are generally the SAME as forum games just less drawn out as everyone's online at once.
  6. Gonzyy

    League Of Legends

    Well bf but yeah. And I also suck :P. I was carried pretty much every game and won 5 out of 10 xD. Was forced to go Caitlyn top one match though since someone picked Tristana after me and refused to go top, it worked pretty darn well against the darius. I really need to learn to play another role properly though I think. I mainly play as a support and it genuinely is just pot luck that I'm put with an ADC who responds well to my engages and knows when to disengage. When I'm *eventually* higher elo I'll go back to maining support ad I'll be able to count on the ADC being experienced... or I could just duo queue.
  7. Gonzyy

    League Of Legends

    Just completed my first 10 provisional matches and got placed in Silver V :D. Pretty happy, since my ex who I used to play with (and introduced me to the game) is in Bronze still :P. edit: not that I'm bitter or anything >_>
  8. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    My god. We really did destroy friendship . WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!
  9. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    It could be themed 'barbie' and still wind up amazing if all the players commit to playing their best. Bit unfair to Reep for his hard work don't you think?
  10. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    Oh yeah and well done Reep :-).
  11. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    How on earth did we win. My lawd. Im sorry
  12. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    Yes, it sure is a "damn shame". And is COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED. And what an absolutely terrible idea Lonely. Putting a vote on me (or suggesting Goggie do it) just to test to see if Jethraw is mafia and will win the game by such a ridiculous move. Only vote for someone you think is mafia. I really have nothing more to say, Fake's claimed a role and it's up to you whether you believe him or not. I know he's lying and I realise why you can't be sure of his or my alignments but I've provided reasoning for his actions which he has been unable to refute without escaping from the argument with some other tactic. Fakes going to make his post at the last possible second (yet again!) so I won't be able to respond to it and have a proper discussion about it.
  13. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    Because yesterday Jethraw was convinced I was scum and was pushing for me and Goggie quite hard. Goggie was proven to be town. Since Jethraw's track record for getting whoever he wants lynched is pretty high I think if Fake thought he faked a report on me alongside Jethraws suspicions I'd be very easy to kill today and the day would be over extremely quick. No other players have really listed you as suspicious before today, but my activity has been labelled as suspicious by nearly everybody.
  14. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    When's the deadline?
  15. Gonzyy

    My Little Mafia

    It's standard practise for mafia to claim a false role, to either try and force a CC to eliminate other power roles at night, or to simply try and force a vote on a towny. There is only one way to refute a role claim if there isn't a CC and that's to test the guilty (lynch me) and when I flip innocent lynch Fake tomorrow as you'd know he was mafia when you learnt he lied about the report. Now obviously at this point testing the guilty isn't possible as if it is wrong, town loses and you can't lynch Fake anyway. How difficult do you think it is to fake a report? Obviously that's not my true role. But it's very easy to look at reports that have been given by dead players (who can't refute them or have posts backing them up). And the second someone believed my claim and voted Fake I could hammer. My point is: it's not as difficult as you seem to think to fake a role-claim if you've played those roles before or are knowledgeable on mafia. Fake has played quite a number of games I believe, so he's fairly well informed on what different roles are and what they do; it wouldn't be difficult for him to fake a roleclaim. It's an extremely well-used and viable technique for mafia to win games. Town has no other information to go on, and is naturally trusting of someone claiming a power-role as they want someone to give the responsibility of the game to. Also in terms of you thinking he'd be CC'd by a real tracker. Say that you're (Lonely) his scumbuddy. He knows that Jethraw isn't a tracker as he's come close to being lynched before and didn't claim the power role, which any real tracker would have done. If Goggie did CC then obviously we'd lynch Fake. > in turn I or Goggie would die that night > the following day we don't know whether Jethraw or Lonely are town and it's a 3 way lylo > HIGH chances of a mafia win if they play it right. So there's relatively low risk of being CC'd by another power role, and that risk is DEFINITELY worth faking a role-claim.

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