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  1. Lol yeah i know =] Would love to know how to do it and my avvy is me btw
  2. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=g8emFT8rP_E&fmt=18 heres the viddd... replyy =]
  3. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=g8emFT8rP_E&fmt=18 heres the viddd... replyy =]
  4. Quak

    Finally 99 Woodcutting !

    woot im in a club =] - *feeling liked* lol
  5. Quak

    Finally 99 Woodcutting !

    No Problem its my fault, I got 500k xp on Sunday so I didn't want to wait till Tuesday to get level. Kinda my fault It ok though and Thanx
  6. Quak

    Sony Vegas 7 Text Prac

    wowowowowowowow rofl remember its the 1st time i ever used the program lol But thanks
  7. Quak

    Sony Vegas 7 Text Prac

    Have only had Sony Vegas 7 for 2 days now tell me what you think http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=w333oL92YbU&fmt=18 I think its not bad
  8. Quak

    99wc Party Is Today !

    was a joke but fine il take it out!!
  9. Quak

    Where To Wc?

    seers for sure! or west of Catherby
  10. Quak

    99 Wc !

    omfg the guy behind me (QUAK) looks like he is doing something to my bottom!!!
  11. Well I have gotten more xp than i thought i would so party is today 3rd of November TIME: 2.00pm (GMT +11) PLACE: Lumby Castle (Outside so tele location) WORLD: 110 BRING: Party gear Add me for details Join my clan chat when party is on !!! CYA THERE
  12. Quak

    99 Wc !

    rofl its quak but yeh congrats dude!!!! :s :) ;) :D ^_^ :)
  13. Quak


    CONGRATS ON 99WC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ I was lucky just to make it to get in a screen shot with you!! Hope I Can Get It Soon

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