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  1. Numlock


    In any of that suggestions i lose like 80-150 gp per alch.
  2. Numlock


    usaly i have alching yew longs(not for money ,only for xp).So if you know alch yew longs you lose money.i already calculates for few other items but on every item i lose money.Anyone have good idea what to alch? Sory for my english
  3. Numlock

    Sell Morrigan's Body

    As i know it wont turn to dust.The Corupted one turns to dust.I would sell it to anyone for money,cash,items or lowest on ge.I need money for BGS before it raise again.
  4. Numlock

    Sell Morrigan's Body

    Im selling Morrigan's body.I take items to.Add Boyidrski in game.I can trade lowest on general exchange to.Post here or PM me in game!
  5. Numlock

    Mems With Credit?

    Best way its Paypal.
  6. Numlock

    How To Earn Money?

    Hello.As you can see im new here. And have one question. I have read this.But i don't know what its the fastest/profit method here.So if someone have have good idea how to earn money on any other way,please post here For any mistakes in my english i apologize.

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