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  1. Hello guys, I've been thinking about making a new pure and really wanted to do a mage pure, but mage in f2p isn't that good, unless your a really low level, so I have been thinking about trying out a range/mage hybrid. While I'm really liking the idea, I'm not sure how viable/effective this hybrid would be, so I would be very happy if someone here with a better understanding of this hybrid, could share some of there thoughts or ideas about it. So here is the stats that I would get for this character and also the general idea of how I would pvp with him. Range- 65+ Mage- 59 Everything else- 1 The main selling point of this build is obviously the versatility that it has, in being able to adapt to whatever build you happen to be going against. In a fight versus a mage, you can pull out your bow and range him down, against a tank you can use magic to kill him, and against a range pure you can pull out your bow again and range him down. According to a combat calculator that also has what your hp level would be, with the stats I've posted above, I would be sitting at 58 hp, at combat lv 46. This, I believe, also factors in the hp experience you would get from using magic that raises your hp, which makes me wonder which would be better- leveling up magic that raises your hp and thus raising your combat level, or leveling up magic that doesn't give hp experience-lowering your combat level, but at the cost of having lower hp? At any rate, I'd be in the mid to high lv 40's and hitting for 16 damage with Fire Blast and 11 damage with range, which seems pretty decent. Something I have also considered that might be useful is bind, which snares them so they cannot move for 5 seconds. Long ago I was trying out a mage pure and I remember using bind, but that overall it wasn't very useful because it didn't last that long and the runes took up valuable space that could be used for lobbies. That was a long time ago though and I really can't remember it to well, so I'd like to hear what you guys might have to say about it and whether or not it's worth having the extra runes in your inventory taking up space, or if lobbies is just overall the better choice. Since I haven't actually tested this build out in game, I don't really know how affective it would be, so this is just all theory craft to me, but I would really like to hear what some of you guys who have more experience with this type of pking think about it and if it's worth doing or not. NOTE: Please don't reply with "just make a range/2her cuz dey ownz lulz". I know they own, especially in f2p, but that's not what I'm interested in making. >.<
  2. Members should and do get 1st priority with updates. They pay the monthly fee for the game so they deserve them. However, as someone else mentioned, f2p is demo-like, in that it's there to attract people to the game, give them a taste of it, in hopes that they will become a member. Advertisements help pay for the cost to upkeep the game, but they don't pay for everything (I would imagine, I don't work for Jagex so I don't know 100%). Imo, However, Jagex has done a fine job in regularly updating f2p to keep interest in the game for those who aren't members. Not only is updating the f2p world good for f2p players, it's also good for Jagex. Most people that become members where f2p first. They decided to become members because they obviously liked the game and wanted to experience more of what it offered, and they could only do that by becoming a member. The better the f2p game is, the more people will become members and that means more money in Jagex's pocket. Basically, they need to have a balance between updating f2p and members, to the point where f2p is good enough that people like it, but also that members has more overall stuff as to attract potential members to get it, because if members only had a little more stuff to do/get than f2p, there would be a lot less members. EDIT: One thing that I believe should be updated in the ftp world that hasn't been is a new armor and weapon set. From the first time I can remember the game, Rune has always been the best for f2p'ers. Members have got several equipment updates, which is great, but free players haven't really received anything new in the way of equipment. A new set of armor and weapons above Rune would be very nice imo. And no the combat robes and rune gauntlets/berserker shield/ranger hood thing don't count as upgrades, especially since your forced have to play that awful pvp mini game to get/charge them.
  3. morzanz

    W3 Po0n Joo's First Pvp Vid!

    Hmmm, well it might just be me but I'm getting a page error so can't see it sorry ^_^.
  4. morzanz

    Best Pk So Far.

    Best pk for me was a rune chainbody and addy longsword with some pike lol. Was cmb 56. However, one of my friends (cmb 42) was playing for 20 min or so and after his 3rd pk he got a rune chainbody, rune scimmy, and a rune 2hander
  5. morzanz

    Advice On My Pvp F2p Character

    The way jagex is taking pvp now, just pk on your main or make a rune pure, because seriously, if your using ranged or magic, there's no way your gonna make money in the long run. I LOVE pvp, but I just can't handle the thought that I'm gonna lose money almost every time I pvp, even if I don't ever die.
  6. Umm if I were you I would make a new account. Since your f2p you don't want over 40 defense or attack (at least at this level), and you don't want to have prayer at this level either. If you decide to make a str pure, get 40 attack and 65+strength. If you decide to make a range/2h, get 75 range, 70 strength and 40 attack. ALWAYS keep your range 5 levels above your strength though. Edit: With the new pvp worlds now, most people (including myself) aren't aware of what places are multiway combat, so I would advise you to get 25 magic as well for varrock tele. Also, since the drops you get are determined by how long you are out in combat, getting defense to 40 and becoming a rune pure or tank/range/2h is also a very good option.
  7. morzanz

    What The #$%@ Is "safing"

    Yah safing is when you eat food when your above 25% health. Mostly though, from my experience, they're just whinning because they can't kill me and whenever they get close, I use food and then they see they have to get me all the way down again and it upsets them. I have 57 hp and usually eat around 15-20hp, depending on their max hit. I see no reason to let my hp get down to where they could kill me in 1 hit. It makes no sense to me to give them a chance to ko me when I have food in my inventory to guarantee that I live. So basically, ignore the retards that say safer, but at the same time, try not to eat until your around 25% and you'll have a lot less people running away or teleing.
  8. morzanz

    With Pvp Comes...

    Lol yah luring is back. I got lured yesterday, and knew it, but allowed it to happen anyways because im f2p and can just tele if I get into to much trouble. Teleing wasn't needed for me though this time, being as I ended up killing both the people he lured me to
  9. morzanz

    New Gallery Sort Of

    Nice pk. I'm in the same boat Zamma, I didn't get much yesterday. Best drop for me was rune chain and a addy armor or wep I can't remember .
  10. O I see, thanks for informing me as to why they weren't showing up . It's ok though, it was just picture image proof to what I was saying, just to back it up. Everyone seems to agree with what I'm saying though, so I don't think the image is needed, but thanks very much for offering to show them for me Oh btw, I see that you have achieved 99 firemaking, very cool man! I just came back to the game a few days ago and have been considering getting a skill to 99 and firemaking was the one I wanna do. Not sure if im gonna do it though just because im f2p and wouldn't be able to get the cape, which looks awesome.
  11. Haha yah, same here, just came back to game after 10 months or so of not playing so I have like 1 or 2 friends that actually still get on lol. But yah, I'll add you. My main account is ganon8999 and my pure account is morzanz, both are ftp.
  12. Oh, well I wrote the first post last night and just added the 2nd post in this morning. Every other forum I've been on, only has a 1-2 hr time limit where you can edit, anything after that means you have to make a new post. But sorry didn't know you can edit whenever, so thanks for telling me .
  13. Also, something of note would be that If I wasn't using arrows or runes and just used melee, I would of probably actually made a little money off the whole thing, but alas, I don't use melee. I can't even imagine the losses if I would have decided to be a mage lol. 300k+ I would think, but I don't even want to think about it . Btw, can anyone see the picture of my drops? I uploaded it last night but it's not showing up for me. thanks.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to posting on this forum, but I have been lurking around for a while now and just decided to finally make an account since the opening of these new pvp worlds. This Post is not to bash, rant or complain about the new pvp update- I think jagex did a great job with the update overall (though it still does need work) and this post is to just give you guys a different perspective (mostly about drops). Now, being that the drops are based off several factors, Ill give you guys the info about my guy. My character is a ftp cmb lv 56 range tank pure with: 67 range, 40 defense and 25 magic. I'm wearing full rune helm, rune chainbody, green d hide legs, maple shortbow, 200 addy arrows, diamond ring, fighting boots, green d hide vambs, amulet of power, and a team-39 cape. In my inventory I carry 1 law rune, 3 air runes, 1 fire rune and 24 lobsters (leaving one spot in my inventory open) Now, I was able to pvp for around 5 hours today (yay!) and over the course of that 5 hours I tried two different types of "pking". Both of these types of pking involved being a decent distance away from a safe spot as to discourage running. For the first 2 1/2 hours I fought in hot zones and only against players actually wearing something. Rune, Studded, robes, green d hide, etc. The thought process being that more impressive kills against better equipped players means better drops. So, over the course of that 2 1/2 hours I was able to get approximately 15 pk's. My first pk came 5 minutes after I started, resulting in a adamant med helm drop. The 2nd fight I had was about 10 min later and resulted in a mithril 2 hand drop. After that I got absolutely terrible drops, including, sardines, salmon, iron armor and weps, vials, etc. Beside the adamant med helm and mithril 2 hander drop, the only other drops worth anything were both dropped by people wearing full rune. The first of which dropped a Rune axe (which he was wearing) and the other dropped a Rune Scimmy (which he was also wearing, and is my best drop so far). Over the course of this time I would try to stay fighting as long as possible before running back to a safe spot to bank and get more food and arrows. During pking this way, I never died. The 2nd way I tried pking was to pk in non hot spots and only against players 1 iteming or having nothing on. During the course of that 2 1/2 hours I never got a rune drop drop, however I got a lot more "ok" drops including a adamant med helm, mithril 2 hander, studded armor, several steel armor, str potions, iron armor and weps, runes, staffs, and just general drops like that. While pking this way, I racked in (obviously) a lot more kills than pking people fully equipped, and though I never got a great drop, overall I got a lot of better drops. Pking this way meant I was able to stay out fighting for much longer periods of time, 10-15+ kills every time before having to return to a safe spot to bank and replenish food and ammo. During this time, the drops I got were really random, in that the first or second guy I would pk might drop something good, but after my 10th+ kill I would get crap. I never seemed to get better items the longer I fought, even though I stayed out pvping for a good while. They are random drops, but they seemed to be a little to random. Part of the reason I was able to net more kills (other than the fact that they weren't wearing much) was that non of these guys teled (weren't carrying runes), carried little to no food, and were able to be shot down before they could run to far (also has to do with the little to no armor part) So, my conclusion after this small test was that pking the 1st way was much more rewarding mentally for me, (competition) but in return was much, much more costly money wise. The 2nd way wasn't very rewarding mentally for me, (no competition) but I was actually able to make money. Sooo, as far as were my money went, I start out the day with 2k addy arrows an ended up with 1030, for a loss of 970 arrows. I also started out with 600 lobbies at the beginning of the day and ended with 381. The cost of addy arrows, when I bought them a week ago, was 123 per so that means I used 119,310 gold worth of arrows. The lobbies when I bought them last week were 277 per, so I ended using 60,663 gold worth of lobbies, for a total loss of 179,973 gold, before factoring in the worth of the drops. After finding out the current prices of all the drops I got and adding them up, it came out to be that I got approximately 72,358 gold worth of drops, which means overall, I lost approximately 107,615 gold. Ouch. Obviously this is a very small test and sample size, but I still think it gives a decent idea of how things are going overall. The big problem that I see with this pvp system, is that because 90% of the fights you have with people actually wearing something result in them running to a safe spot or teleing, you end up losing a lot of arrows (if your using range) and food from eating and yet gain nothing. Now, what the big problem is, is that when you do end up getting a nice kill against someone that actually is wearing something, you aren't properly rewarded often enough to make it worth it. The same tele'ing and running happened in the wildy, but the deference being that you got all your victims stuff when he died, which made up for all the times you didn't get the kill, and also making some money. Most fights I would end up losing 50 arrows (I pick up arrows on the ground, so that number is actual arrows lost that I cannot pick up) and 10-15 lobbies on average, and yet either receive nothing because the ran away or teled or I receive crap that wasn't even worth while picking up. My 2 best drops were the rune axe, which the guy was wearing and the rune scimmy, which the guy was wearing (both were in full rune), so the drops randomly generated still sucked. My advice on how to improve on the system without the rwt'ing problem, would be to have different drop tables depending on your equipment and your opponents equipment. Also, Having separate tables with a minium and maximum quality of drops. By this I mean, if im 56 wearing full rune and fighting a 56 wearing nothing, the worst drop I could get is sardines, while the best drop I could get would say, be a mithril item. However If im 56 wearing full rune and fighting a 56 who is also wearing full rune, the drop table for that would be say, a rune item as the absolute minimum drop, with 2 rune items and lobbies being the best possible drop. Basically, the change being that while the quality of the drop is still determined by all the factors that are in place now, there is a much higher guaranteed quality of drop ALL the time for fighting someone who has good equipment on in comparison for fighting someone with lesser equipment. This makes it worthwhile to pk someone who is better equipped, knowing that at the worst your at least going to get something decent in return for your effort. Anyways, I know there has been a lot of complaining about the drops, so instead of complaining, I'm just posting my results, as well as some of my opinions. Overall though, the random drops imo do need to be increased significantly to make pking actually profitable again. Btw, this is a picture of the items that I got after the first day of pking. (Items I got are located within the red box fyi.)

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