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  1. Half the time, I believe that they just hate the music, not the actual person. I have loads of good friends who listen to rap, I hate rap, I love rock, they hate rock. They always tell me my music is crap but other than that I get on with them like a house on fire. (Similies FTW) Other people actually do hate the people, but I doubt that is because of the music, but because of the reputation and style that comes with the music. For example, I hate all chavs (don't want to explain what a chav is for those who don't know, look it up) that I do not know, this is because a lot of them are giving themselves a reputation of being trouble makers and attempting to start a fight with anybody for the sake of it. So when I see a chav, I immediately dislike them until I actually know that they are pretty cool.
  2. Josh-

    Rage Against The Rap Crap

    I know it will never "die". I meant that music these days is just not as good as it used to be. I don't like half of the stuff that is out now, don't get me wrong, there are a fair few good bands out there, but the majority is the same sort of thing and I don't really like it too much. I worded my last post a bit dodgily (word?) EDIT: Forgot to say: but that is just my opinion
  3. Josh-

    How Geek Are You?

    42% Thought I'd get higher, I didn't know most of that stuff.
  4. Josh-

    First Word That Comes To Mind!

    "Bahhhhhh" LOL.
  5. Josh-

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Alice Cooper - Poison Awesome song.
  6. Josh-

    Does Bass Bother You?

    I HATE it. I really annoys me, I can't see how they can sit there and enjoy it. My brother use to do this in the car when he was a chav, it did my head in. But now he has a an emo girlfriend so he stopped :(.
  7. Josh-

    Rage Against The Rap Crap

    Music in general is dying to be honest. Rap is terrible in my opinion, I used to like it, but now it's so repetitive, every song seems to be the same. I'm onto rock now, but I listen to a lot of old stuff (80's FTW) and just a bit of the newer stuff. If it was up to me, it would be the 80's again...
  8. Josh-


    I watched this movie a few months back. They make some very interesting points and this has confirmed by beliefs of there not actually being a God. I tried to tell my friends about it, they just laughed in my face until they watched it, now they feel the same. The 9/11 parts, I'm not too sure about, I mean it is very believable, but a lot of the points have been disproved, so I'm not sure where I stand on that. The bank bit - only watched a bit of it and didn't pay much attention.
  9. Josh-


    I know I am linking way back in the topic here, but I've done it 20 times in a day I had nothing to do and a house to myself, why not? I don't think it is wrong at all, I think it is natural, most boys, and a lot of girls do it. It is fun and releases sexual tension as many have said. I see no harm in it.
  10. Josh-

    Stupid Things You've Done

    Bahhhh, too many things, I'll list a few: I went down the stairs on a mattress when we were moving house, the front door was open, the mattress hit into the radiator at the bottom of the stairs and sent me flying through to front door and onto the lift on the moving van ¬_¬. When we had moved house, we had a really cool type of banister, I decided to slide down it whilst wearing my football socks at the same time. I slid down it, landed on my feet, slid across the laminate flooring, my back whacked into the front door which opened and sent me flying outside. The third thing would have been when I was provoking my dad's new puppy, I ran full speed through the house away from it, and hit my hip into a door handle. Ouchy. Another time I was jumping on my trampoline with my basketball, I fell through the air on my back, threw the basketball up and caught it as a bounced back up into it. One time, I missed and the ball landed full blast into my manhood. . One time I went out with my girlfriend, she was looking at jewelery through some glass, and I went to look and smacked my head right into the glass (in my defense, it was very clean glass). Oh and once I got a carrot stuck up my nose. Wow, I have done some stupid stuff...
  11. Josh-

    Music That Puts You In A Good Mood.

    For me: Bowling for soup, any song by them really... I'm Gay always cheers me up when I'm down, it's so awesome <33
  12. Josh-

    Addition To The "masturbation" Thread

    I find it very addictive, I do it every day. I find it hard to understand how some people can it's disgusting or w/e. It's awesome! I have done it every day since I started, I always find a way!
  13. Personally, I didn't want to read 14 pages so I'm sure much of this has been said before: I think you are born with it, there is no way you can choose who you are attracted to. To me it is kind of like taste, you cannot choose which tastes you like and which you don't. That's all I have to say about it really...
  14. Josh-

    Why Must Runescape Know Your Age?

    And people answered (the ones who said pretty much what I am about to say ^_^ ) I believe it is to find out what age range the game appeals most to, they then know who they can direct their updates towards.
  15. Josh-

    70 Herblore :)

    <_< So much money can be made from it... Gratz on the level dude, that's an awesome achievement!

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